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Thread: Coming of the Legions

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    Coming of the Legions

    Coming of the Legions

    Quote Originally Posted by swaswj View Post
    The daemon spread its wings and soared skyward, hovering in front of the black portal that remained above the city.

    "Still your quivering, worthless worms," the daemon bellowed, this time throwing even the archmagis, save for their king, to their knees. "I, Malphas, command you to step through! Enter onto this mortal plane!

    "Sate not your wrath upon the pitiable Januins, or face my own wrath!
    A sinister smile curled at the corners of the monster's toothy maw. "Remember that, and you may do as you please." The wrathful beast shouted one last time, "Come!"

    Slowly, and then faster, claws began to appear at the edges of the portal, daemons of all shapes and sizes heeding the call of the first, crawling through the rift in the planes and entering the plane of Mortalis, there free to act as they wished, visiting destruction upon a world unprepared for their presence.
    On Juventas 8th, 501 PT, a solar eclipse was seen all across Araevis.While the sun was blotted from the sky, a great portal was opened between the mortal world and the demonic plane of Infernalis.Through it, daemons of many shapes and sizes have entered the world, free to roam and create havoc as they please.

    The daemons must be stopped wherever they cause mayhem, but more importantly, the location of the portal, simply known as the Black Gate, must be discovered so that it can be destroyed. Until it is, the daemons will continue to come, and the longer the portal remains open, the greater the risk of a calamitous intersection of the two planes.

    Open to any RP members. Daemons may show up anywhere, individually or en masse. While small or single encounters with a daemon will not count for [Plot] bonus, if you initiate a larger-scale battle involving multiple players, it will earn [Plot] bonus.

    Efforts to ascertain the location of the portal and arrange a way to reach it and destroy it will also count for [Plot] bonus. Contact a GM with your plans or a link to your chapter/collab to find out how successful those efforts were. The GMs will share additional information as needed to move forward.

    It is not necessary to post here to opt in.

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    As the eclipse approached, hundreds gathered in the central festival grounds in Terminus. Initially, the festival got off to a roaring start. With families, couples, and tourists flocking to the events, a sense of levity and excitement was in the air. Many high-class merchants in Terminus are visiting as well, as they are bankrolling the event.

    The eclipse began and the crowd gathered in a hush to watch the event. After all, this was a precursor to the major celestial event that was to occur. The following days would also have the eclipse of Tus, and the new moons of Lacunar and Aestus. For that moment, all three moons would not be visible in the sky.

    However, during the eclipse the world itself shuddered. Once tamed demons began to fight against their shackles. Many weak or novice trainers were unable to retain control. The shackled demons brute forced themselves away from their masters. Other demons that were already known to reside in Terminus suddenly became (more) aggressive. The city broke out into chaos. Demons began to attack anything in sight.

    To make matters worse, the cause has yet to be determined by the populace. The connections to the ritual performed are unknown. The wings of an approaching horde of demons can be seen in the sky, approaching Terminus with frightening speed.

    What can be done?

    Out of game notes:

    This plot can be treated as [almost] a free-for-all, with individuals taking their own individual paths to resolve this problem. Some may choose to remain in Terminus to protect the citizens. Others may elect to journey towards the source and fight it head on. You can even simply run and hide!

    When a demon is defeated, they are not truly dead. They simply return to their own plane to regain their strength before potentially attacking once more.

    To volunteer to write a demon(s) in Apostasy//Evocation contact Nargles (potentiallybrown on Slack).

    Relevant Links:

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    The long night of terror has passed, the embers of demon-lit fires snuffed and dawn has never tasted sweeter. The heroics of a select number - reluctant or otherwise - have given way to the location of the Black Portal itself. Now is the time to strike up a campaign, for the Conexus is overtaxed and cannot spare more than a measure of supplies as it mounts defenses for further daemonic incursions into Terminus.

    All player characters wishing to participate in the campaign against the Black Portal should post in Vigils at Dawn. Those who wish not to make for the portal, but still contribute to the defense against the still-active demonic activity, can let a GM know at their own discretion. Those with questions about the campaign and its details should be directed to Nargles or K3.

    This post is subject to edit as more information is required.

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