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  1. Gwendolyn of nowhere

    [Plot] The Basal Lake - Introduction

    And while Micali thought, the spurii girl continued to follow her and chatter. It was difficult to tell whether Gwendolyn had simply decided the laicar had no desire to continue talking about her previous line of thought, or if she had simply grown bored of the train of thought all on her own...
  2. Gwendolyn of nowhere

    [Plot] The Basal Lake - Introduction

    The excitable spurii took her new arrows from the demvir with a look of surprised wonder in her eyes and as she replaced the quiver in it's place across her back, she pulled one arrow from it's place to fondle it's new textures while she continued to speak. First a quick, "Thank you!" To the...
  3. Gwendolyn of nowhere

    [Plot] The Basal Lake - Introduction

    "Me too sir please!" Piped up a small bright voice, a good head below Micali's shoulder. The owner was clearly a young woman, somewhere around sixteen and seventeen judging from the soft curve to her chin. Her eyes, or at least the eye that wasn't hidden beneath her feathery bangs, was a...