[5th/5th] Survive! Roy meets Yukiko!

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Seathan Kellar

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Nov 16, 2006
Okc, Oklahoma
[5th/5th] [Week 84] Survive! Roy meets Yukiko!

Survive! Roy meets Yukiko!

Yukiko - Roo (Black)
Roy Karosiji - Seathan Kellar (Blue)

[Word Count -- 4,371]

"Fifth Division... Fifth Division...." Roy Karosiji stared at the horribly drawn map of the Seireitei that was supposed to show him how to get to the division he was assigned to. Only problem was that the map didn't really make much sense, "This is what I get for letting one of the first years draw the map. Geez, where the hell am I?" He turned the map a few time trying to find something that would stand out. "Uh... I think it's this way." Walking into the closed building he took a left, minutes later female screams could be heard as he ran out with soap buckets being thrown after him. Shutting the door he tried to catch his lost breath. "No that definitely was the wrong way."

Walking around aimlessly for a while he decided to take a break and sit against a nearby wall. Sighing he looked to the left to see a long almost never ending road, then to his right which was also seemingly long and never ending. "How did I get myself into this mess..." He sat there and thought about the whole hassle about everyone picking their divisions. His friends talked about which ones they were going to pick long before Roy even bothered trying. He was always too busy getting into fights and training to think about it until it was almost too late. "I'm lucky I was even able to get this one without being mauled by those other guys. Those people really need to organize their paper work better."

Rising from his position, Roy began to stretch out for a moment. Starting things off with touching his fingers to his toes, then swinging his waist side to side, and ending by rotating his shoulder blades. He then jumped a bit on the tips of his toes like a boxer as he threw a few punches here and there to get his muscles acquainted with the motions. "Alright, I feel much better." Stopping his warm up, he turned to the left and leaned forward. "Okay time to play this baby by luck." He said as he ran off in a full out burst not bothering to care whether he knew where he was going or not. Turning around one of the many corners that he passed, Roy saw that he was about to come into impact with a lady in a white gi. But the only problem was that when he tried to stop he only continued to slide towards her. "Watch out!"

His transfer papers and such were all about the floor as a result from the crash. He sat up slowly from where he laid in the ground, wincing from the painful bruise on his forehead as he gave out an "Ow."

Colliding with the female shinigami wasn't as bad as he thought it could have been, at least neither of them looked seriously hurt. Getting back up with a handspring, he was quick to offer a hand to the person he so recklessly barraged in to. "Sorry about that. I wasn't really looking where I was going."

Rubbing her head with her left hand, Yukiko let out a soft "ouch," before a hand was offered to help her back up. Odd, it's been almost forever since I've walked into someone. Most of the time they sense me and run in the other direction. She smiled and accepted the proffered hand, pleased that there were some people in Seireitei who wouldn't just continue on their way without checking on the person they'd just tripped over.

Once she had regained her feet, Yukiko reached up to make sure her white hair was still in its place...on her head, tied securely into its usual bun. Her light blue eyes twinkled at the bouncy nature of the fellow who had come dashing down the street. His papers were floating everywhere, some of them landing right at her feet. She glanced down and twitched in amusement when she noticed the emblem of her division and the word 'assignment'. This poor, poor boy. Mai and Sophia will have a field day with him. But not until I get to make his head spin!

Yukiko's face remained sweet and pleasant to the outside world, but inside she was plotting various schemes and tactics to welcome this speedy fellow to the Fifth division. Her haori was currently being repaired after Nobuyori stabbed his zanpakutou through her overcoat and into his foot. Nobuyori himself was in the hospital recovering from the stab wound and various kidou marks he'd received from the event. That man... I don't know who thought it would be wise to give him a sharp object to carry around. If he doesn't kill himself with his own sword soon, I imagine someone else will help him back into the reincarnation cycle. Half the division is limping along from his attempts at using his sword.

"Nice to meet you too...?" she replied to the hasty shinigami. "I don't think I've met you before."

