[8th/10th] Week 337: Let's Go Bowling! I Mean, Training!

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Dec 30, 2012
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Let's Go Bowling! I Mean, Training!
Dys as Adele
Minja as Hikaru
Wordcount: 2526

Two men sat in a dojo in the Tenth Division eating spicy dumplings for lunch. The taller one, the blond, was thoroughly enjoying his meal, subtly sucking the flavor of the food from his fingers after finishing off his fourth dumpling of the afternoon. He watched his companion who ate more calmly with expectant brown eyes, waiting for his reaction to the food. Robin leaned back, supporting himself with a palm pressed against the fairly smooth, wooden floor of the dojo as he observed his companion.

The last time he had seen Hikaru, the other had been a young man with caramel skin, bright orange eyes, and long black, orange streaked hair. Now, he was much more aged and his eyes had dimmed considerably. Lines and tiredness that had not been there before marked Hikaru’s once youthful face. It was a shame, Robin thought, that the other had had to go through something bad enough to age him so rapidly. The younger shinigami let his eyes drift back to the paper bag sitting between the two men, letting his hungry belly distract him for a moment. Grabbing another dumpling, he looked back up at Hikaru. What he had planned for them today would definitely put some of the spark back in the dark haired man’s eyes. Robin was sure of it.

Hikaru took another bite out of his second dumpling, the blond haired man was right. Hikaru had aged quickly, he was even growing facial hair now. He chewed his dumpling thoughtfully as he contemplated the information his friend had given him and sighed. He was trying to piece together the puzzle he had been invariably entwined in.

If he hadn’t been in the sour mood he was in, he possibly would have noticed how the warm juicy dumpling burst forth in his mouth filling it with spiced meat, onions, and vegetables. It was amazing how tender the outside of the bun was, the coating tore away like paper against his teeth releasing its warmth. Sadly, the bitter man could not enjoy it. The only thing he did to show his pleasure in the meal was, chew, nod and swallow. For others, namely his companion, this would make it difficult to discern his feelings at the moment.

Robin swallowed the last of his fifth dumpling and stood, stretching his arms above his head. Several bones in his spine popped at the motion and the blond man could hardly contain a groan. "Well, if you're almost done eating, Hikaru, I'll explain today's training." He watched the other man carefully for any change in expression or sign of interest.

Hikaru stood and finished off the dumpling he had been nursing for the past ten minutes; he probably could have eaten more but he didn’t have much of an appetite at the moment. “Yeah, sure.” The mage reached instinctively for his zanpakutou then stopped when he remembered its current state and drew back his hand slowly.

"We'll be practicing and testing out how to use Bonsoukou. It's my new favorite bakudo." The tall man offered his shorter friend a smile. Hopefully this will cheer old grumpy pants up.

“Oh,” Hikaru nodded and stared at the bright eyed magician blankly with no change in his sour countenance. If the blond deathgod intended to cheer up the relic of a mage he would have to be a miracle worker.

Robin pouted mentally at Hikaru's lack of enthusiasm, but determinedly kept a friendly smile on his own face. "It goes like this," he held out his hands for the swordmage to see, "make my flesh adhesive and bind my soul to stone, bestow upon me a reptile's birthright! Bakudo twenty four, Bansoukou!" Sticky padding started to form over the palms of the blond's long fingered hands and the bottoms of his sandals. "The cool thing about this," he bent his legs, "is everything!"

The American shinigami jumped much higher than he should have been able to and slapped his palms against the ceiling. "See?" He swung himself backwards and stuck his feet to the ceiling and pulled his hands free. "Basically you're awesome because you can do things like this," Robin grinned down at Hikaru as he stood on the ceiling.

At this the mage did raise his eyebrow, Sticking to a wall? That is useful, can’t hit me in battle if I’m stuck to the ceiling. The mage considered this as he spoke, “Interesting. So what, you’re Spiderman now?” He allowed himself a small smirk as he observed the self made Peter Parker, then his frown returned as he contemplated another thought. Is it possible Spiderman was real? I mean myths are based in core on fact right? Maybe Peter Parker was actually a shinigami!

Robin rubbed his chin for a moment. "Spiderman? Who's that?" He asked, giving the old grump a questioning look. "Is he a comic book character or something?" He took a few steps so that he was standing just above Hikaru.

