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  1. Mystydjinn

    [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light

    CLUNK! Went the sound of metal plate armor on stone. "For fuck's sak-Ungh!" Went the air leaving Aelflead's lungs. Caught off guard by the speed of the dead behemoth's charge, the spurii had no time to react and instead took the shield rush head on, catching the paladin's charge like a stone...
  2. Mystydjinn

    [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light

    The spurii was ready for the second strike however. With her strike deflected and Keydis trading her targets, a rush of disgust and annoyance surged through the woman and guided by years of practice her body took action. Recoiling from the paladin's defensive blow sent the spurii back to a...
  3. Mystydjinn

    [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light

    Further behind the terran a grimace threatened to stretch across the redhead's lips. Aelflead had underestimated the strength of the pillar's wind, Keydis' mobility, and overestimated the woman's brashness all in the same six seconds. Of course you take the window the second I expect you to...
  4. Mystydjinn

    [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light

    Comparatively, Aelflead's plan of action was less straightforward. Aelflead braced herself against it, losing a curse to the wind's howl in the process, then a wave of power contrary to the undead mage's pulsed through the room and coalesced around her. Then the spurii turned into a flash of...
  5. Mystydjinn

    [TWFNE] Week 226: Inner Light

    "Faex..." Surprised by the flash as much as the others, the spurii woman with fuchsia ringlets in her red hair recoiled at the light, then cursed exasperatedly as her vision cleared to let the rotting strangers come into focus before them. If these things were apparitions, all of them were...
  6. Mystydjinn

    [Mission] [TWFNE] Week 210: Simmering Temple

    After a moment of silence Aelflead spoke up. "Is that it?" She asked. "I mean, I'm not complaining if it is but..." The redhead looked around the room, then shook her head and began edging towards the exit. "Nah fuck it, just grab the thing before something does happen." [wc/soon bufoon]
  7. Mystydjinn

    [Mission] [TWFNE] Week 210: Simmering Temple

    As Aelflead's dagger was already in hand, she simply gave an idle grunt of agreement and scanned the room pensively. There were no decaying corpses to be seen inside the dark room so her nerves were eased somewhat, but the disturbing way space seemed to be warped by the slime in the room, its...
  8. Mystydjinn

    [Mission] [TWFNE] Week 210: Simmering Temple

    The gruff spurii ahead of them was silent, stepping gingerly around the strange splotches of starlight where they crossed her path and constantly wringing her hands. I guess it's needless to say this gunk has got to be bad news, but I don't think I'd mind it quite as much if everything here...
  9. Mystydjinn

    The Interview - Halloween 2018

    Understanding of Premise: A demon feeds upon the misery of the mentally infirmed. Rating: 7/10 (Fuck these god damned skeletons) Poor guy. Good mechanics, solid premise, pretty good use of themes, but your ending lacked the sucker punch I needed. You had me a bit spooked the whole time I...
  10. Mystydjinn

    The Drenston Horror - Halloween 2018

    Understanding of Premise: Sad guy down on his luck goes to tie the knot with death, but he pusses out and gets to meet a freaky and benevolent primal force of nature instead. Rating: 8/10 (There's too many fucking skeletons in here) Dammit, this was cool. I don't have any negative critiques...
  11. Mystydjinn

    The Strangeness of Love - Halloween 2018

    Understanding of Premise: Probably cute boy meets cute girl and they decide to both be serial killers together. Rating: 6/10 (I swear to god if I find a fucking skeleton in here) God dammit! I came here to piss myself, not go "Aww." Good mechanics, solid fundamentals and shit, and a cute...
  12. Mystydjinn

    Greater than Ever - Halloween 2018

    Understanding of Premise: A kind old man goes PLUS ULTRA for his Halloween decorations. No teenagers allowed. Rating: 6/10 (Where did that skeleton come from?) Your mechanics were good, your premise was solid, your elements fit together, but I think you chose the wrong perspective. This was...
  13. Mystydjinn

    Crow Street - Halloween 2018

    Understanding of Premise: A group of kids commit suicide and go to the underworld, but being dead means no school so fuck yeah. Rating: 8/10 (There's fucking two skeletons in here!) It's not scary unless they don't wanna die dammit. Jokes aside, good job, but... Dammit. Your mechanics were...
  14. Mystydjinn

    The Will of the Vis - Halloween 2018

    Understanding of Premise: A vistra goes buckwild on a merry band of mages from the catholic coven. Rating: 7/10 (Shit, there is a skeleton in here) Good shit. I'm glad that at least one of the entries was based in the world of Araevis. When I heard about the contest initially I was hoping that...
  15. Mystydjinn

    Shooting Gallery - Halloween 2018

    Understanding of Premise: Kid gets swindled by some dick with a debt to an eldritch horror and goes on a supernatural adventure, but winds up fucked in the end anyway. Rating: 6/10 (I know there's a fuckin' skeleton around here somewhere) A good piece and mechanically sound, but complete...
  16. Mystydjinn

    Crawl - Halloween 2018

    Understanding of the Premise: A stupid child is excessively punished for trying to make 20 bucks. Rating: 10/10 (Fuck, the skeleton's already inside me) Good shit. I couldn't fall asleep. Your and Will's pieces were rather close here and had somewhat similar problems with immersion. Yours...
  17. Mystydjinn

    Survivor - Halloween 2018

    Understanding of premise: Horror movie kids are stalked by an unearthly creature and emulate the Mystery crew to escape but quickly learn that splitting up only works for professionals. Rating: 9/10 (Running away so the skeletons can't catch me) Your premise is good and freaky-deaky -teens...
  18. Mystydjinn

    [Mission] [TWFNE] Week 210: Simmering Temple

    Still looking sour and haggard from her episode and outburst before, Aelflead walked up beside Aeria and ran her gloved hands over the door frame, then the mechanism in turn before speaking up. "I'm sick of this place already, but I don't wanna destroy the architecture, there's historical...
  19. Mystydjinn

    Reviewed [Collab] Week: 220: Afterparty - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Collab] Week: 220: Afterparty by Mystydjinn.
  20. Mystydjinn

    [Collab] Week: 220: Afterparty

    Afterparty Valero as Deniisius Perfide - Mystydjinn as Aelflead Kirastes - Dysney as Ignis of Animi Wordcount = 4690 The brisk winds of the Heimis night nipped at the cheeks of three “heroes” as they exited a tarnished bar in varying states of inebriation. Deni and Ignis huddled close to...