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  1. Abbey Rose

    Week 355: Paint By Numbers

    Paint by Numbers Let me be the first to say I can't remember ever having a conversation about the definition of consent when I was a kid. I knew that 'no' meant 'no,' but that's it. Nate Parker WC: 1584 Your next memory, if you can call it that, is of lying flat on your back on a backlit table...
  2. Abbey Rose

    Reviewed Week 355: Paint By Numbers - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for Week 355: Paint By Numbers by Abbey Rose.
  3. Abbey Rose

    Reviewed Week 355: Wake - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for Week 355: Wake by Abbey Rose.
  4. Abbey Rose

    Week 355: Wake

    Wake 1121 "We are all instruments endowed with feeling and memory." Denis Diderot When you first woke up, it was dark. The smell of dust and dirt filled your senses, though you do not know how. The age and decay of the area was palpable, though again, you could not tell how you know this...
  5. Abbey Rose

    [Plot] TEP: That Highness Over There

    “I may have a few secrets of my own that I am willing to divulge for some wonderful heroes!” Venus laughs a little, scooting imperceptibly closer to her new “friend.” “Some of which may be a great help to people who might need to know what the *King* says behind closed doors.” She laughs again...
  6. Abbey Rose

    [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope

    “I mean, Eruption could just refer to the cataclysm.” Cassius shrugged, but stayed back from the old zombie. “In fact, this could have been their solution. Makes sense, right?” He tried to figure out a way around the creature to get to the crystal center of the room. “If they could stop the...
  7. Abbey Rose

    New 'Game' Element for the RP: Success Checks (Read this Second)

    I feel like this is a great alternative to the "grading" that we moved away from. It is incentivizing you to make it a challenge, which will make it better for the readers. I also like the idea of having some sort of direct "carrot" for people to chase.
  8. Abbey Rose

    [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope

    Cassius stood behind the rest of the group, leaning heavily on the wall. One hand clutched at his shoulder, wincing as he rotated it and tried to keep it from getting too stiff. He stayed silent, but made sure to keep the rest of the group between the ghoul and himself. They could handle it…...
  9. Abbey Rose

    [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope

    “Unfortunately, there’s something here I need to figure out.” Cassius wiped sweat from his brow. “And I’ve been told what would happen if I left without doing so.” He finished up with Aeria and brushed himself off. “So as long as you guys are here, I need to be behind you. Just gonna conserve my...
  10. Abbey Rose

    [TWFNE] Week 248: Day of Hope

    Cassius concentrated on his work, ignoring his surroundings, in his left hand he held a small flame, which was held close to the more frozen parts of Aeria. His right hand trailed behind it, rubbing a salve deep into the wounds. He winced as he surveyed the damage. The girl had had a number done...
  11. Abbey Rose

    Reviewed [Be] Week 237: Reaping - Feedback

    This one was a little different than i was expecting going in. Mechanically, it is all there, and I even learned a new word. The description of the area helps set the scene and explains the end, which is nice. I also like how your two central characters for this chapter interact. Keydis...
  12. Abbey Rose

    Reviewed [Be] Week 242: Chemistry - Feedback

    I always love Squalidus. He just is a very recognizable image. An image that is put at odd, sometimes, with his noble upbringing. I, for example, was pleasantly surprised to see that he was married, of all things. I like how you go about the crafting process. Multiple testing batches, making...
  13. Abbey Rose

    [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light

    The mage’s eyes went wide and he tried to dodge, tried to do something. His right hand went to his necklace. Fingers started to grasp and draw a rune. No time. Caught mid dive, he felt rather than saw the cold steel enter his left clavicle. Cold as it was, it felt like white hot fire...
  14. Abbey Rose

    [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light

    Cassius spared only a moment to thank his luck. He could feel the pressure in the phylactery that he had made. The demon within called. It was a lethargic beast, trapped in its cold prison. He had forced it into a task, but it was not something he could hold for long. So he didn’t. Instead he...
  15. Abbey Rose

    [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light

    The demon sprang forward out of the rubble, moving around to the right, chains dangling and jingling as they scraped off the ground. It laughed in macabre humor at the carnage. It was glad to be chosen, and now it had chosen its soft prey. A small portal appeared in front of its finger yet...
  16. Abbey Rose

    [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light

    “Shit!” Cassius cursed, curling around himself as he attempted to protect his vitals. A spell started but was quickly dropped as a blade slammed into his upper arm. The mage fell, clutching at the wound. On his back, he heard the glass vial shatter, his vision blackening as the billowing cloud...
  17. Abbey Rose

    [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light

    Cassius came behind the rest of the group, running to catch up with them. He clutched his bag in one arm, wiping a fresh cut off of his hand with the other. The bag rustled slightly as he moved. Turning the corner into the room, he rushed through the door and towards Diamantus, trying to make...
  18. Abbey Rose

    [Lore] Week 227: Tales of Terminus

    The Tale of Nostrum In a time long ago, there was a man. He was tall and he was strong. He was simple, but he was determined. They called him Pistos, for he had never abandoned anyone, and he prayed to the Vis every night and before every meal. They called him Pistos, for he was faithful...
  19. Abbey Rose

    Reviewed Week 227: Tales of Terminus - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for Week 227: Tales of Terminus by Bat Cthulhu.
  20. Abbey Rose

    [Lore] Week 227: Tales of Terminus

    I sat at a table by myself, as was my preference. The bar was not empty, but it was no where close to crowded. The usual mix of regulars with a few first timers sprinkled in. I enjoyed the background noise. Such sounds of joy and fun, the voices of stories finished and stories left to unfold. It...