[3rd] Week 339: Ryuu Kazuke

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Jul 25, 2013
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Name: Ryuu Kazuke

Age: 150 but appears to be 21

Physical: Ryuu's most unique feature is his clear colorless eyes which makes it appear as if he were blind when in actuality he has sight beyond that of normal people, but to what extent is not identifiable. This feature is complimented by his straight white hair and milk colored skin which serves to make him seem rather beautiful to many, but a little vampiric to others. He has absolutely no blemishes found on his body except for an old scar which stems from the side of his neck, and down the right side of his chest to his side where the scar ends. He stands at approximately six feet even and weighs in at around 170 pounds. He has a slim lanky build, but despite his appearance his body is actually comprised of nothing but pure raw muscle without an ounce of fat on his body due to intense physical training. He also has a kanji mark under his left eye that when translated means death angel, although the origins of this mark are completely unknown to anyone but himself.

Personality: Ryuu can be described as very calm even in the most intense of situations. He has a demeanor about him that makes him like the embodiment of a true samurai, and has a very high moral stature. He is very open, understanding, kind, and always tries to put the needs of others before himself. However when engaged in hard training, or in combat of any kind his gentle disposition completely changes and he immediately becomes a lethal killer who fights with cruel cunning and merciless resolve to destroy any opposition before him until the threat is neutralized, or he himself is killed in the process. He has no fear of death, but he also has no intention to throw it away because he wishes to live as long as he can to help others which is why he strives obsessively hard to become the strongest warrior he can be.

Biography: Ryuu's past life is shrouded in mystery as he has absolutely no recollection of anything past his awakening in Rukongai. Never the less he felt the powerful urge to assimilate, but doing so was no easy task as he found himself in a world he did not know neither did he have any sort of memory pertaining to who he was, or even where he came from. As a result he found himself targeted by multiple thugs who wanted to take advantage of the newcomer, but unfortunately for them his skills as a fighter were still second nature to him. Little did he know that in each conflict a constant flicker of energy would emit from him which drew the attention of a nearby shinigami who than immediately had him enroll in the Academy after having explained his predicament to him. In time Ryuu became used to his new life, and his new purpose as a result of this would be solely to protect all in need with all his might since it was the only lesson he could remember ever being taught to him.

Zanpakutou: Ryuu's sword in it's sealed form is nothing special since it is simply at this point a standard katana with a three foot long blade.


Reiatsu: 1000

Zanjutsu: 0

Hakuda: 500

Hohou: 500

Kidou: 0


Writing Week is 249

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