The mage looked down embarrassedly, “Before I came to the Seireitei I spent some time in America; I snuck in to see this film a few years ago about a myth or something.” the man said quickly, staring at the ground.

“So what exactly do you want me to do?” he asked looking up at the death god, “Or are we just learning a new kidou?”

"Oh... You mean like a silent film?" Robin frowned in confusion, "Or is he more like Krazy Kat?" The blond scratched his head in confusion. "Never mind. Well for starters you could try the kidou and see if you can get up here."

Hikaru shook his head in mild confusion, Who the hell is Krazy Kat? he wondered. The mage sighed and tried to focus on the kidou, “Okay... make my flesh adhesive and bind my soul to stone, bestow upon me a reptile's birthright! Bakudo twenty four, Bansoukou.” The spellblade said firmly and took a deep breath as he felt the familiar feeling of reiatsu on his body, slowly coalescing into energy around his hands and feet. Hikaru slipped his feet out of his sandals, and walked calmly to the other side of the dojo, then from there up the wall. The spellblade wasn’t quite as spry as he used to be, training in the dojo would do him some good and he’d need it.

“Okay, I’m up here. Now what?” He asked standing square from the magician.

"Now you have to get used to this," the blond grinned and rocked backward to slap his palms against the ceiling and pull his feet free. "We hang," Robin explained, pulling one hand free before re-securing it in front of the other. He repeated the motion a few times to show Hikaru how to maneuver.

"It's sort of like monkey bars, you have to loosen up some, Hikaru."

Loosen up? What does he think this is? Some eighties dance video? The spellblade sighed and tried to repeat the maneuver the blonde death god showed him, however because of his lack of stretching for weeks, when he made the attempt the man nearly fell off the ceiling instead. He managed to save himself from the spill only by the tip of his index finger. “Whoa!”

Finally through some stretching the spellblade managed to plant both of his palms flat on the ceiling and steady himself. “Anything else?” The raven haired deathgod panted.

The American deathgod couldn’t resist the urge to smirk at his training buddy’s lack of flexibility. “Can you handle anything else right now?” Robin teased light heartedly. “Try and get the hang of this first. Maybe we should have done a warm up? You still look a little stiff.” The blond pulled one hand free to hang from the ceiling with just his remaining one.

“Swinging back and forth helps.” He stuck his hand back on the ceiling and rocked himself back and forth to demonstrate. The tall man’s grip on the ceiling began to loosen as the bakudo began to wear off. Robin quickly muttered the incantation again, just in time to avoid falling.

The spellblade’s eyes flashed angrily at the blond man’s comment, Who was he calling out of shape? I might be a little out of practice but I can still kick his scrawny little ass. Hikaru grumbled, sounding very much like a crotchety four hundred year old man. Mumbling something rude in Old English under his breath, the mage proceeded to swing as the younger man instructed him.

“Yes I can handle more, Sunshine” he said, letting his voice drop as he said the last part. “Just tell me what it is we’re doing here, I haven’t got all day,” Hikaru said impatiently, his eyes seeming to regain some of the defiant spark they’d lost.

Robin laughed, “Good to hear, Hikaru,” he cheered good naturedly, not deterred in the slightest by his acquaintance’s impatience. Taking note of the dark haired man’s slight increase in energy, the blond decided to count it as progress even if the old man’s liveliness was due to grumpiness.

“Out of curiosity, what were you planning on doing? You didn’t look very busy when I found you,” the blond swung himself back and launched himself forward before re-sticking his hands to the ceiling.Hmm... if mine almost ran out just a few moments ago, Hikaru’s Bansoukou should wear off soon... should I tell him? Robin studied the old grump across from him, brown eyes narrowing almost unnoticeably. Nah....

The mage furrowed his brow and looked away from the younger man’s gaze as he struggled to come up with an answer, “I was... Er... I was going to meet someone.” He said hastily, his eyes flashing again with frustration as he cursed himself for letting the young man get the best of him.

