In time immemorial, when the gifts of the Vis were new and vibrant, there was but one plane. Unnamed and unknown in nature to even the most studied of philosophers and scholars, it has only been wildly speculated that such a place might've been where the Viskar themselves came into being.

Then, the Viskar bade the Vis to their own homes, and split existence into the five planes. From the endless chaos and vast abyss, they conjured and created, leaving but shards of this former plane to bind this new existence together, to fill it anew with life that the Vis would put their gifts to task.

Even in scripture, it is not known how or why the blasphemers came about; only that they did, and were thrust from Divinitus for transgressions unknown. Unfit and unsightly, they became known in tongues that precede even the oldest churches and ruins. Scores of ancient text and tapestry speak only of their story, and thus they became known as the Exul: The Separated and Exiled.

The consequence of their existence is a mystery, but their influence is known across all but the supposed home of the Viskar themselves, Divinitus.

From the plane of Infernalis, the hell-blasted landscape of daemons and devils, was wrought the steel-clad Eversor. Usurper and warmonger, the proclaimed Barbed Sovereign sits upon his thorny throne, waging eternal war against The Destroyer.

From the plane of Natum, ephemeral and ever-changing as the seasons, the sickly Typhon was conjured and bound. Deceiver, plague-maker, Typhon works in horrid ways to undo what wonders The Arbiter and The Bulwark may create.

Alongside the Deceiver, came the sable Corax. The shadow and figment of villainous deeds, it is thought that Typhon and Corax would sow seeds of great illnesses and ennui on Mortalis, only for Serpens and Aquila to divulge the solutions to the mortals when their need is greatest. In this terrible game, the impartial and enigmatic Cete holds court, absolving Natum from the consequences.

From the plane of Astrum, little as is known of it, emerged the veritable mystery of Arcanus. The concealed and obfuscated, what purpose and end Arcanus serves is impossible to understand. Many make wild claims to Arcanus' ties to sedition and treason, but others whisper of more long-reaching sinister purposes; thwarted only by the timely intervention of The Hidden in schemes unknowable to mortals.

Finally, thrust upon the plane of Mortalis itself; the often-thought leader of these blasphemers and heretics: Spurcus, the Condemned. Lurking in dark corners and unseen shadows, the Prince of Ends works to undo all, for reasons unknown.