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Okay so, I'm not typically known for my art work here at HD. There are several reasons for this, I'm somewhat slow, compared to someone you'd be paying to do a commission through, say, Deviant Art. But, as implied, I'm free! So there's that. But I also typically only do b/w lineart and sketches.

So, if you would like to peruse stuff I've already done, you can do that here.

Again, I'm not bad, I don't want to give that impression. I've got a good grasp of poses, scale, detail, body composition and have gotten a little better since the drawings in the link.

To give me enough time to do a proper job but not indefinite, we'll say 1 week with a potential for 1 week extension for more detailed or complicated requests.

Again, I only do lineart but if you like my style, you can always get a free drawing out of it to have colored by someone else!

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;u; Could you do my primary PC? The link to her is in my signature as Ren Tegishahara. I don't care how long it takes, I just want to see someone draw her if possibru. ;u; Pls kay thanx. <333

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