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  1. Sherlockian

    Bleach Manga Chapters Discussion (Spoilers)

    So, you've read the latest chapter of Bleach and noticed some stuff that you wanna talk about. Do it here rather than open a new thread about it =] Anyways... Ginjo... is a total noob. I hate his ''fuck you all imma get revenge'' mentality. He totally ignores that Ichigo doesn't give a damn...
  2. Nutella

    If you can do something to kill Ichigo, what would it be?

    Srsly. Using other chars or have Tite do some plotkai for you. If you're hyped enough to answer, why? I'd have Orihime give him poisoned chocolates (or a home-cooked and decent food), and pester him to eat it right in front of him. Not like he'll resist if Orihime gives it. Besides...
  3. Sherlockian

    Who are your favourite characters, and who do you hate the most?

    I suppose my favourite characters would have to be Kenpachi (yay bandwagon!), Yachiru (just too cute X3) and Nnoitra (wewt spoon) :P I hate Kid!Nel for some reason... she just comes across as being too clingy and whiney, even though she's only a child DX And her snot and saliva.. eww. Just...