Aelflead The savage Beauty

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Jul 29, 2013
Flint, MI
Aelflead, The Savage Beauty

Gender/Sex: Female
Age: 23
Birthdate: Maius / 21/ 481 PT
Ethnic Group: Velen/Laicar
Esteem: Notable

Aelflead Kirastes in a word(s).
Aelflead, is not an outwardly kind woman. She is extremely cold and abrasive, mostly due to her temper and seemingly startling lack of concern for anyone beside herself. She is sardonic and rude to strangers for the most part and unimpressed by signs of distraught or fear, making her an excellent assassin, and most of her work as a mercenary aligns with this. Her ability to carry out missions without hesitation and her matter-of-fact attitude makes her invaluable, and has earned her many connections in the underground.

As a child however she was sweet, while by no means mild mannered, kind. Her life's goal back then, when she was still known as Gwendolyn, was to become a successful mechanic and inventor. Though this changed after a fateful encounter with a pravum infected daemon followed by, a traumatic introduction into the world of human trafficking as a product, being forced to witness the murder of her mentor, and years of general mental abuse on the premise of her heritage from "pure blood" denizens of Araevis. All within the span of four years in her childhood (10 to 14).

This turn of events shaped her new and current name, along with her psyche and aversion to the other pure blooded apex races of Araevis. She generally comes off as rude if not cruel and indifferent to pure blood Araevians, and generally abrasive. This quality does not disappear when she has the pleasure of engaging with a spurii, demvir, or one of the less common races of Araevis, but she does share a sense of kinship with them. She sees those around her who have suffered undue hardship as proverbial brothers and sisters to herself, especially children, and will often go out of her way to assist them. Pure blood races do not receive this treatment in any capacity as common as she would give it to others, except perhaps in desperation, because as far as Aelflead is concerned: "How could they know what hardship is? They have the whole population to fall back on, I have always had nothing. They can burn for all I care."

Outside of her frustration and hatred, Aelflead is a startlingly intelligent woman. Her mentor, Velden Aquavit, was a master martial artist, a learned woman of a myriad of classical knowledge, and an archaeologist. Tutelage under Velden encouraged her natural proficiency with control of her body and excited interest in machines; while granting her an exhaustive knowledge of ancient languages and cultures, world history and myths, and general academia. Bits and pieces of this knowledge have faded over the years, as working as a mercenary offers little opportunity to hold intelligent discussion or debate, but she supplants this as well as she can with light reading. In fact, a good book is nearly as good as cold exa in exchange for a favor with her.

The trauma she experienced as a child has done more than ruin her relations with the pure blood races of Araevis, as she is prone to "episodes" that return her to those moments in time. Her vivid PTSD is triggered most easily by proximity to brothels or physical bindings of any kind, though being physically bound herself tends to produce the most drastic effects.

-Personal Beliefs:
The gods are nothing more than fairy tales The gods are obnoxious assholes.
People don't change, only motives.
An arm for an eye, and a hand for a tooth. Hurt them worse then they did you, they'll think twice next time.
Names have power, watch your mouth.
Respect is taken or earned, never given.
Why waste talent on a world that hates you? You owe it nothing, do what suits you.
Don't let old debts stand.
The truth is a privilege, but if you must lie, lie honorably.
Anything being done is worth doing right.
Doors left unlocked will always swing open.
Suspicion is the Vis greatest gift to Araevis.

Appearance: Aelflead is only slightly larger than the average laicar, measuring in at 5’7 with a toned and noticeably curvy figure along with an average bust.

Her skin is a deep bronze and accentuated with coffee brown scales that decorate her limbs, back, and outer edges of her body. A large searing brand of a geometric rose sits prominently across the right side of her chest and shoulder. A mark of ownership recognized by a handful of older criminal organizations, and a significantly sore point of her past. She tends to keep this brand covered with Occultus’ Shade, a large impossibly black cloak trimmed in silver with a hood, high collar, magical shape shifting properties that she stole from a caravan of oddities as a little girl while escaping imprisonment and her hometown.

