[10th] Week 96 - Wombats devour sanity

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Aug 23, 2008
Leone sat down near a large tree, giving his beaten and tired body a rest from days of training beyond his own limits. He looked up, staring at the sky, feeling the warm rays of the run piercing through the branches that moved with the gentle breeze. He continued to stare for a few moments, his eyes slowly closing and opening again. Until they did not open again, for the young man had drifted into a land of dreams, where anything could happen.

A loud noise suddenly broke the crisp silence, awaking the boy, making him jump to his feet in a ready position. Only to be greeted by more silence and what seemed to be a large ball of purple and green fuzz. Looking at it, a dumbfounded look birthed on the fiery haired mans face. Though as it started to move and uncurl, the man began to become more confused then ever. The mass of green and purple fur now took a shape of a small rodent animal, which returned a look of confusion to the man. For Leone the few moments that this was going on felt like ages, the oddly colored rodent had appeared out of no where and was now wrinkling its nose at him.

"Ello gov’ner, my names Mick the wombat, pleasure to meet’cha,” the crinkled nosed rodent spoke in a cheesy English accent, addressing the man with a fine introduction worthy of response. But of course no immediate response was given, considering it wasn’t everyday that Leone sees a purple and green wombat capable of speech. In fact he had never seen a wombat to begin with.
"What? Can’cha you speak, boy? Well no matter, c’mon, come with me if you want to live. We can’t be stayin here,” the rodent spoke, standing upright and grabbing Leone’s pant leg with one paw and pulling him with surprising strength.

"Where the fuck are you taking me god damn rodent?” the young shinigami yelled. Showing his reluctance to go along with the wombat known as Mick; shaking his leg trying to free himself from the grip of the small animal.

"Quiet down,” Mick said snapping his wrist and small arm forward. Launching the shinigami into a nearby tree head first causing the oddly colored to tree to drop apples of the same odd color onto the boy. As the apples bombarded him, the man flinched every time an apple made contact with his body. The shinigami began to sit up, rubbing his now aching body and in an almost classically comical act a final apple fell out of the tree and struck him a top the head, knocking him unconscious. After which, Mick dragged the boys limp across the bright orange grass. To a small blue log cabin, opening the door a set of long stairs was revealed going deep into the ground. The small rodent traveled down them, dragging the man behind him, hitting his head on every step; till he came to a large opening with a couch where he laid the man and then moved into a nearby room.

"Wha....What’s going on?” the fiery haired shinigami asked in a groggy tone, rubbing his head from the aching pain. Still in a barely conscious state the man shakily stood up trying to regain an inner balance. Barely able to stand correctly he heard a large crash in the nearby room, moving to the noise he saw the small rodent that had caused him so much trouble. Rage built up inside of him thinking of what the small creature had done to him, he entertained thoughts of murdering the creature for a few moments until he noticed a man sitting in the corner of the room. The man was non other then his own zanpoktou; the blade he proudly called friend. "Kyoukan?”

"It sure has been awhile, brat.” The spirit chuckled in a lighthearted tone, taking a sip of what seemed to be a glass of tea. Leone continued to look at the spirit in awe, this day had surely brought more surprises then he would have ever thought.

"How the fuck are you here? This is the....actually, I have no fucking idea where this is.” he said glaring at the wombat known as Mick, expecting a reply.

"Well in short, we are inside you.” the rodent started, receiving a confused look from the boy, "A better explanation would be, we are inside your subconscious, this is all a dream that you just can’t wake up from.” He finished, moving a small tea cup to his small mouth.

"So....this is a dream?” he asked, watching as both Kyoukan and Mick nodded in reply. "What the fuck am I on? Some motherfucking shrooms?” he said rhetorically running his hands through his flame like hair. He sighed, returning his gaze to the wombat and his spirit. "So.....yea?”

"Come with me I have something to show you.” Kyoukan stood up signaling Mick with a nod that sent him scurrying towards a large vault like door that seemed to appear from thin air. Opening it, a large light peered through, growing wider with the doors opening. Inside was something that made Leone’s eyes go wide with wonder; inside of it was.......nothing. His eyes returning to normal with his assumptions created from the dramatic setting shattered, "This is a ‘vault’ that is supposed to be filled knowledge, but apparently your just stupid.”

Leone’s hand shot forward grabbing the wombat’s fur, jerking him forward, he threw him a couple feet. Mick, landed on all fours and then stood back up, glaring at the man, "Im starting to think you need to shut the hell up.” He said in an arrogant tone, bearing his teeth like a beast. The rodent looked at him and smiled; he reached into the ground and pulled out a large doubled edged long sword. Then a whistle escaped his small mouth, causing large creatures with white masks to appear around him, along with a white mask appearing on his own face. Then he lunged towards Leone, who now had an unreleased Kyoukan in his hand, which he used to counter the small rodents attack, "Ok what the fuck is going on here? First you’re a motherfucking rat and now you’re a hollow, with a hoard of other hollows?” Leone asked confused, but of course he did not expect a reply in words, but in attacks; which was answered by an onslaught of claws and blades possessed by the hollows.

Mick wielded the large blade with ease, which did not surprise the shinigami, for the rodent had displayed exceptional power the entire time. Leone of course, was not fond of wielding a blade, which made it complicated to fight off the hollowfied creature along with the other hollows. Thinking it over while parrying the barrage of attacks, a perfect solution came to his mind, Kyoukan. It’s not like he had gotten to use him in an actual battle, so figuring now was a good of time as any he resheathed the blade and held it in a reverse style grip. "Scatter, Kyoukan!” he yelled, blinding both himself and Mick for a moment due to a large light caused by a release of reiatsu. In his hand, he now held a single brown-wooden like tonfa covered in runes. "You ready Kyoukan?” he smirked lunging at the small marsupial. He spun his zanpoktou behind him and swung it around, aiming to slam it a top the creatures head. Then spinning his body around in attempt the kill another before he had to return to defense; moving Kyoukan’s end to the forehead of one of the hollows he began to mutter something, "Hadou #4, Byakurai! Load and Fire!” he yelled, firing a mass of buckshot kidou into the mask of one of the hollows, shattering it. Turning to face the now alone Mick he moved into a boxing stance known as southern paw. "Bring it you rat faced bastard.” he smirked in arrogance. Then as they lunged for each other the fiery haired shinigami woke up in a cold sweat leaning against a normal colored tree, holding Kyoukan in his sweaty palm. Then next to his hand he saw a few oddly colored halfeaten mushrooms.

"That’s it, no more wild shrooms before bed.” The shinigami sighed.

Word count: 1,387


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