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    Eloquii Aequoris

    ⋰ ELOQUII AEQUORIS ⋱ ⋰ PERSONALITY ⋱ Age 21 Birthday Maius/Sol Race Spurii (Unknown Mix) Racial Traits Aquatic Affinity (Unknown) ???? (Notable) ???? (Prominent) ???? (Renowned) ???? (Exalted) Impish, energetic, and astoundingly shortsighted, Eloquii lives in the moment – and spends...
  2. Inks

    [Be] Week 003: I Sors - To Begin

    Word Count - [2,189] It was late in the day, nearing sunset, and Avelyn’s port was still bustling. The sky was pale and overcast, as it had been all day, a lackluster blue that faded to orange where the sun was sinking low on the horizon. Sailors and merchants hurried about, trying to...