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  1. Apeiron

    [Open] Missing!

    UPDATE Having seen the posters around Terminus, Kincaid's friend(?) Aeria asked for help from the only person she thought capable enough: Qaestor Laermont. While Aeria is away from Terminus, Laermont went to visit the Vitae and found the strange publisher of the posters -- a young woman by the...
  2. Apeiron

    Reviewed [Oc] Week 230: Consequences Pt. 1 - Feedback

    Hey Moon! I had some spare time so I figured I'd weigh in, and it looks like I came in at s good time. So fair warning Im bad with catching individual style things so take what I say with a grain of salt. Ready? Here we go: Overall this was a good chapter that gives the reader a snap shot of...
  3. Apeiron

    Reviewed [Aq] Week 230: Continuing Stories - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Aq] Week 230: Continuing Stories by Apeiron.
  4. Apeiron

    [Aq] Week 230: Continuing Stories

    << Chapter 6 << Last Page Chapter 7.2 WC: 1,320 Ioannes snuck back down from the tree-line and leaned up against the side of the house. Just above him, light from the house poured out into the darkness and he could faintly hear Nonus speaking. Though his voice was low, his tone was calm and...
  5. Apeiron

    Codex Submissions (Lore, People, Places, Beasts, Plants)

    User name: Apeiron Name: Miseria (update) Alternate Names: Common: Sorrow; Plural: Miseria Located In (or Near): Hiemis, Aridus, Boreas, Excelsus, Prenditus, Paludis, Tenebrae Ocean, Chlorae Ocean, Copiae Ocean, Sea of Aquilonia, Sea of Occidens Class: Demon Rarity: Uncommon Type...
  6. Apeiron

    The Strangeness of Love - Halloween 2018

    User name: Apeiron Title: The Strangeness of Love An autumn wind threw scattered leaves across the pathway, and the warm colors of the fall leaves should have been captivating -- or perhaps thought-provoking at the least. Instead, it was the wind that was far more noticeable than anything. It...
  7. Apeiron

    [Open] Missing!

    Welcome to the first ever Societas Guild Mission (and possibly the first ever Guild Mission)! I hope y'all are ready for a good ole fashioned mystery, because I've worked out a small plot and I thought it would be more fun to include the rest of the RP then to just write it out myself. So...
  8. Apeiron

    [Open] Missing!

    Kincaid is missing! The boisterous thief’s absence has not gone unnoticed either, as someone has begun putting up posters around Terminus. The posters are all hand written by the same person in the same large flowing script: MISSING! Laicar male, twenty years in age. Around 5’7” in height with...
  9. Apeiron

    2018 NaNoWriMo

    We're just under 2 months away from the next National Novel Writing Month. Nearly all of you are familiar with it, but it bares repeating that November 1st will start this off, and go throughout the whole month. Last year I made it to 20k before life took a swing at me and I had to stop. This...
  10. Apeiron

    Reviewed [Aq] Week 211: In the Absence of Memories - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Aq] Week 211: In the Absence of Memories by Apeiron.
  11. Apeiron

    [Aq] Week 211: In the Absence of Memories

    Ioannes rolled over in an unfamiliar bed, his head screaming in pain the likes he’d never known before. He groaned and squeezed his eyes hard, hoping that he could somehow divert the pain if he scrunched his face hard enough. His body shuddered, and a wave of nausea slapped the gunsmith across...
  12. Apeiron

    [Open] Week 209: In The Absence of Enemies

    “What’s this?” Kaeso muttered, sounding amused. He stopped dragging Ioannes for a brief moment and leaned in close to the gunsmith. The enlil’s shark-toothed smile became cocky grin as he teased, “Not even a drink in your hands and already you’re catching attention of a woman.” With blood...
  13. Apeiron

    [Open] Week 209: In The Absence of Enemies

    Patrons nearest to the entrance of the Vitae found their celebration momentarily interrupted when someone came stumbling through the doorway. Dressed in plain clothes, the young man was nearly unremarkable. If not for the pock-mark on his right cheek, and the unusual bracers that he wore, he...
  14. Apeiron

    Mission Loot Thread

    Gate mission 23 Dahlitium Volantis x 1 44 Dahlitium Volantis x 8 71 Bigatium Volantis x 7 56 Bigatium Volantis x 2 3 Nothing 46 Dahlitium Pulveris x 9 28 Dahlitium Pulveris x 3 77 Auritium Volantis x 1 87 Auritium Lateris x 5 59 Bigatium Volantis x 3 25 Dahlitium Pulveris x 2 61 Bigatium...
  15. Apeiron

    Week 183: Neon Tiger

    Updating states to reflect corrections in Vigor total 24,350 Ioannes Furvus Vigor: 24,350 Latens: 5,850 Skills: Art of Terriculcum (Skilled) Call of Mansuetis (Skilled) Way of Perspicax (Adept) Way of Pistolii (Adept) Way of Polybolii (Adept) Way of Sclopeto (Skilled) [- Items -] Auritium...
  16. Apeiron

    Grading Session for Week 179

    Op A.D.: Initiate! 175 /179 Whooo I am back in the grader seat! First targets? Mewn and Urm. Here we gooo! First things first: a mystery involving aliens seems pretty neat. I’m happy to see Mewn going forward with the story, and I’m also looking forward to what all else is in store for our two...
  17. Apeiron

    Grading Session for Week 179

    [Aq] -> [Oc] -> [Be] -> [Aq] The grading groups and their graders are currently as follows: [Ca] Castus - Inactive Members [Oc] Occultus - Will Finny Moon Thread [Be] Bellator - Will Berri Dys Minj Rob [Aq] Aquila - Will Hare Urm Val The Rotation for the month of December 2017...
  18. Apeiron

    Grading Session for Week 168

    Will Temperantia 250/250 I know you weren’t terribly happy with this piece, but having read it a couple of times the biggest issue I see is pacing. We get to see Laebuta, having survived the little spat with the other archmagi, keep chugging along and being more useful than he thought. And...
  19. Apeiron

    [Aq] Week 167: Laoch

    Laoch WC: 2,000 “Please!” Ioannes begged, standing between Palamedes and the various people who surrounded them. “Please, there’s no need for this.” Currently, Ioannes was below the deck of the Hydrus in the cargo-hold along with the other injured. After the battle with the Archmagi and...
  20. Apeiron

    Grading Session for Week 166

    Will Sapientia 320/320 YOU BURNED A LIBRARY YOU MONSTER One of the things I can appreciate with your writing this time is your world building, or attempts to connect more of the world together to make it feel more alive. This can be hit or miss, though, as was the case in this chapter when...