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    [Closed] Week ---: Changing Face

    Zhukov's chains delved deep into the hearts of the Shinigami, dredging up their most private fears, the secrets they wished most to conceal. The former Imperator's weapon was righteous. It punished only those worthy of punishment, those guilty of sin. And these Shinigami were indeed guilty...
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    Grading Session for Week 129

    ish from last week - 48 (chapter) didnt see anything else
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    Grading Session for Week 128

    yeh i didnt get anything either
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    Grading Session for Week 127

    didnt see anything from anyone.
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    [Closed] Week ---: Changing Face

    Bits of discarded dreams and shattered hopes flowed into Zhukov's mind from the gathered Shinigami. The former Imperator's expression curdled into indignation behind his mask. How dare these peons pity themselves this much. In a blur he removed himself from the maggots' onrushing path...
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    Grading Session for Week 126

    tag: 384 (Chapters) Didnt see anything froem anyoen elseu
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    Grading Session for Week 125

    tag: 63 (Chapterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
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    [PM][Seisatsu/Leon] Week --: Dust and Dim

    It seemed the Imperator would again suffer a crushing blow, but only for a moment. At once his mask dissolved from his face, lessening somewhat the murderous pall of Reiatsu that still ground away at the earth's bones. Instantly it appeared beneath the Kenpachi's down-rushing blade, fully...
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    Item Submission Thread

    Cerberus Mission Reward Items – Approved Orpheus Gun Addons - Approved Tenrai Omamori – Denied This isnt rly worth a unique item slot. Cerberus Accessories - Approved Cuttlefish Eyes – Denied Cut out all of the fluff and just post the rp language stuff. And be sure if u rly...
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    Kidou / Gintou Submission Thread

    New Kidou Hourin - Approved Kongoubaku - Approved Gaki Rekkou - Approved Hyouga Seiran - Approved Aura Bubble - Approved Edits Shouaku - Approved Material Summon - Approved Keeji - Approved Daishouaku - Denied Let's just get rid of this one. Kanen -...
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    [2nd/11th] Week 125: Tea and Treason

    Acting 11th Captain Yuzuki Masato - Kish 2nd Captain Koganemushi Chiaki - A Certain Dews Night fell and yet still he found no respite. The Acting Captain of the 11th's eyes were closed but rest didn't come to the young boy, fatigued as he was. His closed right eye's darkness conflicted with...
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    Grading Session for Week 124

    hiren: 80 (collab w/ neko) + 58 (Chapter) didnt see anything from anyone else
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    Vizard Rule Tweak Heads Up

    2.5% Emptinessssssssssssss.
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    [Closed] Week ---: Changing Face

    Zhukov stared dully at the new arrivals. Only two of them were recognizable: The Captain of the Ninth, whom he had battled in Hueco Mundo, and Louhi Kaiho, whom he had met what seemed a lifetime before. They would suffer with the rest of them. In a blur the former Imperator intercepted the...
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    Grading Session for Week 123

    hiren: 98 (Chapters) + 60 (Collab) tag: 185 (Collab w/ crys) + 135 (Chapter) didnt see anything from anyone else tag gets the div bonus
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    Feat/Tech Submission Thread

    [ Aggressive Soul ] A Vizard with a particularly aggressive Hollow has their automatic Rage supply increase by 2.5%. [ Restrained Soul ] A Vizard with particularly powerful restraint has their automatic rage supply decrease by 2.5%. [ Calm Soul ] A particularly calm Vizard has their total...
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    Week 122: My Soul's So Hollow

    87 *1.1 = 96 Anton Zhukov Grade: 96 (Grade) + 200 (Bonus) Reiatsu: 57,430 (60,302) Tsuukon Kisoku - ~68,916~ (75,808) Enshin Tsuukon Kisoku - ~80,402~ (92,462) (19 /// 115%) Zanjutsu: 0 Hakuda: 31,701 (33,287) Hohou: 17,338 Kidou: 8,648 Hadou #5, Demon Fist Hadou #25, Breaking...
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    Grading Session for Week 122

    hiren: 130 (Chapters) + 300 (Collab w/ Vera) so long mr bleu I didnt see anything from anyone elseu :pcheers1:
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    [Closed] Week ---: Changing Face

    The former Imperator had watched dispassionately as Hotate tried to send off the message, purposefully doing nothing to prevent her call for reinforcements. Before she could send off the message, however, the phone was jolted from her hands by the many-legged monstrosity before the message could...
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    [Closed] Week ---: Changing Face

    What Silas had detected was a ripple of Reiatsu pinging through the entire area. The echo returned, bearing only the likenessess of the three obviously visible Shinigami. No cloaked assassins, no margins of error. Good. The former Imperator was grateful that they hadn't bothered to check the...