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  1. Rob

    [Be] Week 248: So Does the Echo Return

    WC: 1324 “As the world sings in the palm of one’s hand, so too does its echo distort the truth.” Cold. Isolated. Out of sight, and out of mind. Vahlmore was ever bathed in a mist not unlike its own hubris. It was quiet, empty, and people went about their business as usual. They didn’t know...
  2. Rob

    Reviewed [Be] Week 248: So Does the Echo Return - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Be] Week 248: So Does the Echo Return by Rob.
  3. Rob

    [Be/Be] Week 172: Beyond the Grave, I Return (Redux)

    Rob/Will 4560 Words If prosperity is what drives, we shun all that comes before. Through serenity, one, and with severity we come. We are the bringers of fate, harbingers of our own demise. For that is our own true fate: to unite, prosper, and lose all that came before as we kindle in the...
  4. Rob

    [Be] Week 111: Beyond the Grave, I Return

    1650 Words Takes place directly after: Nothing More In hindsight, Rosa probably should’ve realized that things wouldn’t really go as planned - something that, surprisingly enough, was a good thing for once. She walked up to what looked like a sacrificial altar, with massive cross to be hung...
  5. Rob

    [Be] Week 106: Nothing More

    Nothing More 1095 Words Follows: Visions in the Dark Waking up in a bed that felt unfamiliar and not wholly her own was nothing new to the stormy-eyed half-blood. In fact, the unfamiliarity had more of a familiar feel to it than many a bed she’d prepared herself. Still, the hangover from...
  6. Rob

    [Be/Oc] Week 92: Visions in the Dark

    Visions in the Dark 2030 Words Rob Finny Softly the pendulum tick, tocked as the wheels of time pressed ever onward on the desk of a woman running out of patience. She’d picked out this day in particular because she knew how close the veil between the world of the living and that of the dead...
  7. Rob

    [Be/Oc] Week 81: As Was Before, From the Abyss Again

    As Was Before, From the Abyss Again 3445 Words Rob Finny Ollie was in Vahlmore once again. It was a city covered in perpetual mist. The sky was always in gloom. Sight of the sun was a rare thing. The way into the city was also hidden. Not many people knew how to reach the streets. The...
  8. Rob

    [Be/Oc] Week 63: Through the Spider's Web I

    Through the Spider's Web 2040 Words Rob Finny Winds coursed through the cold, stormy air overhead as thunder crackled through the dawn of day. Puffs of smoke clouded Aranea’s vision ever so slightly as she looked out of a thin, yet somewhat long mahogany window. Her hair, messy as it was...
  9. Rob

    D&D-styled PT Dungeon

    So, I've been playing with this idea in my head for a while now, and I've tried to do it with single persons a couple of times with differing successes - but without any real RNG to it - but I'd like to create a dungeon in PT, that people can enter, whether in an open collab with on-the-spot...
  10. Rob

    [Be] Week 31: Amiss

    Amiss 1140 Words The sun overhead was perhaps not as bright or as warm as she would’ve liked it to be at this time of day, early in the morning, but it was good enough for now. It wasn’t nearly as cold anymore as it used to be only a few weeks ago and already Rosa could feel her body becoming...
  11. Rob

    [Be] Week 29: Nemastifi

    Nemastifi 1020 Words It was early in the morning that she woke up, bags packed, ready to leave. Her eyes were lit up with a desire they hadn’t shown in quite some time, and for the first time in a few weeks, Rosa actually felt like she had something on her mind that she could work towards. Her...
  12. Rob

    [Be] Week 028: This Feeling Will Never Die

    This Feeling Will Never Die 2040 Words Her eyes darted across the room. Left to right, and right to left. They rested on her closet off to the right, a simple mahogany. It was about as tall as the room was high, but that didn’t really say much since her room was only slightly higher than she...
  13. Rob

    [Be] Week 027: In Limbo

    In Limbo 1015 Words Two sets of hands wrapped themselves around her arms, two around her legs and a single pair of hands wrapped themselves around her neck as she gasped for air. She was drowning, drowning in a sea of pain and sorrow, the bone-white hands clamping tighter and tighter around her...
  14. Rob

    [Be] Week 026: Another Day

    Another Day 1090 Words Unfortunately for Caesar, it wasn’t until later that evening that the two of them finally managed to find their way back to the barracks. While he’d been anxious to get back and get to the bottom of the strange incantation Echo had spoken and the whole ordeal with the...
  15. Rob

    [Be] Week 025: Resident No More

    Resident No Longer 1255 Words Despite the fact that the two of them had been strolling through the city of Elata for quite a few hours now, it hardly felt like anything more than just a single hour. While she wasn’t getting tired of touring the city per se, there was this nagging feeling in...
  16. Rob

    [Be] Week 23: In the Haven of Dread

    In the Haven of Dread 2705 Words Takes place after: Blast it! “Who are you calling your ‘mother’, girly?” the burliest of the burly men responded, not with an overly condescending tone but one of piqued interest. Before Echo could so much as respond, her mother - or the man she used...
  17. Rob

    [Be] Week 022: Blast it!

    Blast it! 1090 Words “Seems like someone stole your thunder, eh girly?” a gruff, somewhat condescending voice called out to Echo who, for the better half of her dinner had buried her head in her hands when word came out that some random organization had murdered the magister, Eximium. It was...
  18. Rob

    Settle it in SMASH!

    Who's got Smash for the Wii U?
  19. Rob

    [Be] Week 020: Close to Midnight

    Close to Midnight 1100 Words It wasn’t until late that night that Aranea finally made it back home. Despite her little fight with Wolfram, she’d decided to stay for dinner anyway since she knew her husband would not get home much earlier than past midnight anyway. As she opened the door to...
  20. Rob

    [Be] Week 019: Change of Pace

    Change of Pace 1145 Words Takes place after: Five Hundred Years It was by right a miracle that she’d escaped through the masses of Terminus when the magister, Eximium, was murdered right in front of virtually everyone who ever lived and the whole party was blown up, quite literally, to...