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Thread: [ Application ] Shimizu Akira

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    [ Application ] Shimizu Akira

    Contact Info- [AIM] ChaosSong12123

    Character Name- [Eastern] Shimizu, Akira


    Looks about 17 years old, actually is 140 years old, including academy


    Akira prides himself as a thinker. However, he is nowhere near true wisdom and complete intelligence. He prefers relying on his pre-made strategies than gut instinct. He prefers using kidou and speed, than actual hand to hand combat, or sword fighting. He doesn't dislike close range fighting, but he believes that kido is a more mentally stimulating act. Due to his analytical senses he’s not the easiest person to get along with. He has a habit of over-thinking things people say to him. This, unfortunately, causes some people to distance themselves from him. He doesn't actually intend to be cold towards people, but his way of thinking causes him to. However, if he develops a solid friendship with a person, he will uphold his loyalty to them. He has a habit to be so caught up in his own thoughts that he will end up being oblivious to this surroundings. He has an –unhealthy- obsession with cats. Often, he will act completely out of character when he sees a kitten. He always carries a journal around with him, and is always writing in it. When he travels to the human world, he is always fascinated with the differences between it and Soul Society. This brings about trouble because, he often goes up to the locals and pesters them about inventions in the human world such as the printer, even after being reprimanded for such acts. He considers Sudoku to be the greatest human invention. He owns multiple volumes of said puzzle books, and enjoys creating his own puzzles.

    Physical Stature-

    Akira is about 5’11” tall. He has tan colored skin and black, disheveled, hair. His eyes are dark-brown. He has an X-shaped scar on his right hand that he always keeps covered with a black glove. He gained this scar through an incident when he was a local. He has thin, oval-shaped, glasses and most of the time he wears a single gold earring on his left ear. He is thin for a shinigami because, he does not partake in close range fighting often. His shinigami robe has been modified to have a buttoned up collar.


    Past generations of Akira's family immigrated to Japan from India in order to attempt to escape British rule. They managed to enter Japan, but were never really accepted. To stop themsleves from standing out too much, his ancestors began giving their children Japanese names. Akira lived a comfortable, middle class life until age 13. At that age Akria fell dangerously ill. He started to develop a dry mouth and dry eyes. He found it hard to breathe because of this unknown illness (Nowadays known as Sjogren’s syndrome). His life slowly started to deteriorate from there. People avoided him as much as possible for they did not want to contract his disease. He was forced to look at life from a single window as it passed him by. He finally died at age 17 in his sleep. When he arrived in Soul Society, he was alone. He blended into the shadows with the locals and began to look at the world from the sidelines. He made a few “acquaintances” in his time as a local. One of his acquaintances was a shinigami and managed to persuade him to join the academy, after sensing that he had untapped spiritual energy. Akira agreed after listening to stories of what knowledge could be gained. Akira, always wanting to increase his knowledge, quickly left the shadows. As a parting gift, he was given a journal.

    Division- 2nd /Unseated


    It is a 25” katana with a sapphire colored, circular guard with markings that look like arrows on a compass. The arrow pointing forward is the darkest. There are crystal blue lines that circle around the hilt. The blade does not have a very pronounced curve unlike many other katanas. It has a small sapphire embedded in the hilt.


    Reiatsu- 100
    Zanjutsu- 15
    Hakuda- 15
    Hohou- 35
    Kidou- 35
    Connection- 0

    Sample Chapter- Flow (Word Count-1122)

    -Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock-

    Akira laid against the wall with journal in hand, listening to the sounds of the clock next to him. His room was the standard room with the windows wide open as a stream of light passed through. Akira angled his head towards the clock. “It’s off tempo, something must be wrong with it” spoke Akira to himself. He opened the black colored journal on his lap and quickly flipped through all the entries. “I’ve been in this academy for six years, and still I’m nowhere near to finishing it.” He looked out the window at the clear, blue skies above. Suddenly, a figure shot through the window. Akira smacked his hand to his forehead and spoke, “What is it now Miharu?”

    Miharu was the only person at this academy that Akira freely called a friend. Somehow, she had the uncanny knack to put up with his ranting, and continuous breaks from conversation. Many people called her a tomboy for not blending into the social norm of the other girls at the academy. She ignored all these comments and continued to live life like she wanted to.

    “It is graduation day and all you are doing is writing in your book? Shouldn’t you be getting ready instead of scribbling?” shouted Miharu.

    “I have time, graduation isn’t for another hour that’s plenty enough of time left,” coolly replied Akira.

    “An hour?! Have you forgotten how to read time? Graduation starts in half an hour!” yelled Miharu.

