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    Pending [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light by Redfin.
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    [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light

    Don't post yet. Hold for more information.
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    2064: Read Only Memories

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    2064: Read Only Memories

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    [Mission] [TWFNE] Week 210: Simmering Temple

    With every piece in place, the machine sprang to life. The parts all worked together. If any one piece had been missing, the entire machine would have failed. The two special pieces were the lynchpins that gave the machine its much needed boost of power. Their magic resonated against the door...
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    Reviewed [Be] Week 226: First Bank of Terminus - Feedback

    Hah. This was the chapter title that caught my attention. And it gave me a lot of what I wanted. Some nice world expansion with new information about Terminus and its old establishments. It was nice to see a different side of things in a wealthier part of the city. The description of the bank...
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    [Mission] [TWFNE] Week 210: Simmering Temple

    In the main chamber, the main set of stone doors loomed at the top of the stairs. They remained silent and still. On the wall next to them was machinery that clearly didn't belong, machinery that changed the temple from a place of worship to its new sinister purpose. The two parts with...
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    One Shot

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    [Mission] [TWFNE] Week 210: Simmering Temple

    With every part in place, the machine was able to spring to life. Power went through the gears and cables. Much like the machine in the other room, it was still functional. Only, every noise was muffled and absorbed by the starry field, leaving it silent. At the end of the process, the chamber...
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    Nier: Automata

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    [Mission] [TWFNE] Week 210: Simmering Temple

    The machine sat silently in front of the delvers, it's pieces waiting to be arranged properly. [2276]
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    [Mission] [TWFNE] Week 210: Simmering Temple

    The room was far from silent. There was a rhythmic sound of wind, going in and going out. It was slow, and deep. The starry abyss covered most of the floor, the walls and even the ceiling, making the space feel like it expanded into the infinite. There were still parts untainted, including the...
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    [Mission] [TWFNE] Week 210: Simmering Temple

    The second hallway was quiet. It was more than just a normal lack of anything moving. The sound was absorbed, leaving nothing but silence. Footsteps didn't echo back from bouncing off the wall. The further down the hall they went, the more the walls disappeared into a starry darkness. It was...
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    Opus Magnum

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    [Mission] [TWFNE] Week 210: Simmering Temple

    While battered the bruised, the mercenaries inside the temple were triumphant in the library. The room was left in tatters. Ancient furniture was turned into rubble. Books containing important knowledge was ash on the ground. Several fallen creatures remained lifeless. Nothing happened as the...