The rest of her body is littered with scars and wounds of a similar caliber from years working as a sword-for-hire in the criminal underground of Araevis. During a prison bust attempt at high-security prison Arx, she suffered the direct effects of the spell “lightning cannon” and earned a pattern of lichtenberg scars that have since turned violet; and during the recent battle to seal the Black Portal, Occultus Shade was badly damaged, and she suffered large 2nd degree burns across her body and lost half of the thick braid of red hair she’d previously had.

Prior to both events she could hide the fuchsia cartilage ribbons around her face and her gills within and beneath her scarlet locks to pass for terran, but without her impressive mane this has become difficult, even after Occultus’ Shade was repaired.

Generally she wears a waterproof bandeau top in line with velen minimalist styles of dress and a pair of dark pants she can turn to baggy shorts with the help of a drawstring on hot days or if she needs to take to the water.

Her feet are almost always clad in heavy combat boots for practicality sake.

Aelflead is a angry girl of sad origins. Her mother was businesswoman in a dumpy old port town called Foramen, operating a brothel called the pink lady. She was a reasonable owner and wasn't too hard on her girls or boys, and depending on her mood would assist on jobs with customers that caught her fancy. Because of her location and occupation she attracted a lot of customers from all walks of life, all creeds, and all kinds in her promiscuous and often extremely strange activities. As result she met a lot of drunken terran, and growing up Aelflead assumed that one of them had to have been her father.

It was a pitiful existence with Aelflead growing up in the home she did, with no attempts made by her mother to shield her from the horrors of her work; which was fitting seeing as she was hoping for her child to take after her one day. Aelflead had other ideas, and despite her sad and detestable origins had brighter dreams for her life; because Aelflead's mother was so wealthy from her business, she was able to pay for the girl to be educated since she figured her daughter would need it to continue on the 'family business'. So the bright eyed girl learned as much as she could, in hopes she could use this newfound knowledge of other faraway lands to escape the hole she'd been born into.

Previously the spurii girl had been extremely careful with keeping her mouth shut about her true aspirations around her mother, as the whoremonger and drug lord grew violent and angry at any talk of leaving Foramen from her child. However as Aelfie grew in knowledge in her schooling, the men and women who came to madame Adamas's crystalline palace noticed slowly the teen had begun to blossom as well. The female customers had begun requesting her company when they came through at night, and the male regulars began approaching the fifteen year old in the streets on her way home.

Aelflead had begun to notice the attention she was suddenly gathering to herself as well, and was embarrassed by it as she was used to being of little importance most of her life as a child, and wasn't quite comfortable with the changes going on in her own body quite yet. However the would-be 'suitors' and gigolos continued their progressively more brazen pursuits until the spurii learned she'd need to protect herself. Her mother Adamas had taken notice of her daughter's rapid 'blooming', and had begun considering handing the business over to the girl quicker than she had originally planned; as the men and women were asking about her more often when they came in. Fast forward one year after Aelflead's mother decided she'd matured enough, she mother announced to her scholarly daughter that she would be retiring, within the next two months in fact, and that the untouched beauty would need to prepare to take over the business.

Appalled, Aelflead made preparations to leave as quickly as possible, and managed to hitch a quick ride out of the perverse backwater town and headed straight to the landlocked city of Cursus in a move of desperation. The people of the close-knit community ostracized her, and after a short year a mercenary came by with her description they uncaring people gave her up. Immediately she was captured by the woman and brought back to her mother. Furious with the teen's rebbelion she struck the girl down, when Aelf regained consciousness she found herself bound by her limbs with old irons in a rentable room filled with clients.

