Goal: Give a little girl superpowers and then lock them away Proffessor X style.

Requirements: A scarring amount of animalistic aggression and hunger, plus 300 kg of muscle claws, and magic fire.

In less obnoxious terms I need someone to play a vistra. I'm writing an arc for Aelflead where I get to explain some of her past and in turn for this portion of Aelflead's "past life" arc, she and her teacher Velden are attacked by a vistra demon while on a field trip of sorts to what initially appears to be innocuous ruins and turns out to be a massive and elaborate prison based on an older form of magic made to hold a dangerous named monster.

In A Fond Memory 3, Velden discovers this fact when the pair of them enter a chamber buried within the deepest parts of the ruins that holds the bulk of the seal holding the beast prisoner. When Aelflead accidentally knocks loose an amethyst that was holding the seal together, the monster breaks free and attacks the pair.

Velden's goal is to escape the ruins alive while protecting Aelflead.
The vistra demon Kobvan's "goal" is to kill and eat them both seeing as it's been locked up inside a wall for at least two centuries without anything to eat.

The end goal for the collab though is for the demon to not be killed or actually defeated in any meaningful way (this is not a pravum acquisition collab, that'll come later during present time) but to have Velden seal the vistra into Aelflead's body in the same way the vistra was sealed into the ruins it was found in.

To repeat for clarity, this is not a pravum acquisition collab, Aelflead won't have vistra abilities after this that'll come in a later piece after PMs. To state for sake of clarity and avoiding repeating previous discussions, this concept was already approved after I posted A Fond Memory 2.

Anyone interested PM with discord or reply to the thread, whichever suits you I suppose.