Roy started to lightly rub the back of his head kind of embarrassed at the event that took place. His medium short brown hair was draping down instead of his usual spiky hair style that day. "Yeah; I just finished from the Academy." After noticing that his papers were all about, he then turned around and began picking them up. "My name is Roy Karosiji, nice to meet you." He continued picking up his papers when the wind blew a bit, causing one to go just out of his reach when he tried to get a hold of it. "Darn you, come back here." The paper kept scurrying off in the wind as he chased after it trying to grab it from time to time. Finally he caught hold of the little rascal and held it up clenched in his hand with a bit of satisfaction. "Gotcha." With that he placed the paper at the top of the stack and then into the inner layer of his robe, showing a glimpse of a tight red sleeveless shirt hidden beneath the shinigami garments.

"Oh I almost forgot." He exclaimed pounding the bottom of his right fist into the open palm of his left hand. Walking back to where the white haired lady was; he raised an eyebrow before tilting his head somewhat to the side. "Excuse me, you don't by chance happen to know where to get to the Fifth Division? The map that first year student gave me just ended up getting me lost. So I've been running around here for almost half a hour."

"By chance I happen to know exactly where it is located," replied Yukiko as she stepped back so as not to be run over again. In the distance, there was a loud BOOM followed by screams of pain and anger. "You see that big explosion over there? That's the Fifth division's training grounds. Right up the hill from that hellhole is the Fifth division's taisho, where you'll probably find whoever it is you're looking for."

She eyed the droopy looking fellow and made a shooing motion. "Best to get going, since the captain is reputed to be a horribly foul-tempered old woman with a penchant for practical jokes. And penguins," said Yukiko as she turned away from him.

"Really?! It was just over there the whole time?!? Argh; how could I have been so stupid!" Roy slapped his forehead creating a kind of ting sound from the metal in his glove hitting each other. "Hey thanks there! Too bad I can't hang out with you more, but I'm already late as it is. So I'll see you next time if I get lucky." Running off in the appointed direction, he seemed a little too eager to get to the desired place than to stop and think about what he was doing. Yet another boom of screams emerged and Roy smiled as he picked up the pace to get there faster.

"Hey guys! Don't start the fun without me!" He said yelling out loud to nobody in particular as he tried to get there in an even bigger hurry than before.

Up the hill he went even though there were people fleeing in the exact opposite direction as ran even more eagerly. "Looks like Taisho's scaring off more applicants. No wonder there's so little people on the roster. Man, I'm really glad I accidentally chose this one to join." He smirked a bit as he leaned his head a little forward, "I never thought I'd get to see some action so early."

A sweat drop appeared on the side of her head before she hopped over the retaining wall and headed over to the Taisho at a leisurely pace. From her vantage point, she could see who was involved in the latest bang-up and...yes indeed! Nobuyori had not only pinned himself to a wall with his zanpakutou, but he had run into someone else on his way to the wall.

I'm beginning to think that his zanpakutou is trying to kill him. Seriously.

Shaking her head, Yukiko hopped off the wall and strolled up to her division building. People were scurrying to and fro, medics were hurrying toward the training grounds to tend to the wounded, and she, Yukiko Murray, Captain of the Fifth, was planning on a nice nap.

"Ahh, I haven't had a nice afternoon nap in ever so long," she said with a smile as she walked past her assistants and Mai's office. Her small feet carried her to her quarters and once inside, she lightly leapt onto her bed. "Such a nice cozy bed," she whispered happily before dropping off to sleep. She wasn't worried at all about the fracas on the training field, since she had both Mai and Sophia to handle such problems when she was otherwise preoccupied.

Reaching the center of the chaos Roy looked around to see not one but two people pinned to the wall and medical personnel rushing to the scene in order to help assist with the injured. He was tense and ready for an attack to come his way, but none came as of yet. I wonder what happened to those two over there. It looks like I came around the near end of the skirmish, but I don't see where the guy who stuck those two to the wall is. His brown eyes continued surveying the area as he made his way to the two attached on the wall. "Hey, you guys. So who's the one that pinned you to there?" He asked while jumping to the wall and bouncing off of it in great height.

