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    [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope

    The noise of the impact dissipated into the void as metal groaned and twisted. The crystal tore free of the encasing, tumbling and twirling through the air. Energy burst out from the open end of the pipes ripping them apart. A shockwave burst from the crystal, absorbed into the nothingness. It...
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    [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope

    The device in the center of the room was large, stretching from the floor to the ceiling. It had no up or down. Rather, it had a core, the giant crystal. Surrounding that were bronze brackets and support holding it in place. Sprouting from that were thick pipes, similar to those that transferred...
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    [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope

    The device in the center of the room hummed louder, as if reacting to the presence of other life forms. The noise was soft, like a whale song far off underwater. The crystal glinted within the encasement that stretched from the floor to the ceiling. The light it gave off shifted in tone from...
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    2019 Summer PMs: Round 1 Census

    Amanita will be going for the Main Forces
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    [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope

    The ragged priest spoke, but his words were raspy, like a wind crawling along leaf-covered stone. The language he used was old. A certain phrase stood out. "Tempus terminus." The priest's mouth opened wide, revealing the abyss of stars inside. He paced back and forth, slowly with feet dragging...
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    Pending Week 251: Reintroductions - Feedback

    This was a fun chapter with lots of cute interactions between the characters. While I don't know Micali and her friends well, this chapter did a lot to establish them. And I came in at an interesting time when Micali is trying to reinvent herself. It's done well. I could get a sense of how...
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    [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope

    Beyond the door was a staircase leading upwards. The once elegant walls had their murals marred by new additions. Metals pipes had been riveted in with no regard to the structure underneath. It was a forceful job, much like what had happened to the rest of the temple. At the top was an...
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    Pending [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope by Redfin.
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    [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope

    The grand atrium was silent and still. A dim light ran along the walls, barely lighting up the room. Shadows blended into black, stretching into the walls. There were no shuffling on the stone floors of the ancient temple, no decrepit creatures roaming the area. The walls were carved full of...
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