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  1. MoonlitRain014

    Pending [Be] Week 265: Ante et Retro - Feedback

    THERE IS A LOT HERE! I shall start with the stuff that I really enjoyed though. I really enjoyed the flow of the dialogue that you got going. Everyone's got a really nice back and forth happening. The dialogue is also in character, so that everybody sounds like I'd expect them to sound which is...
  2. MoonlitRain014

    [Plot] The Basal Lake - As Above, So Below

    Diamantus narrowed her eyes for a moment at Garus, but kept her mouth shut. Laermont gave a sharp nod of his head in acknowledgement and gestured to Libra that she should follow. He pointed at Gwen as well. "I need your map and you, as well as Libra. Let's go!" Without waiting, he barged out of...
  3. MoonlitRain014

    [Plot] TEP: Graceful Discourse

    Aeria's eyes smiled but her face remained composed as she watched the princess dote over the mons infans, who seemed to be rustling in a rather contented way, as Grace settled the small creature into her lap. Eventually the elegant young woman returned her gaze to the spurii and her enlil...
  4. MoonlitRain014

    [Plot] The Basal Lake - As Above, So Below

    Diamantus drew her pistols and Laermont’s hand shifted towards the hilt of his sabre. The detective’s eyeplates flared as he scanned methodically through the crowd. Every investigation had to begin with a thorough evaluation of the suspects, so when they were packed into one room, it was easier...
  5. MoonlitRain014

    [Plot] TEP: Graceful Discourse

    While Ignis was introducing herself and Amicus Aeria took a seat across from the demure and composed princess. All of her finery sat easily on her, as if it were meant to be there and an aura of settled elegance radiated from her in waves. After an appropriate pause, she caught the young...
  6. MoonlitRain014

    Pending [Aq/Oc/Be] Week 265: Ísvaskur - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Aq/Oc/Be] Week 265: Ísvaskur by MoonlitRain014.
  7. MoonlitRain014

    [Aq/Oc/Be] Week 265: Ísvaskur

    Ísvaskur [WC: 9,510] Deni shivered in the corner of the dimly lit wagon. He knew that the harsh wastes of Arctoa were going to be painfully cold, but even prepared, the viciousness of the climate was astonishing. The black trench coat he usually wore had been replaced by a body-length coat...
  8. MoonlitRain014

    [Plot] The Basal Lake - As Above, So Below

    Laermont was busy trying to stop Gwendolyn from being slapped by Diamantus or Amanita, so it was the burly velen who ended up replying to the shaken up mercenary as she stood, powerful legs planted, easily riding out the swells and heaves of the ship in the rough seas. She let her analytical...
  9. MoonlitRain014

    [Plot] The Basal Lake - As Above, So Below

    Seeing that Amanita was about to be mobbed (if one can be mobbed by a single person) by Gwendolyn and knowing what the noblewoman's reaction might be, Laermont decided that it was time to step in and intervene. His gigantic bulk moved up next to Gwendolyn and he laid a massive, calming hand on...
  10. MoonlitRain014

    [Plot] The Basal Lake - As Above, So Below

    Diamantus hadn’t made it very far when a crew member bustled up to her and requested that she join all of the others being called to the cavernous room in which they were all being gathered. Her brows furrowed as she stumped along the corridor, surrounded by throngs of more confused non-crew...
  11. MoonlitRain014

    [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope

    Aeria looked up as the healers attended her. Since they'd fled the temple and she'd been carried by Diamantus, she had started to regain a measure of strength. Her voice, at least, was strong enough to carry over the din. "Your payment, while appreciated, is the last reason for us to have done...
  12. MoonlitRain014

    [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope

    Diamantus shook her head as Falba tried to dispatch assistants to take Aeria from her. "I carry her to where she's gotta go and that's that. Anyone tries to get in my way, I'm moving 'em. Now tell me where I put her!" The heavyset velen was directed towards a tent where the wounded of Kervidum...
  13. MoonlitRain014

    Reviewed [Oc/Be] Week 262: Cabin Fever - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Oc/Be] Week 262: Cabin Fever by MoonlitRain014.
  14. MoonlitRain014

    [Oc/Be] Week 262: Cabin Fever

    Word Count: 1323 The last three days had passed in a whirl of activity for Aeria, but at least things seemed to be slowing down. They’d slowed down so much that the spurii had a chance to send Dante a message and invite him to her extremely well appointed cabin. The luxury was unlike anything...
  15. MoonlitRain014

    [Plot] The Emperor's Pleasure - Hero Treatment

    Once again, Aeria had climbed into all of her finery, donning a pair of richly dyed green leather pants, a cream-coloured silk shirt with billowing sleeves over which she wore a green leather vest that had twining patterns tooled into it. The pants were held up by a thin leather belt with an...
  16. MoonlitRain014

    Pending [Oc] Week 260: The Thief, The Statues and the Emperor - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Oc] Week 260: The Thief, The Statues and the Emperor by MoonlitRain014.
  17. MoonlitRain014

    [Plot] [Oc] Week 260: The Thief, The Statues and the Emperor

    Buildings in the Lupanar district always seemed to be in a state of steady decay, pieces sloughing off like flesh from a rotting corpse. The one I was stood in front of was no exception. The place seemed like it was held together by dust and the sheer, stubborn desire to stand. I only hoped that...
  18. MoonlitRain014

    [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope

    Bursting like a charging bull through the door, Diamantus looked like a wild force of nature. Her powerful thighs bunched, her thick calves flexed and her muscled arms carried Aeria easily, like a cradled child. There was no thought on her mind but to escape. Her eyebrows drew together as, just...
  19. MoonlitRain014

    [Plot] The Basal Lake - As Above, So Below

    Diamantus cast an eye out at the dark squall line that seemed to rush towards them like the gigantic maw of some legendary sea monster. "I wasn't plannin' on doin' anything else, Captain. I just thought you oughtta know that it's likely there's at least one and prob'ly more potential saboteurs...
  20. MoonlitRain014

    [Plot] The Basal Lake - As Above, So Below

    Laermont glanced between the page and Amanita. There was a sense that, if he'd actually had eyebrows, he would have been raising them. However, he simply paused for a moment and then nodded and took the book and pen up. Both objects looked tiny in his massive metallic hands. He scribbled his...