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    Reviewed [Be] Week 269 : Till Death Do Us Part - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Be] Week 269 : Till Death Do Us Part by Shadowthread.
  2. Shadowthread

    [Be] Week 269 : Till Death Do Us Part

    Till Death Do Us Part WC: 1570 A deep sigh escaped the lips of a clearly restless laicar woman, who kept twirling her long black hair with her fingers as she laid on top of a double bed in a room. It had an end table on both sides of the bed, a wardrobe and a full body mirror in the...
  3. Shadowthread

    [Plot] TEP: That Highness Over There

    “Those 'secrets' of hers are more than likely too costly to begin with, for nothing in this world is free. I am leaving, ” Dante explains, turns around and walks away. Leaving the two velens to plot whatever they may.
  4. Shadowthread

    [Plot] TEP: That Highness Over There

    “As if,” the athlete responds coldly, shrugging his shoulders, “Besides, You have so far displayed nothing that I desire. So go ahead and drag him to wherever you want, I have zero business with you two.”
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    [Plot] TEP - Hero Treatment

    ”Your?” the athlete repeated in disbelief. ”Shove it, I am not interested,” Dante ripped his arm away from her and briskly walked away from the princess.
  6. Shadowthread

    [Plot] TEP - Hero Treatment

    There was a familiar sensation when flying even if it was on a airship instead of through the sky like he did in games which brought a smile on the athletes face. He was surprised to say the least when he was presented with the perfumed letter, though he did not show his emotion. Back in his...
  7. Shadowthread

    [Plot] The Emperor's Pleasure - Introduction

    His careless comment meant to tease Deni was deflected with ease and it had definitely bit him in the proverbial behind as he felt a sharp pain in his left ribs. The force that Aeria had used and the act itself had caught the athlete off guard so much so that he fell to one knee as he held his...
  8. Shadowthread

    [Plot] The Emperor's Pleasure - Introduction

    The athletes eyes were also drawn by the young velen princess. Mostly by her figure and there were certain inappropriate thoughts that started to dwell in his mind ever so briefly, dismissing them with a head shake. They let princesses dress like that in Pelagia? Wonder how the empress...
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    Reviewed [Oc/Be] Week 255 : Her Bodyguard - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Oc/Be] Week 255 : Her Bodyguard by Shadowthread.
  10. Shadowthread

    [Plot] [Oc/Be] Week 255 : Her Bodyguard

    WC : 2413 Threads as Dante Moon as Aeria The news had been plastered all over the place, so it had been extremely difficult to not know what was going on, at least on a general level. So the athlete had contacted Aeria and had invited her over to his place to have a chat. The athlete’s...
  11. Shadowthread

    Magnum and Ultimum Release Submissions

    User name: Shadowthread Vistra (Magnum) Name: Rix'zinayl Alternate Names: User: Dante Level: Magnum - Vistra Acquisition: TBD. Form: At the moment of its invocation, Rix'zinayl surrounds Dante with an aura of electricity, sparks occasionally appearing from his body. His hair...
  12. Shadowthread

    [Plot] The Emperor's Pleasure - Introduction

    ”Very well,” he lowered his hand and his expression relaxed a bit, ”I'm sorry, feeling a bit on the edge thanks to this assignment,” he explained to them. The athlete smirked at the spurii, ”You noticed, huh? It was the most fitting outfit I had in my wardrobe for an occasion like this. Are...
  13. Shadowthread

    [Plot] The Emperor's Pleasure - Introduction

    The athlete had vehemently fought against wearing the half-cloak, which now rested over his left shoulder. Underneath it a long, dark blue coat with three separate coattails and a black leather sleeveless vest. Dark grey leather boots and pants with a silvered buckle finished his outfit. His...
  14. Shadowthread

    2019 Summer PMs: Round 1 Census

    Dante will be Aeria's shadow and thusly will be at the same place as her.
  15. Shadowthread

    Reviewed [Oc/Be] Week 233: To travel with you? - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Oc/Be] Week 233: To travel with you? by Shadowthread.