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You have been summoned to help save the world. A strange and colorful place where gravity has no meaning. Dandara is the name of the heroine that must combat a dangerous regime. Explore the world, collect items, get stronger, find secrets, and face down the giant bosses in this Metroidvania style game. Find it here. …
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Nier: Automata

Welcome to Nier: Automota, home of the highest quality androids around. Yes, the main character, 2B, is an android. It is the far future. Earth has been invaded by aliens and overrun by their robot creations. The new group of super androids known as Yorha has been made to finally end the war so humanity …
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Night in the Woods

A game about life and all the problems in it. Inlcuding finding a severed arm out in the street. Oh, and everyone is an anthropomorphic animal. Why? Because it makes things better, that’s why. Who cares about people having people problems? But animals having people problems is a lot more adorable and precious and you …
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A point and click game from the makers of Primordia, Technobabylon and so many other pixel point and clicks. They are great at what they do, each one creating a world to explore and solve. Shardlight is another solid outing, though perhaps not as much as the previous two I mentioned. Find it on Steam.