Ignis felt too tired to fight with Amicus. She waited until he deemed it safe to lower their platform and unfurl it. They drifted towards Dianette who was panting, hunched over with her hands on her knees. The velen gratefully climbed aboard with help from Ignis.

The young soldier brushed a hand over her lieutenant’s face. The laicar didn't react, still very much unconscious. The young woman sighed, bright pink cartilage falling around her shoulders as she sat back. Some of it was singed and her outfit was dirty with rips here and there. One arm supported her weight while the other rested in her lap.

“You saved her life,” Dianette murmured, stroking Laurel's hair.

The engineer shrugged. “All in a day's work, yeah?”

Ignis peered through the crowd, shielding her eyes with her hand. Cora circled above them, driving away any hopeful demons hoping for easy prey with short bursts of gunfire. She searched for Aeria's form, catching sight of her friend. A few years of relief and exhaustion leaked from the corners of her eyes and rolled down her dirty, ash-streaked cheeks. Then, looking back towards the janu’s corpse she saw Aelflead. The poor violent woman looked rough.

Amicus sighed, but gave in to his partner's wishes and pity. Their leafy platform floated towards the flash-fried spurii. A cool sensation eased some of the odd-eyed woman's pain as the mons infans used healing magic.

The enlil ruffled her familiar’s leaves absently.

“Want a lift, toasty?”

Without waiting for a response, Ignis reached down and grabbed the spurii's arm and pulled her up, leaving the grumpy woman no choice but to get on.

“Amicus can't fix everything, but he can hold you over until we find some healers.”

The mons infans rustled tiredly and crawled into his partner's lap.

Dianette looked at them questioningly.

“I owe her one,” was all Ignis had to say in response.