[8th/10th] Week 296: Visiting Tears

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Dec 30, 2012
Visiting Tears

Lately for Reshin it was like everything was just coming together for him now. He was now beginning to realize that there were indeed people who would accept him, and the very thought put him in a very good mood.

Even though it had only been moments since he had woken up from his ‘episode’ he was already feeling back to normal as he was before he had released his zanpakutou for the first time. His direction quite obviously was toward the tenth division barracks.

The only reason being so that he could tell Adele all about these new experiences of his. Hopefully she would also notice a change in his usually glum mannerisms and recognize his recent accomplishments. Although little did he know what had been happening to Adele as of late. Oh the things that would ensue upon his arrival to meet his old friend.

Beautiful violin music was audible once one came near the Tenth Division. The musician, however, wasn't Apphia. Adele, Tenth Seat of her division, sat in a tree not too far from the entrance of the division grounds. Her eyes were closed and an expression of concentration was on her face as she played part of the melody from Pachelbel's Canon in D in E major. A few oddly sounding notes came from her instrument causing the nekogami to pause and frown before continuing after figuring out her mistake.

Remember the d sharp, kit. Crescendo, her sword spirit instructed helpfully. Adele nodded and adjusted the position of her fingers before continuing the pattern without difficulty. Violin playing was how she connected with the Siberian tiger in her mind when she was awake. Crescendo always seemed to enjoy classical music.

"You have a visitor," Midnight, her other feline companion informed the violinist, receiving a nod in return. The large, black tomcat rested his chin on his paws as he watched Reshin -the second most despicable pervert in all of Seireitei in his mind- approach.

“So this is the one I keep seeing from your faded past,” Shuryou Onikage spoke to Reshin.

“Quite perceptive aren’t you friend,” Reshin replied to his sword spirit. By now Adele should’ve known he was here. She had the unique ability to hear reiatsu so it shouldn’t have been hard to recognize him regardless of the ever evolving nature of it.

Standing in front of the gates of the tenth division barracks Reshin knocked lightly to see if anyone would answer even though he knew that was almost guaranteed anyways. Well if Adele would care to pry herself from her violin for five seconds.

Never understood her obsession with that thing, but it makes her happy so whatever.

Adele's cat ears did perceive Reshin's approach; even if they had not, Midnight had informed her of the other shinigami's presence. After finishing off the motif she'd been experimenting with, the Mystic set her instrument down rather carefully and took her zanpakuto, which had been resting in her lap, and sheathed it at her left hip. Jumping down, the nekogami went to the gate to let Reshin in.

"Hello, Reshin-san. How have you been? You sound well." She greeted the swordmage with a bit of a smile. Already, the Mystic missed the sound of her violin.

You can't use music to hide from your problems forever, kit. You'll have to face that man eventually and you must be ready for whatever he will say. Crescendo nudged her shinigami before playing the tune Adele had been practicing previously.

Reshin seemed different in a ways. Outwardly he was looking like he could just burst out into a happy go lucky dance at any moment. Although it would be unlikely for him to dishonor himself like that.

“So this is the person who unlocked your more humane side. Quite stunning she is my child. I would probably recommend you state your reason for being here before she loses her interest just standing to watch you do nothing” Shuryou Onikage stated.

Reshin said nothing in turn to his zanpakutou, but did as instructed. He bowed to Adele before letting himself in.

“Its been a little while hasn’t it,” he said even though it had only been maybe three weeks since they last met up.

"A while," the feline shinigami nodded, walking into her division at a leisurely pace that would be easy to follow. "A lot has changed. You've gotten stronger, have you achieved Shikai yet?" Adele asked, preferring to focus on Reshin and the music in her head rather than the other things on her mind.

True to the Mystic's statement, a lot had changed about the two shinigami. Adele's experiences had been largely polarized, either horrible or wonderful. The nekogami had had little opportunity to enjoy peace. Even now, unpleasant things nagged her from the corner of her mind.