Days later the city of Cursus complained about the smoke coming from Foramen. A few days later a small party came to investigate the small town and found it burned totally to the ground, along with its immoral inhabitants. Outside the city a little ways the men found a pair of travelers castrated, killed, and stripped bare of their belongings and travelling beasts. In the next city over they came across a pair of women, velen and enlil, who'd encountered a girl wearing a black and oversized man's cloak, of about sixteen years of age who'd asked them to make purchases of weapons, foodstuffs, and winter clothing; then disappeared in the night. They also mentioned long, tangled, red hair.
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Jul 29, 2013
Flint, MI
Tinkering of a disgruntled inventor

The Resigno (The Recludo)
D-Tier Item
- 5 Dahlitium Lateris
- 10 Dahlitium Volantis
- 3 Dahlitium Pulveris

Description: The Resigno is shaped like a backwards and short cornucopia with a grip carved into the side of it's body. On it's base at the widest end of the contraption are three dials that operate the 'magic wand' system, and allow control of the pressure, form, and volume of the volantis after it is forced through the nozzle at the front of the Resigno while it is within a lock. It works by generating a visae field around the volantis to allow it to take on a shape. That shape is controlled by the 'magic wand' gear system and fingers within the Resigno, that manipulate the volantis to push on tumblers, or slide it's way through gates in order to open a lock. It is effective on any lock it encounters that requires a key of any sort.
Ability: The Resigno may open any lock it is affixed to over the course of five rounds, costing 250 Vigor. Working with the Recludo requires a certain amount of concentration; should this focus be broken, the lock picking process must be restarted.
Acquisition: The Resigno was crafted by Aelflead in preparation for the assault on the Arx.
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Jul 29, 2013
Flint, MI
The Story Thus Far:

A Job of Secretive and Disreputable Nature
A Peaceful Game of Cards
Resigno Memories
An Illicit and Clandestine Operation
A Peaceful Game of Pretend
Rally and Redouble
A Perilous and Felonious Infiltration
A fond memory
Just Another day in the life
A Fond Memory 2
Vigils at Dawn
Salvage Operation
A Deal with the Devil Prologue: Enter mumzy
The Counterattack
A Fond Memory 3
Gathered Ashes
Pura Imperium (Black Portal Finale)
A heart to heart between a bird and a half-eaten fish
A heart to heart with a bird and a half-eaten fish 2
In The Absence of Enemies
A Fond Memory 4
A Typical Bar Crawl
Chicken n' Fish Fry
A Fond Memory 5, Denoument
Appearance In Dawn TFWNE


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Jul 29, 2013
Flint, MI
Current Stats:

Vigor: 9,500 = Level II Notable-

I Aquatic Affinity-Velen
II Voice of Serenity-Velen
III Mortal Block-Laicar
IV Catechism-Velen
V Second Wind-Laicar

Magnum- Daemon Mortalis (Approved Awaiting Acquisition)
Ultimum- Empty Slot

Skilled-5000- Pugilis (The Brawler)
Adept -1500- Militis (The Soldier)
Adept -1500- Ingeniarius (The Engineer)
Adept -1500- Barbaris (The Barbarian)

Mundane dagger: hand
Princeps Magnus Scalpere ("Great Prince Slicer"): B tier: Heavy [Approved Effect Pending craft]
Bigatium shortsword: medium
Occultus’ shade: C tier
Aruitium chain hair tie: light Armor: Auritium

Feat Slots: 3
  • Personal - ... Passion
  • Trained - Audax Laxovis
  • Unique- Corpore Daemonum (Demonic Anatomy)

Special Techniques and Powers:

Personal Feat:
... Passion (Scarlet Fury)
Aelflead has had it harder than most. Growing up in a crime infested town run nigh exclusively by an abusive mother crawling with thugs tends to do things to your psyche. Thankfully no darkness is absolute, and the youth found a bright spot in a former member of the Fraternitas by the name of Velden.

After happening upon the hermit woman by accident on an attempt to run away from home, she began visiting her regularly to study various styles of combat and the mechanical arts, training her body and mind as much as she was able.Besides natural talent for mechanics, Aelflead's technique became rather 'passionate' in nature the longer she stayed in Foramen after beginning her training. The resentment for her hometown after seeing bits of a better world manifested in a raw overabundance in power fueled by this an-passion.

