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  1. Redfin


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  2. Redfin

    Iris and the Giant

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  3. Redfin

    Reviewed [Collab] Week 350: Pale Ales and Power Circles - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Collab] Week 350: Pale Ales and Power Circles by Redfin.
  4. Redfin

    [Collab] Week 350: Pale Ales and Power Circles

    Redfin Pho Word Count: 4430 Pale Ales and Power Circles It was a bright day in Terminus, with not quite enough breeze, leaving the rainbow-crested avian in need of a drink. Mille's exploration led by a compass in a box certainly hadn't turned up anything of interest yet - just a few dead ends...
  5. Redfin

    Heaven’s Vault

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  6. Redfin

    Game: The Stellar Arch

    The Stellar Arch is a game I have created in RPGMaker MZ. This is more of a puzzle adventure, though. No combat here. The game is inspired by Myst. It is a solitary experience where you must navigate your way through a strange world. The puzzles are all built into the world and you can go...
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  10. Redfin

    Visual Novel - Sweet Dreems

    New version 0.5 is available! This is the graphics and GUI update. Things should look a lot more spiffy now. Changes -Now there are icons for most of the buttons rather than text! -Each location has its own background now. -Added and modified a few minor images. The download is still in the...
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    sweetdreems 3.png

  13. Redfin

    Myst V: End of Ages

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  14. Redfin

    Visual Novel - Sweet Dreems

    Welcome to Sweet Dreems, a visual novel I've been writing for fun using Ren'py! This is a visual novel with no plot. That's right! You play as a sundae vendor so go around and sell ice cream with all the toppings and sauce you want to various customers. See their reactions. Relax for a bit and...
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    SweetDreems 1.png

  17. Redfin

    Myst IV: Revelation

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  18. Redfin

    Reviewed [Lr] Week 340: Lineal Scratch - Feedback

    Haha. I read this chapter before putting up the last review. Anyway, here is where you can see a real difference between how Chase speaks with Cribbage compared to how he interacts with the store keepers. It is interesting that Chase has to be the distraction, and he has to do it by talking...
  19. Redfin

    Reviewed [Lr] Week 339: Knot Howling - Feedback

    This is an interesting chapter. There isn't a lot that actually happens, yet it feels like a lot due to how much Chase struggles to get through it. It shows a lot about them that sometimes, even getting through the door can be a challenge. Having Cribbage there to talk certainly made the chapter...
  20. Redfin

    Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

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