Unhelpfully, Adele remembered that had Haresuno hit her a little harder, she might have never seen Reshin again. A slight shudder ran up the Mystic's spine, though her countenance and reiatsu remained relatively peaceful. Midnight, sensing her mood, rubbed himself against her leg.

Reshin didn’t waste any time hesitating to answer Adele’s question. In fact he was kind of hoping that was what she would ask, however the chance of that seemed very minimal.

“Yeah I did. Funny how all of my training eventually paid off. Not only that but thanks to my zanpakutou I ended up managing to rid myself of my past so that I could start a new. As of now I’m nothing like I was before and I would prefer to keep it that way,” Reshin responded pouring out a little more than he intended.

“Its perfectly fine young one. You just told the truth of the matter and I believe she may be thankful for you overcoming such trauma,” Shuryou Onikage said trying to comfort its shinigami.

The female shinigami nodded at Reshin's excited explanation, grateful he didn't seem to notice her slight distress. "That's great, Reshin-san," Adele smiled a little more, though she didn't sound too excited. Hopefully her lack of enthusiasm would be dismissed as calmness.

"My zanpakuto also helped me come to terms with a problem from my past," What a lovely way to describe your nightmare, kit. I didn't do anything, you escaped your past and came to me on your own. Crescendo interjected. "What is your sword spirit like?" If you say so, Do-chan. You still keep me safe from nightmares. The feline shinigami thought to her own sword spirit.

Crescendo shrugged and took over Adele's reiatsu, keeping it level and calm so that fluctuations in her shinigami's emotions would not be reflected in their spiritual energy. In essence, the tiger was protecting the nekogami from the possibility of Reshin's scrutiny. Crescendo had promised to protect and support Adele, now was a crucial time to fulfill that oath. Her shinigami was far too delicate internally to deal with unwanted questions.

Reshin was ready to answer her question once more, but before he could something odd seemed to bug him. Her reiatsu was no longer noticeable.

Perhaps its nothing. She's probably just doing that because she doesn’t want to be bothered by outsiders or something. It would be like her to do something like that.

Shuryou Onikage thought differently on the matter. A lot wiser than its owner, it could tell the difference was caused from a foreign reiatsu emanating from a different source to shroud her reiatsu.

Due to the means of the situation Shuryou Onikage said nothing preferring that he not interfere figuring it best for both shinigami. Instead he gave Reshin fair warning and nothing else.

“Perhaps it would be best if we not just bombard her with such silly things. Why not take her somewhere. It seems to me like she hasn’t caught a break in a while,” Shuryou Onikage said to its owner.

Reshin luckily didn’t know what his zanpakutou was getting at and took his word for it.

Well if you say so I guess I could do that.

“My zanpakutou can be a little mysterious at times but its very helpful when needed. But let's not talk about that. Would you mind if we went somewhere together so that we could catch up on a few things. I feel as though there are some things that I missed out on,” he said as he extended his hand in a friendly gesture.

Adele took Reshin’s hand, “Where would you like to go? We can find a place on the walking paths, or by the lake, or we could go to my barracks unless you wanted to go somewhere in Seireitei?” She offered. Midnight glared at Reshin, warning him not to get too excited before jumping up on his shinigami’s shoulder.

Perhaps a chance to relax and catch up with how Reshin-san has been doing will take my mind off of things... the feline Mystic mused.

If you continue, he might still pick up on your distress. Please be aware of that, Crescendo cautioned her shinigami. Though talking to Reshin might not be a bad idea. He’s a fairly collected person and won’t necessarily do anything rash if you tell him what’s been going on. You won’t have to worry about him tracking down people to kill if you confide in him. It also wouldn’t hurt to actually place your trust in someone else, kit.

The end of the zanpakuto’s statement was a bit pointed, a testament to Crescendo’s disapproval of Adele’s aloofness. While not apparent, the nekogami was fairly talented at keeping people at a comfortable distance from herself, only ever trusting in and confiding in others when she couldn’t evade doing so.

