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Reading and writing have always been things I've loved, even as a munchkin. I started writing my own stories by the fourth grade and mostly haven't stopped since. However, it wasn't until I was fourteen or so that a friend convinced me I should share my writing. He and I both played Ultima Online, one of the earliest MMOs, and he was one of the players who enjoyed roleplaying his character, not just playing for the stats. That extended into short stories posted on our guild's website.

A young me looked up to him.

After he convinced me to show him some of my writing, he told me it was good and that I should write more. Things went from there, and even though we've since gone different ways, I still reflect sometimes on how that little bit of encouragement was the difference between me being insecure, hoarding my stories away from judging eyes and being part of that roleplaying community, to share those stories and grow as a writer.

When I joined Halcyon Days, it was just to write. I never expected or planned to become a GM or an administrator. However, I am grateful for the opportunity it presented for me to kind of do that same thing for others, to make sure other nerds like myself have a great place to write and grow, hang out with like-minded writers. When we moved on to Post Terminus, I wanted to expand on that, to create a huge world with all sorts of opportunities for writers to tell their stories.

So here we are.
Apr 14, 1986 (Age: 36)


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