Name: Kiki Marzo
Age: 6
Race: Demvir (Machina)

Vigor: 1000
Latens: 0

Persona: A lover of art, a partaker of theater, and a maker of fine cuisine, Kiki is a rather enthusiastic person. She always tries to find the beauty in whatever she sees, preferring to see the world a giant piece of art, even the parts that she hates. Art comes in all forms after all. She is always willing to help others “paint their own picture,” often inviting people into the kitchen to discuss any problems or worries that they might have. In fact, that is Kiki’s preferred method of problem solving, as she has an aversion to things like needless violence or full-blown conflicts (though the two are often the same thing in her mind.)

However, this does not mean the cook is by any means a pushover. She is very territorial, in a manner of speaking, and will not tolerate anyone who comes in to try and disrupt her way of life or break her things. People who do so will find out why the iron giant keeps an iron club over her stove, and will also find out that that her incredible size is not just for show.

Physical Stature: The absolute first thing most people will notice about Kiki is that she isevery, very big. She will almost always stand head and shoulders above everyone else in the room, and take up the entire width of most doors that she tries to pass through. The dull, metallic grey of her “skin” becomes almost a background by itself when they stand behind someone.

The second thing that most people will notice is the dress. Though it may be in a different color or style at times, the ex-combat demvir always has some sort of dress on their person, covering her body from her chest to at least their knees. While normally preferring longer sundresses, Kiki dresses for the season, adding in hats or blazers as shes appropriate, but always taking care to make sure the small sub arms at the sides of her stomach hidden from view.

On their head, the art lover will always wear a long wig made of shoulder-length, black hair. While it completely covers the back of her head, it does nothing to hide Kiki’s twin red eyes or artificial mouth. Said mouth is filled with razor-sharp teeth, presumably a relic from before she was "entombed" that was put there to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Biography: Kiki is quite young, as far as demvir go. In fact, she has only been “awake” for just over half a decade. However, that small time has been tumultuous for her. Despite most Third Generation demvir awakening on their own, Kiki was forced awake by a band of bandits who wished to have that last bit of extra muscle. This rushed awakening came at a price: Every day, their “new muscle” would be plagued by random hallucinations of fire and explosions on a grand scale.

Though she did not know the cause nor reason of these flashes, Kiki was afraid of what they meant. She would refuse to go into battle for the bandits, only coming to violence when she herself was threatened, even if that meant fighting those same people that had woken her up.

Eventually, the bandits gave up on her, abandoning a badly abused Kiki as “defective” in the city of Terminus. She was again on her own,and was forced to find shelter and get the necessary repairs that she needed. Though she quickly found work as a cook, a job that she took to surprisingly well considering what she was, those same flashes of destruction still haunted her, tormenting her daily.

One day, however, her boss got fed up with her moping about, forcing her to go to a play with him. That play, so full of laughter and humor, revitalized the demvir, though she never remembered what it was about. She found a world that she could lose herself in. A world where she could be whatever she wanted to be and where all of the bad parts of her short life could fit in to enhance the parts that she would make great. Thus started her long love of theater and the arts. A love that continues to this day, even through the still present terrors that try to attack her mind.

Character Skills
Discipline of Barbaris (The Barbarian)
Discipline of Pugilis (The Brawler)
Way of Cannonis (The Bomber)
Art of Alchemia (The Alchemist)