Even then, the feline Mystic kept as much to herself as she could. The zanpakuto spirit lamented the fact that no one could claim to know Adele intimately. None of her friends or comrades had more than a vague inkling of the feline girl’s past or how it had dragged on into her present. Even the girl’s siblings were kept in the dark.

Hai, Crescendo-chan. Adele replied mentally, there’s no need to burden Reshin-san with ghosts of my past, though. I could just forget about Kenshi and move on.

You know full well that isn’t going to happen. Crescendo snorted in irritance. A hint of the sword spirit’s irritation leaked into Adele’s reiatsu since the zanpakuto had control of their spiritual energy, but disappeared quickly. The nekogami, for her part, showed no signs of her internal conversation outwardly.

“I was actually thinking of going someplace a little more serene in a sense. Trust me though you’ll like the view it gives,” he said smiling.

He just had a bad habit of smiling now. Ever since he realized the factuality in his zanpakutou’s statements about others he just couldn’t stop smiling. It kind of irritated him a little bit in how much he did so, but never the less it was still better than what he was normally akin to doing.

Gently tugging Adele along with him, the pair began to head toward the center of Seireitei.

“So you’re taking her to that place now aren’t you,” the zanpakutou spirit commented.

Why not? I figure it might as well do since it pretty much has the best view in Soul Society.

“Do as you wish then, but remember to be considerate of her feelings please,” Shuryou Onikage said.

Why wouldn’t I be? She means practically everything to me, you know.

“Alright,” the nekogami acquiesced. She followed Reshin without further question and tried not to think too hard about what her zanpakuto spirit had said. Adele looked around, wondering where they were headed, but didn’t ask, knowing such a redundant question would probably only serve to annoy her friend. Despite his cheerful demeanor now, he probably still disliked useless chatter.

From their location they were headed northbound. The closer they came the more obvious it was where they were going. He was actually taking her to the very top of Soukyoku Hill! As they reached the foot of the hill at the very center of Seireitei, Reshin grinned like a small child as he then began to leap up at high speed still holding onto Adele.

I know she’ll like it. I just know it!

The Mystic found she quite liked the view. She could see almost all of Seireitei from the top of the hill. Turning, she tried to look for Mitakihara. If the nekogami squinted, she could almost see the section of Seireitei her older sister owned. Technically, since the estate was property of House Pierce, Adele owned it, too, but the feline girl preferred to think of Mitakihara as Adelaide’s.

The thought of her new older sister brought an honest smile to Adele’s face. Idly, she wondered if Adelaide was in their mansion now. Even if she wasn’t, Tia and Zechariah were there. A memory of her siblings involving a frog floated to the forefront of her mind, almost arousing a giggle from the nekogami.

“It’s nice,” the feline Mystic noted aloud, finding she appreciated Soukyoku Hill more for the thoughts she now associated with the place than the actual view. “What is this place called?”

“This is Soukyoku Hill. It overlooks all of Soul Society and most parts of Rukongai. Its usually inhabited when during ‘special business’, but when uninhabited is usually left unattended to, allowing us the chance to come up here,” Reshin said.

That was the detail he was purposely leaving out to keep things from feeling incredibly creepy. That detail in question being the fact that this hill was the place where executions were held, though it was incredibly rare.

“Not exactly how I would’ve put it, but glad you decided to heed my advice,” Shuryou Onikage said to its owner.

“Ah,” Adele nodded, letting go of Reshin’s hand. She began looking for a place to perch. “I like it here.” The Mystic settled for crouching atop a rock that looked too small for her to sit on. It appeared as if the young woman had also inherited the unusual sense of balance associated with felines. Given her precarious position, the nekogami should have fallen if not at least been rather uncomfortable.

“Has anything else interesting happened since I last saw you, Reshin-san?” The feline young woman asked, prodding her friend to continue telling her about his life in the past few weeks. She had been rather interested in hearing about his sword.

