Item Basics

An item is an object or piece of equipment that your character can use. As implied by their name, these objects are completely physical. Unique items can range in function, with some being better suited to combat than others.

Item Classes

Basic Items:

Basic items are those with no distinguishing special abilities. These are standard items and weapons that can be crafted or purchased through the market. These weapons do not take up your unique weapon slot, though you may carry multiple basic or mundane items within reason. This essentially means that your character really shouldn't be carrying six swords, two rifles, and three suits of armor simultaneously.

These items can be purchased through the market , or through the appropriate crafter. The strength of these weapons and description on how they work are found in the crafting thread.

Unique Items:

Each character is capable of carrying two unique items.

Items are separated into tiers of strength and items of higher tiers can only be used when your character has achieved a certain level of esteem. Your first item can be at the highest tier you can access, through your second item may only be one tier below max.

Item Tier
Esteem Tier
The higher the tier of the item, generally, the stronger the item is. Lower rank items can be resubmitted to strengthen them once the user has reached a higher tier. However, upgrading requires contacting a crafter to perform the upgrades or completing them yourself. All unique items, regardless of acquisition, must be submitted to staff for approval.

The unique abilities given to these weapons must carry a flat cost (no percents). The cost may change depending on changing teirs. Unique weapons carry a damage potential similar to all other crafted weapons, with their damage based on the crafter and Terra Regia used to craft the unique item.

For weapons that combine several crafting disciplines, the components must be at equivalent ranks (a vitatium gun and a vitatium sword are needed to make a vitatium gunblade, no mix matching a vitatium gun with a lower ranked blade).


Unique Items can be acquired in several ways:


By crafting your own, or hiring other crafters, they can create a specific unique item. Unlike regular crafted items, these can be imbued with special abilities and combine several different professions of crafting. A chapter of collab for each profession needed for crafting is required in the creation of these items

Special Artifacts:

Outside of crafting, special personal plot or overarching plot items can be acquired and subbed. These can have varied effects. These items still need to be activated to correctly channel visae and to do so an appropriate crafter must be found. The crafter choice is open ended but generally they should match the nature of your item.