On his way by, Roy grabbed a hold of the zanpakutou and yank it out from where it had pierced into the of stone. Taking the blade he allowed it to rest on his right shoulder next to the handle of his own, which was strapped diagonally across his back with a scarlet red piece of rope tying the hilt to the sheath to signify a seal.

While Yukiko was napping and leaving the running of the division to everyone else, Halliday rubbed both hands down the length of his face as he stared at the conundrum before him. To kill Nobuyori...or to let him live? If he dies right now, I doubt that anyone would even question the cause.... The idea appeared and was dismissed from the sixth seated officer's mind faster than Nobuyori could cause such extensive damage.

Just when Halliday thought nothing could go worse, some strange shinigami appeared and began bouncing around the area. He watched the kid with a bleary eye before barking out, "YOU! With the red rope! Get over here now!"

"Hey; hey. Are you okay?" Roy persisted to poke and annoy Nobuyori for a bit before he heard someone yelling at him. Hm. Looks like I got company. Turning somewhat around with the other person's zanpakutou still resting on his shoulder, Roy looked at the person he hadn't notice earlier. Taking his sweet time, he walked over to the yelping bleary-eyed man. "Yeah?" The tone from his voice was quite audacious and disrespectful although it wasn't meant to be. He had never been one to care greatly for formalities and he wasn't going to start now. "You got something to say old man?" Tapping the blade against his shoulder he awaited for a response from this stranger.

Halliday ignored the 'old man' remark for the time being. "For your own safety...don't go anywhere near Nobuyori. He's a catastrophe on two legs," replied the tall man. His brown hair flowed down his back in a ponytail, allowing him to see through his hair and glare at the kid who had no more sense than to insult someone who was trying to make his life easier.

Once he knew his words had had enough time to be digested by any puny brain the people around him might possess, he then pointed at the newcomer and said, "Byakurai." Lightning sizzled at the tip of his finger before shooting out at Roy's hand.

Roy had turned his body a bit to look at Nobuyori as the warning was forewarned. Just then a kidou bullet made impact with the blade of the zapakutou that was being held. The odd angle he was holding the blade only made the attack ricochet back at Halliday as Roy returned his view back to the old man. And, without so much as knowing what had happened, tilted his head to the side, "Catastrophe on two legs huh? He must be lucky with the ladies...."

He casually stepped over and let the reflected kidou zoom by. "He would be popular with the ladies if they didn't almost die when coming within ten feet of him. The Captain thinks his zanpakutou is trying to kill him or some such thing..." he said calmly before he appeared at Roy's side. "I am Halliday, Sixth-seated officer of the Fifth division. Who are you to be wandering around our training grounds?"

Halliday's hand reached out and plucked the offending zanpakutou from Roy's hand before the boy could realize what he was doing. "If you're looking for the healing division, they're up the road a piece. They're pretty good at treating head traumas."

Roy began laughing as he took his now empty hand and rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah I guess you're right! Most people can say they like the thrill of danger but never being in harms way. Oh well!" He gave a shrug while looking at the sixth seated officer of Fifth division before it finally kicked in. "Oh... No, no, no, no, no." Pointing at the medics and shaking his head, "You've got it all wrong, buddy. I'm not here to join the healing division." Do I really look like a healer? This guy really needs his eyes checked... Or maybe he's getting too old.

"I was assigned to come and join fifth division... I would have been here sooner but I kinda was lost." After dusting his shoulder from the bits of debris that was on him, Roy stuck his thumb out at himself with a smirk. "The name is Roy Karosiji."

A short-lived smirk flashed across Halliday's face when his remark flew over the boy's head. His brown eyes remained calm and reflective as he considered the likelihood that they had just been given someone who would likely end up being a bookend to Nobuyori. "Roy Karosiji? I thought that you were being assigned to a different division," said Halliday. He'd been reading over Yukiko's shoulder before she'd chased him from her office.

