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    Mille Piscatus

    Writing: Dinner Time! (Old Writing) Keep Your Eyes Peeled (Old Writing) Aeria and the Aedificare's Apprentice with Moonie What's in the Box?
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    Reviewed [Aq] Week 346: What's in the Box? - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Aq] Week 346: What's in the Box? by Mille Piscatus.
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    [Aq] Week 346: What's in the Box?

    After dinner with his uncle Viribus and Aeria, Mille put the not yet identified metal object off to the side, so he could investigate it later. Later happened after dinner with his uncle the next day. Now upstairs and seated at the dining table, Mille's rainbow feathered brow creased in...
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    Mille Piscatus

    Common Name Mille Piscatus "Thousand Catches" True Name Nof he (Or just Nof) "Red Foot" (Or just Red) Race Enlil (Avian) Age 20 Birthday March 27th Username Pho Plot Points: Mille moved from a little fishing village on Boreas to Terminus to see more of the world (In more than...