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  1. Inks

    [Be/Aq]Week 62: Equal Opportunity

    Word Count -[2,614] Perseus Artifex Leidan Halbert Equal Opportunity Scarcely a week had passed since the incidents of the Nocte Nils festivities, many a folk still scared into their own homes by the looming threat of Astra Non Obligant. The Conexus presence had been...
  2. Inks

    [Be] Week 45: III Ars - That was Then; This is Now

    Word Count - [2,313] « II Ars Perseus woke on the floor of his workshop. He lay there, blinking up at the ceiling – vision blurred in his left-eye, unfocused in his right, head swimming – as coherence found its way to his thoughts. The oil lanterns hanging from ceiling fixtures across the...
  3. Inks

    [Be] Week 44: II Ars - Take One Step; Take Another

    Word Count - [2,048] « I Ars When Tuvius Acer left his house, a little after daybreak, he was on a mission. Gone was the man who had turned up on the doorstep of Perseus Artifex some two nights prior, shaking and out of breath. The Acer of today was calm, collected, and the very picture...
  4. Inks

    [Be] Week 32: I Ars - What It Seems; What It Is

    Word Count - [2,004] It was half-past midnight when Tuvius Acer arrived, pale and shaking, on the doorstep of Perseus Artifex Vanitas’s studio apartment. Long-limbed, tall, with a narrow jaw and shrewd, amber-brown eyes, Acer usually cut an impressive, professional figure in tailored...