“Not much else really happened. I do recall running into an interesting character on the way to the eighth division gates though. He never told me his name, but the guy was..... how should I put it..... a little bit of a nuisance. To make a long story short I had to rid of his annoyance so I could get back to training,” he said unaware that the person he pummeled in the street was now being trained by his friend.

“That was pretty much all of what was left that was really interesting in my opinion. Everything else was just training related,” he concluded.

“Oh come now boy you can’t just tell recollections of such things and then cut yourself off. It can be kind of rude in of itself for the person listening,” Shuryou Onikage intervened.

I know that, but I really don’t think she would be at all interested in all that since she has already seen my regular training routine. The only difference is that now its at a higher level of intensity.

“Is that all?” Adele tilted her head to the side. “What was the person you met like? Was he from your division?” Despite Reshin’s assumptions, the nekogami was quite interested in what the other had to say.

Midnight, having been displaced by his shinigami hunching over, climbed on top of the Mystic’s head and took a seat, carefully avoiding her kitty ears. His tail swished back and forth as the kuroneko stared Reshin down. The male shinigami had been testing his patience by touching Adele. The tomcat would be watching him to make sure Reshin didn’t think he could do anything untoward his companion just because the boy had been allowed to touch Adele’s hands.

Avoiding the conversation being turned to you isn’t going to help. Crescendo muttered, annoyed with her shinigami’s avoidant behavior.

“Well there is only really one word to describe him. Well actually two and that would be overly energetic,” Reshin answered.

“I would agree with that as well. Judging from what I’m visualizing from your memories I couldn’t blame you for doing what you did,” the zanpakutou spirit included.

I would’ve said ass wipe, but then I would seem really vulgar like when I lost my temper the last time I was around her.

“I understand. I’ll be leaving things to you then since my help is no longer required for now,” Shuryou Onikage said.

Alrighty then. Thanks for assisting me yet again.

“Oh, really?” Adele’s eyes turned blue with interest. “What did he look like?” This was new. Reshin didn’t really talk to new people often. The fact that he interacted with someone he didn’t know, even if it was only out of annoyance, was cause for curiosity. A second later, her eyes turned the same shade of grey as Satoru’s, even holding a similar stormy glint.

I know, Do-chan. I know. In response to this, the Siberian tiger in the nekogami’s mind harrumphed before turning away. If her shinigami didn’t open up eventually, she’d make her do it and the sword knew Adele would not like it at all.

Crap, she had that look in her eyes. Reshin from experience already knew where this was going. He honestly didn’t want to go further into it on account of the fact that the very memory of the conflict only served to bring back the spellblade's short fuse into play.

Shrugging this off he decided that he would try to avoid the question instead if possible.

“Eh he was just some random guy from the eleventh who kept bugging me,” he lied.

“Reshin. Exactly what the hell are you doing? I leave for five seconds and you already find yourself in a tight spot,” his zanpakutou spirit sighed.

You know as good and well as I do that I don’t like bringing it up so I might as well try to steer away from it!

“Oh...” disappointment was evident in her voice. Folding her arms across the top of her knees, the nekogami looked around. Now would be a good time to tell him.

No, Do-chan. It isn’t. Crescendo had other ideas. She let go of their reiatsu, allowing it to flare out, fluctuating wildly with the storm of emotion the Mystic had cooped up within her. Adele pulled her spiritual energy back under control on her own and glared. She hadn’t meant for Reshin to be aware of how she was feeling and her blade’s sudden relinquish of protection felt like betrayal. Her eyes, previously gray turned silver with the feline woman’s distress.

The sudden flare of spiritual pressure startled Midnight, who very nearly fell off her head. “What’s wrong, Adele?” He leaned down to peer at her face.

“Nothing,” she muttered in Cat, the short, snappish meow silencing the tomcat.

What the hell?!

“Her reiatsu feels so in pain now,” the sword spirit said.

Then what’s wrong with her? Something upset her?

“Judging from that violent pulse something must’ve have been bothering her. I normally wouldn’t ask you to do anything that risks anyone, but I would suggest trying to comfort her. Perhaps find out what’s the matter and try to make her feel better,”

That's what this trip was meant to do was to help her. I only followed your instructions on that.

