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Aug 6, 2018
Hello everybody, I have a few questions that I need answers for. I was introduced to this site by a mutual friend some years ago and recently rediscovered it bopping around for something similar to this. I've since lost contact with the said person, and have been trying to find the answers to my question on my own. Luckily for me, this site is laid out wonderfully and does a really great job of conveying information. That being said I am still left with the following questions:

1) Writing/grading groups. How do I initially know which group I belong too(I've seen a chart which explained the rotation but I really had no way to tell if that I meant I automatically began in the first group)?

2) Latens. The way I understood it was, Latens are spent during character creation and thereafter to increase levels of mastery as well as add new magic, crafting, etc. however in the shop area, it still states I have 1.000 latens which confuses me a bit. (This problem I feel may be a thing of my own ineptitude but I would appreciate the help all the same.)

3) I was told I could post my sample chapter somewhere else on the site with a title. I was wondering what prefix-if any, was I supposed to give it?

4) I know this site has rules on the acquisition of pets/companions/minions. In my sample chapter, my character begins to journey south with the company of such a companion. While I do have the necessary skill to have a companion like that I was worried if I began/ continue to write a round with such a companion I would be forced to address it then. I am willing to lose it if that should be that matter, I would just like clarity. My question is thusly:

Is the pruina fine to continue on as my companion or would it be preferred for me to drop it and acquire it or something else in a different way than what I portrayed?

I feel like I had another question as well but I keep being distracted from typing this, as I'm about to step out for the night. Hopefully I'll return tomorrow to some answers and I'll be able to begin the writing week fresh and get to know some of you and your characters. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and I'll drop a line in chat on the morrow. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
May 26, 2009
For your first question, you can just pick whatever group prefix you'd like for now. If the number of players grows, we will go back to assigned grading groups. This also answers your third question in terms of prefix.

Just use the initial 1000 Latens you have in the shop area to buy your initial skills you listed in your application. Any writing you do on the site automatically grants you latens to spend in the shop area to spend on advancing and learning new skills.

You can post the sample chapter into the writing forum with whatever prefix you want. A recommendation is to list the wordcount at the top of the chapter post.

And for the pet acquisition, your sample chapter is sufficient form for this.

And lastly, welcome and hope to see you in chat.

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