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Thread: Gwendolyn- The child with no name

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    Gwendolyn- The child with no name

    Name: Gwendolyn The unnamed child
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17 (Current: 19)
    Birthdate: Alacritas/ 15/ 488

    Race: Spurii~ Velen/Enlil
    Esteem: Unknown
    Initial Racial ability: Feather Fall

    Persona: Gwendolyn is an innocent and inquisitive soul. Adventurous, foolhardy, passionate, stubborn, oblivious, childish, selfish, and petty, are all words that have been used to describe the pint sized fireball of an orphan that is Gwendolyn; and all of them would be accurate.
    Her thirst for danger rival that of the shining pirate, and her seemingly super natural ability to cause chaos are second to none. Her tongue is as quick and sharp as the ahuizotl are mean, though it can't be said she has much staying power. Gwendolyn is a fire-starter and prankster by nature, but once the brush is blaze she's often long gone before the flames can catch her, a feat that the feathered young woman takes pride in.
    She has a fairly happy-go-lucky disposition and comes across generally trustworthy, so she tends to make friends easily, and with her wit usually a couple of exa for her pocket.

    Appearance: Gwendolyn is easily the most noticeable figure in a crowd, thanks to her unusually colored red and green feathers, as they are patterned in such a way that she looks as though she were doused with paint by someone attempting to paint a sunset. Atop her head is a medley of cartilage and feathers that she wears in a short ponytail crossed with a bun, and bangs covering one fourth of her face with red feathers, and she wears two large needles in her bun to hold it in place, while braids made of cartilage not far removed from the color of her skin, a deep dark lilac color, wrap around her head to meet the large bun in the back. The bangs obscure an old scar across her eye that didn't take her vision, but instead daily demands a little self confidence. Besides that she’s fairly comfortable in her own skin, only balking at her short stature among enlil. Beneath her bangs is an old scar across her left eye and cheek, thankfully it didn't cost her vision but the fact that she keeps it hidden is statement enough.

    Despite constantly being on the move, her wear changes constantly, but she can most often be seen in a stylized, and slightly over-sized coat that mimic's her idol Aelflead's; it is trimmed in scarlet at the cuffs, buttons and thick collar; and the woman tends to wear it open along with baggy shorts made of a waterproofed material. Her torso is usually bare besides her coat considering it and mid-way down her upper arms are mostly covered with feathers. Besides that she wears a messenger bag, and pulveris pouch across her back, and a small red dagger on her hip. Besides her forearms and hands, neck, mid-back to her feet, and face Gwendolyn is covered with feathers and down.

    Origin: There’s not much to say about the girl’s origin, while not nearly as horrifying as the woman who named her, it’s not much better than Aelflead’s either. She, has little to no idea where she's from, simply finding herself on the Blue House doorstep one evening at fourteen years old with no memory of who she was, where she came from, or even what her name was. She had nothing but the clothes on her back, a grumbling stomach, and even more unnervingly, a blank stare for her whole first year she stayed there and no name.

    Regardless Marilyn and Monona took her in anyway, and spent the better part of the green feathered girl’s time at the Blue House trying to help her remember who she was and where she came from, Aelflead showed up around the time that the girl turned 16 and nonchalantly gave the empty-eyed girl her original name, Gwendolyn. From there teen began emulating the angsty redhead, following her around like a duckling and behaving as though the broken woman was her elder sister.

    It earned her some ridicule from the woman for a short while, though Gwendolyn did eventually wear down the spurii, and Aelflead began bringing books and all manner of interesting things from her random journeys and trips for the teen, teaching her about the world outside of Terminus. Eventually this private teaching session of theirs turned into a story time for everyone in the orphanage whenever the redhead came home, and Gwendolyn took up the way of perspicax, and pistolii, then taught herself to call upon serpen’s power, and infuse it into various materials with cantantus. A skill she uses to her benefit in the various pranks she sets up around the house.

    Following the events of last year’s assassination of the Magister the Blue House orphanage was flown to Aridus via a stolen ship, courtesy the lesser known pirate Hikaru Miyazaki, captain of whatever ship he happens to have stolen at the time; Gwendolyn was one of this number, but after turning seventeen decided she was old enough to strike out on her own and follow in the footsteps of Aelflead, her adoptive big sister, and idol. Upon making this decision Gwendolyn stole several hundred exa from the orphanage’s money box, then snuck into town under the cover of night bought clothes, and supplies for her journey, and a ticket on the next airship leaving for paludis.

    Current Stats:

    Vigor: 888
    Latens: 4

    Magnum- Empty

    Ultimum- Empty

    Initial Skills:
    250 Perspicax Novice
    250 Pistolii Novice
    250 Serpens Novice

    Phasma Burst [Trained] Coming Soon
    [Personal] tbd
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