    After long pause, the wheels in Akira's head slowly turned at this new revelation. Then, it finally hit him. “Then what are you doing here? Leave now, I need to change! Don’t you know that we are graduating in half an hour?”

    “What am I going to do with you?” said Miharu before departing.

    Akira placed the binder underneath his pillow and walked over to his clothes which were pre-laid out. He changed into his long red and white shinigami clothes, and he donned his single, black glove. “Time is an odd thing,” thought Akira, “It never is phased by its surrounds and continues to flow no matter what.” He walked out of the door taking one last look at the room. After today he was a shinigami.

    Looking outside at all the festivities, Akira walked over to the main courtyard where the event was being held and found a spot next to Miharu. “So are you excited?” asked Miharu.

    “Not really, I am intrigued however,” calmly replied Akira.

    Miharu elbowed Akira's side. “Admit it! You really are excited. I know how much you write in that little book of yours!”

    “Fine, fine, whatever you say. Be quiet, it’s starting now Miharu!” said Akira sarcastically.

    Everything suddenly grew quiet, as the head instructor took the podium. In a loud, booming voice he spoke, “Today, you all stand on the threshold of a new destiny. You are the honored of Soul Society. You are the protectors of this land. You strive to find a higher purpose. You’re wit and soul will guide you all! Note your challenges will be many! Your trials will be difficult, but trust in yourself and trust in those around you! True power comes from many not only one! As these gates open, your lives begin! Represent your future, shinigami!”

    The crowd erupted with cheer as the speech ended. The bells began to toll as their sounds echoed through the landscape. Birds began to fly into the sky as the last words ended. An aura of joy suddenly passed across the landscape. Akira pondered, as the sounds appeared around him, what was his future going to hold. Next to him, Miharu seemed ecstatic from the excitement all around and couldn’t help cheering. “Akira! Wasn’t that amazing? The head instructor sure knows how to motivate people! Best of all, we’re shinigami now! All of our work and time have finally cultivated to this point.”

    The head instructor stepped down and a new instructor arrived. “As I call your name, please come forward and claim your writ of graduation.” she spoke.

    Akira started to get lost and disconnected with his surroundings as the names one by one were called out until, “Akane, Miharu!” he looked up as he saw Miharu slowly make her way up to instructors. He watched as she received the traditional seal of the Shinigami Academy, and the seal of her new division. Then, he realized, she would not be going to the same division as him. Her life wasn’t destined for the second division. He realized, as she walked down, that this was going to be the last time they could freely be together.

    "Shimizu, Akira!” the instructor’s voice called from the front.

    It was finally time. Akira waded out of the mass of students and walked up to the instructors. He arrived onto the empty space as he say four instructors in a row. He walked up to the first and bowed deeply out of respect. He walked to the second and received his graduation seal. He slowly walked to the third and accepted the seal of his new division. He walked to the head instructor and bowed as the words of the head instructor echoed in his head. “Represent your future, shinigami!”
    Akira walked back and stood next to Miharu.

    “It finally came Akira, it came.” said Miharu with a tear running down her face. “I don’t know if you’ve realized this or not, but this is the last time we will be together but…” Miharu wiped her eyes, and kicked Akira in the shin. “Don’t get weak on me okay?!” said Miharu as she made a faint smile.

    Akira looked back at Miharu as the crowd began to disperse as the students went back to gather their belongings. He looked at Miharu and spoke, “I won’t, trust me.” They silently went opposite directions to their rooms, taking one last glimpse of each other before leaving.

    Akira walked back into his now dimly lit room. He started to gather his equipment into his bag. He looked underneath his pillow, and took out his journal. He sought out a pen to write with and opened to and empty page. He tapped his pen at the top of the book and thought about what to write.

    “Shinigami, Day 0. We all travel our own ways. We all have a destiny in which we follow. We are all like time. We are ever flowing and twisting around life’s mysteries. Sometimes we slow down, like a broken clock. At other times we speed up like running stream. Most of all, this guide, unites everything. We will always be carried together. Today was the day, where I joined the current.”

    April Fools u whores.

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    Approved. See you on AIM.

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    You just got APPROVED in to the Halcyon Days RPG.

    Sooo... where to from here? The answer is simple!

    1.) Post your profile in the Shinigami Registry ( there are many fine examples of profile there if you need creative ideas. )

    2.) Post your stats in the Personal Records section in the newest thread so your grader next week can easily find them.

    3.) In the writing section create a new thread and in there post your chapter. If you write any more chapters this week, those will also be posted in that thread. You have until Saturday, 11:59 PM (EST) to write for Week 26.


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