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  1. Shadowthread

    Pending [Be] Week 269 : Till Death Do Us Part - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Be] Week 269 : Till Death Do Us Part by Shadowthread.
  2. Shadowthread

    [Be] Week 269 : Till Death Do Us Part

    Till Death Do Us Part WC: 1570 A deep sigh escaped the lips of a clearly restless laicar woman, who kept twirling her long black hair with her fingers as she laid on top of a double bed in a room. It had an end table on both sides of the bed, a wardrobe and a full body mirror in the...
  3. Shadowthread

    Reviewed [Oc/Be] Week 255 : Her Bodyguard - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Oc/Be] Week 255 : Her Bodyguard by Shadowthread.
  4. Shadowthread

    [Plot] [Oc/Be] Week 255 : Her Bodyguard

    WC : 2413 Threads as Dante Moon as Aeria The news had been plastered all over the place, so it had been extremely difficult to not know what was going on, at least on a general level. So the athlete had contacted Aeria and had invited her over to his place to have a chat. The athlete’s...
  5. Shadowthread

    Reviewed [Oc/Be] Week 233: To travel with you? - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Oc/Be] Week 233: To travel with you? by Shadowthread.
  6. Shadowthread

    [Oc/Be] Week 233: To travel with you?

    To travel with you? WC 2540 Moon as Aeria Threads as Dante It was rare for Aeria to fuss over her appearance, but it was equally as rare for her to actually go on a date with someone, so she was taking her time to make sure that she looked right. The spurii didn’t even own a dress and wasn’t...
  7. Shadowthread

    Reviewed [Be] Week 200: Her Name is Beatrice - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Be] Week 200: Her Name is Beatrice by Shadowthread.
  8. Shadowthread

    [Be] Week 200: Her Name is Beatrice

    A laicar child walked with high steps along the bustling city streets. On her forehead, a beautiful hairclip made sure that her long blond hair flowed freely behind her and did not get in her yellow eyes. She wore a dress with a floral pattern, occasionally turning to look behind her. Almost...
  9. Shadowthread

    Reviewed [Be] Week 194 : A Child's Promise - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Be] Week 194 : A Child's Promise by Shadowthread.
  10. Shadowthread

    [Be] Week 194 : A Child's Promise

    An utterly unremarkable building that facilitated a school for the children living nearby stood right in front of Dante, just recently the age of ten, the sign next to the door reading ”Tests of aptitude.” Unsure of what exactly they were testing aptitude for but his teacher had encouraged every...
  11. Shadowthread

    [Oc/Be/Aq] Week 125: The After Party

    The After Party [WC: 5096] Val as Deni Dys as Ignis Threads as Dante Click. Click. Click. The obsessive way that Deni rotated the chamber of his pistol didn’t necessarily help him concentrate. It was just a fixation. If he was trying to perfect the interval between the clicks, then he...
  12. Shadowthread

    [Oc] Week 113: Absolute Victory

    Later on that day, Seirin was practicing for the upcoming game against the Spienxes. Most of the team was present, with some of the people still recovering from the injuries they had had during the preliminaries of Lucror's Sport. A passerby could some hear some grunts and thuds echoing from...
  13. Shadowthread

    [Oc] Week 103: After Lucror's

    There was a slight scent of alcohol lingering in the air as Dante lay in the bed, arms behind his head staring at the ceiling of his aparment where they had held the victory celebrations of Lucror's Sport, everyone else from the kinchaa team had left hours ago when the party had winded down...
  14. Shadowthread

    [Plot] [Open] Week 91: Sport of Lucror

    Sport of Lucror It was finally the climax game of the Lucror's Sport tournament. Seirin would be facing against the Avelyn Levi's on the grandest stadium of Terminus, the Triumphare. It was a massive stadium located in the Jactatio district of the metropolis, flyers had been posted all...
  15. Shadowthread

    By Lucror, It's a Sport!

    Looking for a partner to write some lucror's sport kinchaa action. Any potential writing partner would be writing the team going against Dante's team (Seirin). Let me know if interested with a PM on here or in slack. EDIT: Partner found, thread will be up for anyone else to spectate.
  16. Shadowthread

    [Oc]Week 69: Crowdpleaser

    Crowdpleaser WC:1189 The crowd cheering. The players wrestling with each other in incredible heights, without a doubt this was the sport called kinchaa and yet the ace player of Seirin, their sunwiser Dante was having trouble getting into the mood of the game. At the beginning of the game...
  17. Shadowthread

    [Oc]Week 65: An average day in the life of a professional kinchaa player

    The young athlete sped through alleyways and busy streets with surprising dexterity as he chased his target. Dante's azure eyes caught a glimpse of his target, the hard animal hide coated kin, the youth grabbed it without even slowing down in the narrow alleyways, barely enough room for moving...
  18. Shadowthread


    Dante Age 20 Race Laicar Persona Dante is a boastful young man with a remark for almost every situation. The general impression of him is goofy, happy-go-lucky person. However for those willing to spend the time learning to know Dante, he is a reliable and loyal friend, who will never let...
  19. Shadowthread

    [Oc/Ag] Week 25 : Two laicars in the Night

    Two Laicars in the Night The fierce laicar had been staying in a small rural settlement on the western coast of Occidens. The town harbored small docks with only a few ships having a trade route to the Avelyn on the other coast. Athreos had been hanging out for few weeks in the settlement...
  20. Shadowthread

    [Oc] Week 25: What Lies within...

    There he was again sitting on the porch of a cottage in the wilderness. His field of view mostly filled in forest, but far in the horizon was a tower. A tower that stood majestically as if everything around it was mundane and ordinary, it being a place of mystique. The dream always repeating...