"Well, that no longer matters. What matters now is that you take heed of my words. Not listening will result in pain and troubles in your coming days," he said ominously while keeping his eyes on Nobuyori as two medics carried him over to the Third division's hospital.

"Pain and trouble? So what exactly is this forewarning that's got everyone spooked?" Roy placed both of his hands behind his head as he tapped the ground a bit with the furthest part of his right boot. "You guys aren't cursed are ya?" He wasn't really troubled with curses or by warnings, but he did hate being left out of the loop when it was important and directly applied to him. "So who was that other unfortunate guy that was pinned behind Nobuyori? Did he fall victim to this kind of thing cause he didn't hear the warning?"

Halliday rubbed his eyes with both hands. It seemed that he was speaking too subtly for the kid. He let out a sigh and answered, "The other guy was unfortunate that he didn't see Nobuyori walking up behind him while he was using kidou. My warning to you has nothing to do with him."

Faster than anyone could see, the officer's hand shot out and grasped Roy's gi. "My warning is this: step carefully," he whispered before setting the new shinigami back on the ground. When Halliday was off the training grounds and standing near the taisho, he hollered over his shoulder, "You're standing on a field of kidou land mines. Be careful of where you step."

Then he leaned against the building and crossed his legs. "This is a basic test to see how well you will perform in this division," he called out.

"What!?! Kidou Mines!?!" That didn't sound very comforting to him. A look of worry clearly showed as he leaned somewhat over with a bit of anxiety. That sly old man tricking me this way... He then had a look of confusion on his face before straightening himself up again. "Hey, Halli! I know this is going to sound like a really dumb question. But it's important so I'm going to ask anyway." There was a bit of silence between them before he continued. "What's a Kidou Mine?!" That question pertaining to an utter lack of knowledge whatsoever might have indeed been too much of a shock to the old man, but it was the truth. Roy didn't even know what a kidou mine was, so much as even seen what one looked like for that matter.

Inside the taisho, Yukiko's eyes flew open when she heard yet another explosion. What in the world are they doing out there? she wondered before getting to her feet. A moment later she disappeared into a swirling whirlwind before emerging with her uniform straightened and her hair set just...so. She opened the door to her quarters and stepped out, noting that her assistants were standing at a nearby window and muttering.

"What's going on?" she asked as she stood on a chair nearby to see over their heads.

"Ah, Halliday-sama is playing with someone new," replied Dewey as he gestured at Roy with his thumb.

"Put him in the middle of a field of kidou bombs and then told him he was surrounded, from the look of it," said Howie.

"And I suppose that's where the loud noises are coming from..." muttered Yukiko.

"Nah, the medics carried Nobuyori off to the hospital. The last one came from their direction," answered Dewey.

Visions of having Sayuri-Taichou having to deal with Nobuyori's bad luck floated through her head as she hopped off the chair and started down the hallway. First, rescue the nublet. Second, go save the Third division from Nobuyori. Third, find some headache relief....

There was silence between the two men as Hallidad explained what a kidou mine was. Light laughter was the reply as Roy could barely contain himself. His upper body was bent forward with his hands placed at his hips. Slowly did his shoulders move up and down as he tried to resist being rude to the old man. Possibly, from Hallidad's point of view, he might have at first been seen as trembling with fear. But Roy soon alleviated that mistake in observation as he started to bust out laughing at a much more audible volume. Straightening his back so that he stood up to full height, it was very clear that such a display of emotion was quite the opposite of fear. In fact he was trembling with excitement and joy. "This is great! And here I thought you guys were going to take it easy on me and make my day boring as all hell. But you've certainly surprised me with this one. Too bad for you that such a lame thing as a field full of explosives isn't going to stop me."