Suddenly, Hikaru heard a pop. He looked up and to his dismay noticed that his middle finger had broken free of the kidou, What the- But his thoughts were interrupted as another finger broke free. Then another, and another, and another. Hikaru frantically tried to recite the words to the kidou before it’s hold completely dissolved, but... “Make my flesh adhesive and bind my soul to- AHHHH!” It was a bit too late. Another loud POP! was heard as his palms broke completely free from the ceiling. Then, the jealous vixen known as gravity reached out and snatched our grumpy friend to the ground, resulting in a loud thump and groan when he touched down on the hardwood dojo floors.

Robin tried not to laugh at Hikaru, it was a valiant effort, really. Despite pulling one of his hands free to put his arm over his mouth and stifle any noise, loud guffaws could be heard echoing throughout the dojo. “Sorry Hikaru,” the rest of the blond’s sentence dissolved in laughter.

Unfortunately, the light haired man’s laughter shook him so hard he fell and joined his dark haired friend on the floor. “Ouch!” Robin yelped in as manly a tone as his voice would allow. “Oh man, Hikaru that was,” the blond couldn’t even finish his sentence. Gripping his sides, he finally managed to stop laughing and gasp for air. “Sorry,” the American smiled apologetically, giving Hikaru his second best puppy dog face in hopes of earning forgiveness.

If the spellblade was in pain when he fell to the ground, it was doubled when Robin fell atop him. He would have ranted at the man and yelled but he was too busy laughing at his companion’s fall, and he made no effort to hide it either. The man’s cackling and guffawing could be heard by passerby outside the dojo, and he was flushed and panting when he finally finished.

His eyes sparkled now with the recent upheaval in their current situation, this time with mild happiness as he stood and helped his comrade to his feet. “No worries Sunshine, I’m fine. I just hope you’re okay, you fell like you were some sort of cartoon!” He said before bursting into another burst of laughter.

“No, no, it’s fine,” Robin waved off Hikaru’s concern. “I’m great!” The taller man stretched before jumping back up to the ceiling. “Glad to see you’re doing better, though. Now get up here, we’re gonna bowl.”

Victory is mine, the blond shinigami thought with no small amount of satisfaction at the now cheerful old man standing below him. “Like this.” Robin launched himself at the training dummies and did a somersault before crashing into the mannequins like a spiritual bowling ball.

Robin rolled a few more times after toppling his targets and sat up. He blinked a few times and laughed while he watched the room spin. “It’s pretty fun!” The blond assured the dark haired man, his brown eyes looking just a little unfocused. “You should try, I’ll set them up again.”

Hikaru raised a skeptical eyebrow but shrugged and obeyed. Repeating the spell again he leapt up onto the ceiling and waited for Robin to assemble to pins, “Alright I’m ready when you are!” he called to the magician.

Robin smiled and pulled a pad of paper from his kosode and wrote down his score before resetting the dummies. "Okay!" The blond waved and took a step back. "Go!"

Hikaru took a deep breath, exhaled and flung himself through the air at the ‘pins’. He twisted and contorted his body in midair to get as close to a ball shape as he could before he crashed into the dummies, ‘bowling’ them all over. He stood up shakily from his roll, his head still spinning and tried to survey his score. Either he was seeing in double vision or he had a vertical seven ten split.

“Hey Robin, what did I score?” the man asked as dizzily stumbled about. “I can’t really see straight, or tell up from down for that matter...”

Robin chuckled at his dizzy friend and kicked over a dummy which knocked over the remaining mannequins before Hikaru could notice. "It's a strike!" He cheered, smiling warmly. "Not a bad way to spend the afternoon is it?"

Hikaru nodded in agreement, or at least he thought he did. The room was spinning vertically in front of him, and that was a bit much to get used to. He stumbled down to his knees as he struggled to make sense of his surroundings and groaned in mounting frustration. The spellblade grunted and fell to his knees, then opted to lie down on the floor since staying upright posed so much of a problem.

While he lay there he caught a brief word of his friend’s cry of encouragement, and stuck an enthusiastic thumbs up in the direction he thought was up. “Sugoi!” houted, then regretted it. The shout sent the man’s head spinning again, “You know Robin, I think we should call it a day.” Hikaru sighed and lifted an arm up, “Help me to the door huh?”

“Sure thing, Hikaru,” Robin pulled the older shinigami to his feet. “You didn’t over do it did you, old man?” The blond asked cheekily as he helped the dark haired man to the door.


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