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    Inillis Mutamur

    Name: Inillis Mutamur
    Age: 27
    Race: Demvir (Machina)

    Vigor: 1704
    Latens: 704

    Persona: Inillis Mutamur sees himself as a challenge, not to any one particular thing, but to everything. He tries to challenge beliefs, society, people, and himself. It's not entirely selfish, he eventually wants to strengthen the world around him, but it is narcissistic. It causes his speech and his actions to be overblown and dramatic. While it's difficult to order him around, he does respond well to reasoned-out arguments. He hold a lot of respect for a good argument, even if he disagrees, and one day hopes to debate the Prophet Vexus himself.

    Inillis enjoys reading, mostly dime novels about charismatic Laicar heroes. He finds the writing predictable and the stories naive, but it's something of a guilty pleasure. For the last few years, he's also taken hikes to the mountains just north of Terminus. He finds the serenity a nice contrast to the populous city, as well as the pressure he puts on himself. It keeps him grounded whenever he's tempted to get carried away.

    Physical Stature: Inillis has a large blocky face, rounded off at the corners. He has four eyes that line up horizontally through the middle of it, and they glow an off-white, the color of a dusty light bulb. Under his eyes, eight very long rectangles are embossed, showing a silvery underlay. They slant downward toward the center, four on each side, and intertwine in the middle. His body is more streamlined, even a bit lanky. The torso, shoulders, and arms are detailed with the same rectangles.

    In contrast to the dark graphite color of his hull, he wears lighter lighter clothing, opting for soft browns and greens. His outfit takes some inspiration from his favorite dime novel series, and he wears a wide-brim hat in the style of old Laicar duelists from the west. His shirts are usually simple, but he wears them a little longer than average. The pants tend to be a little darker, and like his boots, meant to take a little punishment. Finally, he wears sawdust-colored gloves with his rectangle motif sewn in green on the back of the hand.

    Biography: The first thing he was told was that the Demvir were free. Inillis Mutamur was awakened in Secare by the Corcillum. He was given clothing and shelter by a small group of roommates willing to expand their circle. For the next four years, he moved from job to job while he decided on his purpose. Eventually, he found one. The first thing to challenge was if the Demvir really were free. To really find out, he had to leave the Corcillum bubble, and decided to travel to Terminus.

    He realized, though, that to really be able to challenge things, he must build himself up. As undesirable as it was, he joined the Arcanum. It was means to the end of learning the basics of Cantatus, to test his mind. Enchanting weapons gave him a meager income, but it was enough to quit the Arcanum and study Pugilis, to test his body. As soon as he felt he could defend himself, he started hiking to the north to practice Mansuetis. This was much harder than the last two, and required empathy he didn't think he had. It was a test of his heart. The final one, the test of the soul, required a trip back into the Arcanum's libraries, to dust off books hidden in the shadows, where he successfully created a phylactery.

    Character Skills
    Discipline of Pugilis (Novice)

    By paying 300 Vigor and activating Limitless, the fighter uses their strength to rip through and free themselves from bindings both physical and magical. This is treated as a bonus unarmed attack against the binding, outright breaking out of weaker bindings.Two rounds must pass before this ability can be used again.

    Calling of Mansuetis (Novice)

    Calling of Exanimum (Novice)

    Art of Cantatus (Novice)

    -"Bash Montanum, Firefight at Midnight" a quick and predictable read, meant to be almost mindless entertainment. This specific book serves as a phylactery.

    Exanimum Minion

    Mansuetis Minion


    Machina Body -reduces the damage of incoming attacks by one tier of damage per round.
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