A grin was now planted across his face, one of pure confidence accompanied by the eyes of one who could be thought senile. Without hesitation Roy extended his right arm with his hand completely flat. "Unlike most of your users in kidou, I pride myself as being someone who tries to do things different by not just limiting myself to using the same old average methods for a move." Starting with the left pinky and going on down the row, he tightened the flat hand into a clenched fist. "Take my Demon Fist technique for example."

"The wild soul of the demon flows through me." He closed his eyes softly for a moment as he began concentrating the energy from his Reiatsu to his hand. "Granting me the power to strike down at the world." Opening his eyes swiftly, Roy pulled his arm back as he leaned forward while raising his left leg up. "Hadou #5, Demon Fist!" Throwing his fist forward while allowing his body to bend over towards the floor, Roy used his fist on the very place where he was standing. The impact caused the energy gathered there to explode viciously. The pressure from the attack's force was so great that, not only did it lift his body into the air, but literally launched him from that very spot like a bullet leaving the chamber of a gun. Twisting his body in the air with his right leg stretched out and his left bent, Roy spun so fast that he looked like a whirlwind as he flew over the field. He readied himself to land at his targeted destination near the Taisho by stretching his left leg a bit outward. Upon landing his left leg bent once more as he swept the floor while his body rotated a couple times, his stretched out leg was mainly used to keep his balance and to spread out the shock of impact via the spinning motion.

Eventually, after so much dirt had been kicked up into the air, he came to a stop in that stance. He remained in there like that for a second or two before standing up completely. He lifted each leg one at a time and shook it for a bit to relieve the strain he had placed on them before moving onwards to his arms. "I may be a rookie in comparison to your standards, but I'm well adept in the ways of fighting." He said as he continued to stretch himself out.

Halliday smiled placidly as he watched Roy get out of the predicament he'd placed him in. He remained silent as he sensed a familiar reiatsu draw closer, until he could hear the soft sound of her feet nearby. "Oi, Yukiko-Taichou! This one will prove to be interesting," he called out.

"I'm standing right behind you," muttered Yukiko as she nudged him to the side so she could walk out and inspect the damage. A heavy sigh fell from her lips as she surveyed the training grounds. There were craters pocket marking the previously smooth surface. "Now that you've had your fun, I'd recommend filling in those holes," she said before turning away and walking toward the Third division and the hospital. She stopped before she got to the edge of the training field and turned to look at Roy.

"Welcome to the Fifth divison, Roy Karosiji," she said with a smile. Then she was gone, her haori briefly fluttering before she disappeared into a shyunpo.

"You heard her, get to work filling the holes," said Halliday as he pulled out a handful of shovels.

Gah! That's the lady from before that I bumped into! She's been playing me this whole entire time. What a sneaky conniving division leader I have. It'll be fun working for someone like that. He mused over the turn of events as he took one of the shovels and began helping fill in the holes. Making very sure that he stepped in the places where Hallidad had so that he wouldn't accidentally trigger a hidden mine in the process.

Roy Karosiji was very annoyed now as he shoveled dirt into the hole next to the old man, but then he got an idea in his head that made it worth taking the time to work beside the geezer. "Hey, I was wondering.... Do you think by chance I could get a little house near the training grounds?" He stopped for a moment as he stuck the shovel in the ground to take off the top gi. Underneath it was a tight sleeveless red shirt that showed his muscles. "Nothing fancy or anything, just a place where I can do things by myself without being bothered." Taking the shovel back into his hands, Roy returned to the task of shoveling dirt as he waited for Hallidad's reply.

"That's a good possibility," replied Halliday as he tapped down the soil of a newly filled hole. "But in any case, welcome to the Fifth division. Hopefully you won't be lacking for interesting events."

" Heh; you know for a cranky old man you're pretty cool." Roy remarked as he finished filling in one of the many holes himself. "You know, I think I'm going to like it here." Moving on to the hole as he gave a refreshing grin while sweat started to form on his brow.

A couple hours passed before all the holes were finally filled. The light seemed to be fading and that meant that night was close to coming. Roy wiped the sweat from his face as he sat there on a wooden bench drinking some water.

Home sweet home.


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