So, life has been a roller-coaster to put it one way. Two years ago I had made a character, written his sample and was planning to get back into things with this community after having poofed for a little bit back then too. (Technically I knew you guys from the HD days, though I was a newbie then too and joined the shift to this new story with a bunch of you. On Slack my username is Sprex, so I imagine that on HD I went by Sprecher - my character being 'Thaddeus Storm'-, and then adopted the nickname given to me by a few of you.)

But as things go, I vanished when life did what life does and pulled me away. My memory being as shoddy as it is, later down the line I couldn't remember the name of the site or chat program to get back in touch with everyone until recently. I recently decided to glance through my old google drive and stumbled across the relevant information I'd lost - not sure why I didn't check there first - which has thankfully led me back here. Albeit after what feels like ages passed.

I don't know if I'll necessarily be an active writer/poster, I hope so but can't make promises on that front. I'm just happy to have found this friendly little community again. I'll be trying to communicate more and participate in Slack, try and rebuild contacts and decayed connections. And honestly, even if it's not as active as it once was, I'm thrilled to see this group is still alive and kicking. Not only have you guys always been friendly, but you've been helpful and informative in several ways. Just talking to you guys in the past could improve my day, and I'm hoping that I'll be sticking around this time to enjoy your company once more.

So, in summary. It's good to be back and see everyone again, new and old faces alike. Assuming the old faces remember me.