[8th] Week 66 Natsumi Kojirou

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<div class="bbWrapper">Aim: HiToKiRiMiKe13<br /> <br /> Im Quite new at this application thing but ill give it a shot <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Name: Natsumi Kojirou<br /> Age( when He died): 18<br /> True Age: 150<br /> Persona: Natsumi is Lazy he usually finds away to make others do his dirty work. Despite being very lazy Natsumi has a kind heart and will step into battle when his friends are in trouble. He is also very lonely and is afraid to love because he fears rejection. He prefers to be by himself on the outside but inside he just wants to be loved.<br /> <br /> Physical Stature: Natsumi is about 5'8 inches he has black hair and brown eyes his skin is lightly tanned and he wears sunglasses because he believes that if some one can see into his eyes they can see his true feelings. He is a light drinker and always carries around a flask full of sake if ever he wanted to relax and kick back for a little bit. he wears his academy uniform loosely with one shoulder exposed. He also has his nose pierced with one small diamond fragment in his left nostril.<br /> <br /> Biography: Natsumi Grew up in the slums of the soul society with nothing but his memories of his past life. He was 18 when he died but that was years ago. In the soul society he soon learned that he was one of the lucky few who could get hungry and depend on food to survive. When he found that he wasn't like other ghost's in his district he decided to fill his hunger by becoming a fighter for hire bringing back money for his neighborhood. He did this so that he wouldn't feel alone, so that the people could love him. In the end he found out that they were using him. Hiding the money he gave them and then begging for more. He became depressed and decided to leave his home to become a shinigami....he had nowhere else to turn<br /> ___________________________________________________________________________________<br /> <br /> Shinigami Information<br /> <br /> Division: 8 unseated <br /> <br /> Zanpakutou: it is the standard issue Zanpakutou<br /> <br /> Zanjutsu: 25 points <br /> <br /> Hakuda: 20 points <br /> <br /> Hohau: 10<br /> <br /> Kidou: 45<br /> <br /> Connection: 0<br /> _________________________________________________________________________<br /> <br /> <br /> Sample Chapter: Academy of Hard Knocks <br /> <br /> &quot; Ah Damn it im going to be late, its my first day at the Academy and im already going to be late!&quot; Said Natsumi running down the street that was littered with Sakura petals. Normally Natsumi wouldn't have cared if he was late to any other occasion like the neighborhood picnic or the watermelon smashing contests that he had gotten used to during his stay in Rukongai; that was before those ungrateful people took his money and then had the nerve to beg again the next day. This matter was different, starting today Natsumi Kojirou would be on his way to becoming a Shinigami and he would be feared and respected from now on... if he could get to class on time. After one hour of running aimlessly and smashing into vegetable carts that were littered all over the street, he finally made it into the academy. <br /> <br /> &quot; Phew, that was close I almost didn't make it, oh what a drag this is.&quot; said Natsumi as he frantically searched his pockets.<br /> <br /> &quot; in all that confusion at home I forgot to pick up the list with all my classes on it...drat what a Fine student I am&quot; Said Natsumi as he shuffled down the hall way following all the other students to the assembly hall.<br /> <br /> &quot; at least I was able to get to the opening ceremony on time....&quot; thought Natsumi as he stood in line with the other first years as the headmaster of the academy made his speech.<br /> <br /> &quot; we are gathered here today to welcome you all....&quot; started the headmaster, Natsumi started to yawn<br /> <br /> <br /> &quot; <i>d-damn this cant be happening....he hasn't even said 10 words and im already...&quot; </i><br /> <br /> Natsumi's head started to sink, he was falling asleep standing up! The loud snores were heard by every one in the assembly hall. The headmaster stopped and smirked at Natsumi, Hiding his rage.<br /> <br /> &quot; So first year....&quot; Said the head master as he walked over to Natsumi rolling up his sleeves. Natsumi continued to sleep as a bubble started forming from his nose.<br /> <br /> &quot; <b>YOU THINK IM BORING DO YOU!!!!, HOW DARE YOU SLEEP WHILE IM MAKING A SPEECH, WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE EXPELLED </b>&quot; Screamed the headmaster, Natsumi's Nose bubble popped and he woke up.<br /> <br /> &quot; Huh, what did I miss?&quot; said Natsumi scratching his head. He opened his eyes and saw the Headmasters face turn a bright purple.<br /> <br /> &quot; <b>YOU MISSED....&quot; </b>started the headmaster with the whole student body watching.<br /> <br /> :&quot; <b>MY LECTURE</b>, &quot; Said the Headmaster who at the same time punched Natsumi flat on his back. The headmaster looked at him with a cold hate that Natsumi never felt before and said.<br /> <br /> &quot; This is only natural, you <i>are</i> from Rukongai&quot; <br /> <br /> the students laughed and Natsumi felt ashamed of himself. For the next three years it was the same, Natsumi would be clumsy and make a mistake and the students would laugh, he was the laughing stock of the whole class. <br /> <br /> As he was walking down to the court yard weeks before graduation he saw a man sitting under a sakura tree. Seeing as Natsumi didn't seem to recognize this man under the tree he decided to sit with him. He wore a straw hat and had a pink Kimono over his shinigami uniform<br /> <br /> &quot; Hi who might you be young one&quot; asked the man who tilted his hat up to look at Natsumi.<br /> <br /> &quot; My name is Natsumi Kojirou&quot; said Natsumi with a shy smile as he took out his flask.<br /> <br /> <br /> &quot; can I ask you what your name might be&quot; asked Natsumi as he held out his flask<br /> <br /> &quot; my name is Shunsui Kyōraku and I am the captain of the 8th division and I have heard a lot about you.. You're the schools no. 1 klutz. Those old men cant see your true potential because they are too busy writing you off as trash from Rukongai.&quot; <br /> <br /> Kyōraku Motioned for Natsumi's Flask, Natsumi threw it to Kyōraku who caught It. Natsumi looked up at the pink leaves of the trees and sighed.<br /> <br /> &quot; Maybe I don't have any true abilities....maybe all I am is a Klutz&quot; Natsumi lays backwards as he takes his Flask from Kyōraku who smiled at him.<br /> <br /> &quot; Nope, I refuse to believe it, that's why when you graduate in a week or so, come to my squad, ive already accepted you. You may be a Klutz but your grades are good.&quot; <br /> <br /> at hearing this Natsumi jumped up and ran down the street happy that some one accepted him. The week soon passed and it was now time for graduation.<br /> <br /> &quot; these past three years we have watched you grow and mature....&quot; started the headmaster Natsumi Yawned.<br /> <br /> <br /> &quot; <i>no no no, not again....damn it</i>&quot; thought Natsumi as he fell asleep. This time Kyoraku walked down to him and patted his shoulder.<br /> <br /> &quot; you can rest Koji-kun... but come Monday morning your going to work your ass off&quot;</div>


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Feb 18, 2008
Hello, Ookami. My name is Will and I'm one of the application staff members at Halcyon Days.

I'll cut straight to the chase and say that you should abandon this application and begin a new one. It is obvious that you have not read anything about Halcyon Days, much less the rules or standards involved.

First of all, we currently have no Eighth Division. More than that, there are no canon characters in this rp. Ichigo, Ishida, Urahara, Kyouraku, etc, do not and never did exist in this alternate universe.

Before you submit a new application, be sure to read somewhat into the rules for this RP. Start with the Application Guide and pay close attention to the Newbie Handbook.

Most importantly, read through Moot's Guide to Being a Better RPer.

Feel free to create a new thread when you're ready.
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