Taking his attention away from his zanpakutou after feeling such a pulse of her spiritual energy, Reshin tried to come up with a suitable way to help his friend out, but nothing good came to mind.

Crescendo had other ideas. The sword forced Adele's reiatsu out of hiding, revealing the things the nekogami had been feeling as of late: betrayed, scared, unworthy, violated, worried. All negative emotions she'd been doing her best to ignore since fighting Haresuno, the mess Hikaru made, Ren's distress, and Kenshi.

"I'm sorry... I lost my composure," Adele stood and turned away from Reshin. "It won't happen again."

“Its not your fault. You must’ve had quite a bit to deal with ever since we last saw each other. But if it makes you feel any better you can tell me what’s bothering you,” Reshin kindly offered.

“Reshin......” the sword spirit called.

Yeah I can hear you. What’s up?

“Would it be better not to just let her tell you these things when she feels she is ready to?” Shuryou Onikage inquired.

And I just sit back and do nothing? She's suffering as you can plainly see and you of all people should know that I can’t just let my best friend feel like this and do nothing.

“It was only a suggestion on my part. You are so impatient sometimes, but I know you mean well so I suppose if things turn out fine then I’ll leave things be,” the sword spirit said.

"It's nothing important," Adele harshly crushed her spiritual pressure until it was undetectable. Her body language said otherwise; the nekogami was tense as if ready to bolt and her hands twitched a bit as if resisting the urge to clench into fists.

Kit, stop treating yourself like you don't matter. Crescendo urged from within the feline girl's mindscape.

Leave me alone, Crescendo. The Mystic pushed her sword spirit away. The tiger had betrayed her feelings to Reshin and Adele didn't appreciate that at all. Couldn't she keep anything to herself?

“I mean you don’t have to tell me if you don’t really want to. All I’m saying is if you ever need someone to help you through these things then don’t be afraid to ask. Keeping your emotions bottled up can only help for so long until you can’t contain it any longer,” Reshin said.

“Well said boy. I can’t really agree with you more on that, but lets see if this really assists her as it did you,” Shuryou Onikage said.

"I'm fine." The woman lied, earning a growl from her inner tiger. "And I don't need help."

And then the feline shinigami relaxed. It was a false calm, though, as Adele maintained tension as if she were a panther, muscles lax yet coiled for a pounce. Or in the catlike girl's case, ready to run. The Mystic crouched atop her perch, facing Reshin once more. Her face revealed little but her eyes were silver, a sure sign of distress.

Reshin’s expression changed at that very moment. What was once a happy and cheerful expression now returned to its normal solemn one. Given the clear indication from her eyes he already knew that she was trying to deceive him. This very fact that she couldn’t even trust him made him turn away from her.

“You know something Adele. I used to do what you’re doing now. I distanced myself from others and kept my pain to myself. Whenever someone said something to belittle me I gave no response and acted as if it didn’t matter. I was always an outcast even in my life on earth. I didn’t even see myself as a being worth anything. I saw myself as a pointless existence,” he said emotionlessly.

“But then I met you and that began to change. You allowed me to see things for what they really were. You saw my worth when I couldn’t see it in myself. Ever since then I’ve been slowly getting better trying to better myself so that I can understand people. My point is I let go of my pain and now I’m more alive than I have ever been. You could do the same,” he continued.

“Bottling your emotions up will only serve to bring you greater pain,” he concluded. He then began looking out on the vast area below them.

“I’m afraid there is nothing further you can do for her now. As of this day the choice will be hers to make,” Shuryou Onikage said sadly.

"What pain?" Adele asked, a bit of a choked sob followed the question. "It shouldn't hurt. I don't matter to him. I knew that. It shouldn't have come as a surprise." Hiding her face in her arms which rested on her knees, the nekogami fell silent.

