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  • Ketty, I was gonna give you a turn, but then I remembered...

    ...what handicap did you roll?
    Lawl :3
    We're more of going somewhere in the area covered by Chernobyl and the Chernobyl Exclusion zone/Alienation zone.
    I believe if we're not going to the Prypyat amusement park, we'll probably be facing the hollow somewhere in Chernobyl.

    'cause fuck normal abandoned carnivals. We're so hardcore. Lawl~
    Sketchyz, I'll apply the bounty soon, er, probably near the end of this week. We're both kinda busy so o,o~!
    Etchy Sketchy~
    Remember that bounty plan I was tellin ye last month?

    Are ye still up fer it~?
    Well, Rosetta Stone didn't go well so :c
    Broseph, real life has been a bit hard on me these past few days. I'll try to get you a turn tomorrow if I'm not too exhausted, just nudge me on chat a few times tomorrow and I'll probably come up with something, lol.
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