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  1. swaswj

    Item Submissions

    Approved with changes, pending a decision on the catalyst spell: For the blueprint, the 'type' (metal, powder, liquid) is just roleplay now. Your terra regia is only stored by its grade (dahl, bigat, aurit...). So you need 15x dahlitium -- general rule of thumb is that an EX item will be about...
  2. Keydis Lysistrata

    [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light

    I can't make it in time! Before that thought even completed, Keydis was thrown tumbling through the air. Fighting instinct kicked in, she grabbed her sword's hilt and her eyes locked on the rogue while everything else spun around her. A rush of air blasted around Keydis, speeding her spin but...
  3. swaswj

    Feat and Special Technique Submissions

    Approved with changes: Removed the magnitude penalty, but added a short cooldown. Also added a caveat that at least one spell must be Intrinsic.
  4. swaswj

    Reviewed [Be] Week 243: Cleverness - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Be] Week 243: Cleverness by swaswj.
  5. swaswj

    [Be] Week 243: Cleverness

    Tempestas 28,870 A New Apprentice - 2200 Leaving Home - 2200 Fireside Story - 4000 Red Felucca - 2200 Silent Terror - 2520 Tempestas - 2800 Seven Keep - 2600 Dawn - 1250 Visualize - 2800 Infinite Possibilities - 2000 Perspectives - 2000 Cleverness - 2300 Cleverness Wordcount: 2300 In...
  6. swaswj

    Vote for Upcoming Plot (Summer 2019)

    Of course. This is just determining what I'm going to put my focus toward as a GM, but I'm not calling dibs on all these ideas. The ones that aren't chosen could be future PM material or you could incorporate them into your plot. I actually tried to set up the premise so that it could feature...
  7. swaswj

    Vote for Upcoming Plot (Summer 2019)

    I don't get what you mean..? You can vote for whichever one(s) you're interested in. There's no conflict of interest to worry about. And regardless of what you vote/don't vote, anyone is welcome to write in the PMs when they start.
  8. swaswj

    Vote for Upcoming Plot (Summer 2019)

    Also, feel free to comment and talk about the choices in this thread.
  9. swaswj

    Vote for Upcoming Plot (Summer 2019)

    I have all sorts of ideas for big plots, many of them inspired by the writing you guys have done or are doing. Rather than picking one and shoving it down everyone's throats, I thought I might lay everything on the table and let you guys vote. Remember, there's relatively few of us right now...
  10. swaswj

    Reviewed [Aq] Week 242: HILA IHLA Pt II - Feedback

    Hey, someone remembers Mor! I miss writing her and the others. The introduction in this chapter was great, feels like it should be a part one. It even shows us slightly more about Deni than he has to reveal through the questioning. I still like how casual Deni is about the whole mystery...
  11. swaswj

    Reviewed [Aq] Week 240(?): HILA IHLA Pt I - Feedback

    This'll be short since I'll save the bigger comments for part 2. I really need to spend some time to create a HIL variant with questions specifically for PT. That said, these are still always enjoyable to read. There's more to Deni than I expected, and I'm both surprised and pleased by how...
  12. swaswj

    Reviewed [Oc] Week 240: Further Consequences - Feedback

    I started on reading this a bit ago, but got sidetracked. Seeing a description of Laermont starting out is fantastic, because I'm not sure I've seen one in any great detail before, and he's nothing like I had in my mind. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot to say here. The level of detail in this...
  13. swaswj

    The Arcane Schools (Magic Skills)

    Spell List <blockquote class="restore"> <a href="" class="without-caption image-link"><a name="ancCastus"><img src="" width="80%" height="80%"...
  14. swaswj

    Reviewed [Ca] Week 235: The Caretaker's Quarters - Feedback

    Nearly a month later, I finally read this. This year has been very hectic so far, and I'm not great at prioritizing. Although short, this piece does a great job of setting up the scene, giving the room depth and character of its own, with little irrelevant details like the broken rim of the mug...
  15. swaswj

    Patch 3.0.0 Notes: Major Rework

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  16. swaswj

    Patch 3.0.0 Notes: Major Rework

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  17. swaswj

    Patch 3.0.0 Notes: Major Rework

    The Tradesman Arts (Crafting Skills) Crafting Basics Practitioners of the Arts are vital to the economy of Araevis and are also of paramount importance to adventurers and explorers who need the best equipment to survive in the hostile, untamed areas of the world. Beyond cities, it can be quite...
  18. swaswj

    Patch 3.0.0 Notes: Major Rework

    The Overseer Callings (Command Skills) Overseer Basics This category of skills is based around attaining a minion or pet that will either support you in combat or serve as your primary asset in combat. Be aware that no skill in the Overseer's Calling directly buffs the player character or...
  19. swaswj

    Patch 3.0.0 Notes: Major Rework

    The Armament Credos (Ranged Skills) Ranged Basics Adhering to the credos of modern Armaments is a sign of nobility and an embrace of technological advancement. It is still, however, rooted in the physical world, with mechanical parts and a tangible presence, unlike the more esoteric pursuits of...
  20. swaswj

    Patch 3.0.0 Notes: Major Rework

    The Martial Disciplines (Melee Skills) Melee Basics Martial combat is at once both honorable and barbaric. A holdover from the days before technology and magic were commonplace, head-to-head melee combat is seen alternately as more noble and more savage. Regardless of common perception...