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It calls out to you. Perhaps it's unlike anything you've ever seen, a rectangle with lights, words, and numbers; or something you've seen a thousand times that's different in a way you can't put your finger on, a pristine curved sword that seems to have a life of its own; something recognizable and yet unfamiliar, glasses with dark lenses and a sleek frame. You found it sitting amidst a host of other items at a shop, or you just killed a monster wielding it crazily or maybe just found it tucked in an unlikely corner. Whatever the details, you've found a curious artifact from another world, and once you have it, you find yourself deep in a jungle, standing in front of a mysterious tower. There are statues everywhere, each of them in eerily lifelike but random poses, made of an unknown black stone. You approach the tower, and the artifact you're holding seems to hum. Somehow you know that it serves as your key inside and that the tower is full of danger, but there's a prize for those who reach the top.

A Halcyon artifact can be any item from the RP Halcyon Days: Leon's shades, Sayis' book, Ciro's coffee mug, Arano's cellphone. At some point, either the first time you touch it or sometime later, the artifact teleports you to a tower deep in the jungles of Paludis. With an artifact in hand, you can enter the tower once -- even if you retain the item, it will not serve as a key again. Inside, there are characters and beings from Halcyon Days which you may encounter and try to overcome to climb higher. As long as you survive the battles inside, you can leave or return at will, but if you're defeated, you are returned to where you were before, alive and whole… but needing another key to re-enter the tower.

If desired, an artifact can also become the basis for an EX Item.

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