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  • Kat: In response to your confusion from the Char Planning thread::

    If you join 2 weeks (?) upon PT's opening, you get 1500 latens to spend on skills. Those who joins thereafter gets 1000. :) So 1500 latens = six abilities. Some exhausted only 1000 cuz the basics guide says that the 1000 latens that a char originally gets (y'know, for slowpokes) had to be exhausted, but we don't know whether the bonus 500 also have to be spent. :)
    Kat, would you mind doing something else with your turn. If you go back and re-read stuff Hare's never said "Join 5th" also, all the cameras and radio equipment would be broken. If she's clairvoyant-ing her way through the convos some how I'd appreciate the extra detail to the turn!
    Sent you a message. Well, Yuu had limited movement so I posted in 'Writing' anyway. :x
    In our thread, Pride (never hurt nobody).

    I put it there cuz I don't want a shitton of people spamming your thread with messages.
    Dear katesy, I sent you a taidan message. Yeah. But she doesn't know what Hisoka has to say yet.
    Hi Kates~
    I uh... sent you a Taidan message thar... so... yeah. xD
    So you could prolly hear... her... wherever you are?
    Hi!~ It's Emily. I added you. ::Hypnoparrot: -dramatic gasp- THERE ARE SMILEYS!
    And so I see you online! >_O

    I saw you go online on AIM today too, but I guess I'm so sleepy and kept watching the chat instead. Haha~ :3
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