Her words were true. Kenshi didn't give a damn about her and had proven so by manipulating her as he saw fit. So what if he was the closest thing she'd ever had to a father, to a parent, even. So what if he had saved her life and even taught her how to read? Did it matter who he used to be if now all she was to him was a pawn?

Upon hearing that, this began giving Reshin hope that she would be able to face, and overcome her demons. For right now though, all he could do was just stick by her side. He then took a seat a few meters away from her. His eyes now focused on the sunset in the distance.

“You’re doing the right thing my child,” Shuryou Onikage said trying to be comforting.

I know, but it hurts me to see her this way.

"I should be happy, you know? Grateful, even. Even if I'm worthless to him, I'm alive. I get to see everyone I care about alive and well again. That's priceless, being in danger of dying makes you realize that." The nekogami mumbled, not bothering to lift her face.

"So what significance is a little discomfort? Answer me that, Reshin. Why does one... one bastard matter?" Her voice rose towards the end of her statement. "Why?" She asked again in a small voice. A few tears escaped the woman’s eyes despite her best efforts to keep a lid on her emotions.

Hush now, kit. It's alright. The Siberian tiger purred comfortingly.

Reshin gave no answer. All that was left for her to do was to let everything out. This would be the only way for her to get over this is to let out all of her emotions right then and there.

“She’ll be fine. I know she will and so do you,” Shuryou Onikage said soothingly.

Adele can make it. I know she is stronger than this. I’ll stay here as long as it takes. I’ll even let her direct her frustrations at me if she needs too.

“You truly are willing to give anything to her now aren’t you,” the sword spirit replied.

I am.

“Indeed you are beginning to grow into a marvelous person,” Shuryou Onikage commented.

Adele grew annoyed with Reshin's silence. "Answer me!" She glared at him.

Kit, kit. It's okay, shhh. Crescendo tried to console her shinigami.

"It's not okay, Cresh! It's not! It never was!" Tears followed her statement. To no one in particular, she asked, "Why did he have to do it like that? Couldn't he have just said so if I meant nothing to him?"

Once again Reshin made no attempt to answer. He stood firmly to his spot, but the desire to console her was beginning to overwhelm him, but if he made it seem as if she had any reason to do this then she would never get over it.

His own eyes began to water some thinking about the pain she was enduring trying to vent it all out. When he finally couldn’t take it anymore he began to stand, but not before being interrupted by Shuryou Onikage.

“Patience child! She will not accept your consolement now in her current state. Give it more time and I promise you....”

Quiet your mouth. I’ve had enough of watching this and I won’t stand for it any further. Whether she breaks or not because of my intervention I’ll be there for her. To hell if she doesn’t accept it, but I’ll never leave her all alone to bear such agony on her own.

“Do as you see fit then,” the sword spirit said before disappearing.

And just like that he began to close the distance between himself and Adele.

By now, the female shinigami had reigned in her tears and grasped for control of herself to save what was left of her mangled pride and composure.

"Gomen nasai, Reshin-san," she said softly, not looking up. "This has nothing to do with you. I'll... I should go, maybe we can meet another time when I have a better idea of how to keep my composure. This... this is disgraceful. I'll..."

She couldn't finish the sentence. Adele just couldn't bring herself to repeat what Kenshi had taught her, though it didn't lessen the shame she felt at acting in such an embarrassing and pitiful manner. It was no wonder the Mystic meant nothing to the man when she couldn't even honor what he had done for her by at least adhering to the values he had taken the time to teach her.

One must always remain poised and calm in public, even anger and distress must be expressed in a concise manner without appearing weak. If her actions in the past months were to be judged, Adele was pitiful. Pathetic. A lost cause and an idiot.

The thought almost brought more tears to her eyes, but the nekogami stubbornly suppressed them. Her countenance appeared calm despite the tear tracks on her face and her body stilled. In a more collected, albeit dead sounding voice, she spoke, "I apologize for my unseemly behavior as of late. I'll be going now, I need to collect myself." That was better. If nothing else, she would save face in her departure. With all the grace she could muster, Adele turned to leave.

