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    [2nd/11th] Week 125: Tea and Treason

    Acting 11th Captain Yuzuki Masato - Kish 2nd Captain Koganemushi Chiaki - A Certain Dews Night fell and yet still he found no respite. The Acting Captain of the 11th's eyes were closed but rest didn't come to the young boy, fatigued as he was. His closed right eye's darkness conflicted with...
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    [1st/2nd] Week 121: And Then There Were Three

    Anton Zhukov stood just inside the cavern's aperture, staring down the rough-hewn hallway from behind his light-bending cloak. Dimly illuminating the interior of the room stood a faintly glowing amber cylinder, which now and again revealed the bloodied bodies of two roughly human shapes on the...
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    [PM][1st/12th/Seisatsu] Week 102: And If You Wrong Us, Shall We Not Revenge?

    The Ninth Division had withdrawn. Cowards, the lot of them. It seemed Shiroi would let just about anyone put on a haori these days, and Seisatsu was more than willing to show just how pathetic these newborns were compared to the legends that had died to safeguard their future. With the Ninth...
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    [PM][11th/Adr/Kon] Week --: When You See Me Smash Somebody's Skull, You Enjoy It

    A small spurt of movement swept the two humans out from beneath Adramelech's looming foot, positing a moment of inquiry that strained the mountain-like creature's comparatively minuscule brain. Pinpricks of pain brought a wave of irritation into Adramelech's thoughts, distracting him from the...
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    [PM][11th/AH/Adramelech] Week 99: Step Right Up, Push

    This thread is for Masato and Adramelech to fight Aragon. I'm not rly sure what else is going on here but we're gonna work it out u know. Adramelech lifted another foot, crossing another football field's length with a mere shifting of weight. The scent of the human was so vivid, so alive, that...
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    [PM][Vizard/7th/10th] Week 99: Survivalism

    Okay this thread is for Zhukov and Hitome to fight Ursus, Shoju, and Niklas w/ support from Hisao and whoever else from the 10th. Everyone else stay out plz. Zhukov felt an immense rush of satisfaction in murdering the gnats that swarmed against him. Their lives were just significant enough...
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    [1st/2nd/9th/AH] Week 99: Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends

    They had been digging at the other side from some time now, and the rustling of many feet told the Imperator that the Shinigami were planting explosive charges on the supports. His blade glowed red for a moment, and a moment was all that was needed to slice his way through the wall, surprising...
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    [PM][All Vizard] Week 93: Masquerade

    Seisatsu strode slowly and deliberately towards the coveted throne at the head of the long hall. He loathed the miserable hellhole Zhukov had crafted, and was lingering only to ensure that the entire Army of Masks could gather in one place. The Imperator could feel them even now, feel the barely...
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    2nd Division: The Most Magical Division (Closed)

    Description: The Second Division is among you, invisible against the backdrop of amiable passers by. They spy in plain sight, relying on guile and misdirection rather than the uncouth weaponry of the more violent divisions. The Second Division deploys not to distant battlefields, but to inns...
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    [2nd/7th/Captains] Week --: The Most Magical Taishuu Practical

    Chiaki took a small sip from the cup of tea, then set it back into its saucer. It was late in the morning, and the sun was beginning to fully inundate the pit with light. The effeminate man was quite unwilling to hold his own parasol, and had thus required one of the bulkier Keigun officers to...
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    [All 2nd/Open] The Most Magical Tea Party

    Chiaki slowly twirled his parasol, watching his shadow do much the same. He flicked his gaze out to the tables in the center of the courtyard where several large men where delicately lowering ornate cups onto saucers and filling them with tea. His eyes lifted to the third floor, where more large...
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    [2nd] Week 85: Succession

    The former Imperator stepped out of the Garganta and into the cool night sky. Below him lay the city of Tokyo, glimmering in all of its radiant decadence. The city seemed to have recovered rather quickly from the full-on assault it had suffered at the hands of the Lasalles and their Hollow...
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    [Bads/Espada] Week --: Severed Limbs and Severed Heads

    mewt first plz Seisatsu Kuragari, former Captain of the Gotei 13, stalked through Las Noches alone. Shuttered eyes peered out from every shadow as he passed, staring at the intruder with fearful gazes. With every footfall, blood dripped from the grisly trophy dangling at the warrior's waist...
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    [L] Week 77: Scars and Implants

    "I still don't understand why you're doing this.” Chiaki paused, leaving the tights midway up his thighs. He folded his hands and frowned at the much larger man. "I've already explained it three times you know.” The Keigun agent complained loudly, though with enough reservation that...
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    [L/L] Week 76: Dragonfly in an Iron Web

    Konane wandered among the halls of the mountain fortress. The dense landmark now housed several hundred tunnels and open caverns. Even Konane, who seemed to lack a certain aesthetic appreciation, was in awe of it. But like all great projects, it was still a work-in-progress and there were...
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    Koganemushi Chiaki - Former Captain of the 2nd Division

    Name: Koganemushi Chiaki Division: 2nd Persona: A frivolous fop, Chiaki is always hunting for the latest juicy gossip, and isn't afraid to stir the pot by adding some carefully-worded embellishments when passing it on. This preoccupation is, however, merely a game that he plays while within...
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    [L] Week 73: Waiting For The Worms

    The teeming hordes were more sluggish than usual. Their energy had been drained in a long series of bloody encounters with their brethren, and now it seemed even their bottomless bloodlust had been somewhat sated. Among them there stood a a man. A man with flame-tipped hair and an imposing...
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    [L/F] Week 72: Drill and Chain

    Atsuma Sanada Anton Zhukov Dark red liquid dried and caked thickly onto a white bandage wrapped snuggly around Atsuma’s left leg; each step brought with it a slight surge of pain to add onto the already dull throb. It was enough of an annoyance to create a permanent scowl on his features...
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    [L] Week 69: Ruby in a Bottle

    Seisatsu Kuragari sauntered through the quartz desert, traversing the dead land at his leisure. There was nothing more to fear in this land. He had seen the faces of nameless things from forgotten ages and gone unaltered. The world's map was completely filled in now, and all that remained was to...
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    Retribution Feat Slots

    Alright, those of you who finished a mission, win or lose can post here with the link and get your feat slot.