Stopping where he was with her very phrase, his very world shattered. She was once again trying to bottle up those emotions. How long would she even be able to take that before she completely lost it?

In his mind Reshin had failed miserably to help out the very person who saved him from himself. And he was unable to return the favor regardless of how hard he tried. Watching her figure fade as she went further and further ahead, he still stood there motionless. His head hung low as his dark brown hair was covering his face.

When she was a fair distance away, his anger was released. A pitch black reiatsu darker than night itself emitted from his entire body and enveloped him.

He then shouted to the top of his lungs as his spirit energy swirled around his body, dispersing as his cry had ended. Falling to his knees he began punching small craters in the ground repeatedly until he could no longer feel his hands.

“Damn, damn, DAMN!” he shouted to the dark sky.

Adele hadn't gone very far and stopped when she heard Reshin's cry. She raced back towards her friend, alarmed by his anguished shouts.

"Reshin! Reshin, stop!" She stopped in front of him and grabbed his wrists. "Reshin, you're going to hurt yourself!"

Reshin’s eyes were all black now. His state of anger had pushed him into a stage in which he is harnessing his zanpakutou’s power unconsciously. His black reiatsu began to swirl around his body again, consuming both shinigami inside of it.

He was no longer himself anymore. He couldn’t see or hear anything except for his own pain building. Shuryou Onikage’s voice at that point and time was not enough to break through to the spellblade.

"Reshin! Stop!" Adele tightened her grip on the other shinigami. Her own reiatsu flared, combatting Reshin's dark energies with bright violet spiritual pressure.

"Reshin, please!" She tried to reach him verbally. "If you don't stop this I'll be forced to restrain you!" The nekogami didn't really want to do that to her friend, but his sudden change in mood was rather dangerous.

“Child control yourself! You’ll hurt someone using your power so foolishly! Can you hear me boy?! Shuryou Onikage called out.

In Reshin’s mind all he was seeing was replays of his traumatic experiences. Except they didn’t depict himself, but depicted Adele going through that same ordeal. This very image that had now began to haunt his mind was the drive of his fury.

He never wanted something like that to happen, but with the current state of things that might be where it could lead to in due time.

Luckily for both shinigami he would soon exhaust his strength after a while. Once this happened Reshin collapsed in Adele’s arms. His eyes returned to their normal crimson before closing.

Once Reshin stopped struggling against her, the Mystic relaxed her reiatsu, allowing it to retreat within her being. Catching the now limp spellblade, Adele supported the larger shinigami, picking him up with ease despite being a good deal smaller.

"Reshin?" The nekogami asked, worry evident in her tone and on her face. "What happened after I left?"

Despite being fairly perceptive, her current lack of self value made her blind to how much she meant to others. Adele really had no clue why the man in her arms had been so upset.

Back to the dull nothingness that was his mind. Nothing else existed. Not anyone or anything except for himself. Shuryou Onikage decided it best to leave his owner be for a while. He understood his outburst, but the zanpakutou spirit was more concerned with his shinigami’s well being.

As such he made no appearance to Reshin this time. Maybe this would allow Reshin some time to reflect on things. Well if he managed to sort himself out first.

In the meantime his lifeless body hung. No reaction was given to any outside interference so it was very clear that he was out.

All alone. Again. Why am I not surprised?

With a sigh, Adele chalked Reshin’s state as yet another unfortunate event and began walking back towards Seireitei. She would drop him off at his barracks and then go home. The swordmage had stopped responding to her quite some time ago and probably wasn’t going to remember she was there any time soon. But what did that matter? What did it matter if Reshin ignored her when she had almost confided in him? It was just another thing to push to the corner of her mind to be ignored.

Yes, just another bump in the road, like Kenshi. Why should she care whether she meant something to him or not? He might have been her father figure at one point, but she had a new family now. One she would be able to appreciate since Haresuno had been so kind as to leave her alive, albeit hospitalized. This was just another day in the life of Adele Ama Pierce.

If only she could bring herself to believe that.



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