Thanks to this, bindings and cages mean nothing to this woman, and walls are no more than paper. Armed or not, Aelflead wields immense strength and uses it to her advantage.
Aelflead herself is treated as a heavy weapon while unarmed or wielding fist weapons.

Trained Feat:
(Incomplete) Audax Laxovis
Learning Audax Laxovis is most easily done by training under a living practitioner who has used the technique at least 5 times in a collab. The collab should detail the process of learning to locate one’s internal flow of chi or visae, visualize the visae flowing through their body, and then forcibly infuse it into their body all at once to produce the effect. This collab must be at least 2000 words long.

Learning the technique through “discovery” is significantly more difficult it requires 4 collabs or personal chapters. The would be practitioner must experience 3 occasions (in separate collabs or personal chapters) where the character attempting to learn the technique makes attempts to move objects beyond their strength in dire situations and failed. The fourth piece is the deliberate learning of the technique involving the character learning to locate their personal flow of visae, visualize its movement, then infuse their body with it.
Audax Laxovis was a technique developed and perfected by Velden Acavit. This, is an incomplete version created by Velden’s only living student Kirastes, Aelflead as an homage to her legacy.

Using this technique entails directly charging one’s physical body with life energy, commonly known as chi in martial circles, or visae to followers of the pantheon. This, as one could probably imagine, places immense strain on the body but payoff provides the user with immense physical strength for a time. Overuse can cause muscles and organs to rupture from the exertion it puts on the body.

This technique should only be used in short bursts with long rest periods in between in order to allow the physical body and the mind to relax from the stress. Regardless of one’s experience though, intense burning pain is synonymous with the technique. This is not for the faint of heart.
A practitioner of Audax Laxovis pays 5% max vigor to enter an enhanced state for a single round. During this round all combat actions gain +2 magnitude in potency, and their physical strength grows to immense levels. While Audax Laxovis is active its user can move objects up to 10x their own mass with ease, in or out of combat. The energy used to make this possible is by nature extremely volatile, and so the state cannot be re-entered again for five rounds.

Unique Feat:
[ Corpore Daemonum ] - "Demonic Anatomy"
In on a field trip gone sour, Aelflead's mentor took desperate action to save her student's life, merging part of the daemon known as K̸̵͕̻͇͇̹̙o̶̫̭̼̦͟͞b̨̛̦v̲͉a̴̮͓͉̳͔̰̘ͅn̵̢͍̹̥͖͇͖̲ to Aelflead's body. After more than a decade, the demonic essence has become a true part of her.

The stirring of the pravum inside her served as the catalyst to force the demonic nature to the surface. In essence now a half-demon, Aelflead can draw power directly from Infernalis, from the Pyre of Souls that birthed Kobvan̙, to fuel her attacks with the plane's chaotic energies, expelling flames.

An infamous demon that terrorized Paludis in the second century P.T., Kobvan was eventually subdued by a brave, concerted effort by the settlers of Vanus' Junction. It was no mere demon, though, but a demonic vistra, hellfire and corruption in one. To avoid freeing the pravum from its host, Kobvan was entombed and sealed away, deep beneath the waves of the Copiae.

Centuries later an archaeologist and her apprentice made a trip to the forgotten underwater tomb, unaware of its origins or purpose, and accidentally undid the seal. Though weakened by its long imprisonment, Kobvan nearly killed the archaeologist before being dealt a mortal blow. The pravum attempted to jump to the apprentice, but in the demon's dying throes, it tore the apprentice's arm from her body, sending the already weakened pravum into a dormant state. In order to save the girl's life, her mentor sealed the demon into her body, to sleep alongside the pravum within, and used the infernal entity to replace the girl's arm.

Years of prolonged exposure to demonic energy affected her spirit and body far more drastically than a pravum alone could have done. Already spurii, a child of two bloodlines, Aelflead is now also a cambion, a child of the mortal and infernal planes.

Aelflead summons power out of Infernalis, releasing it to extend the range of another attack. At the cost of 3% of her maximum vigor, Aelflead can imbue unholy flames into an attack, changing its nature and extending its range or radius by 10m. If not using another attack, Aelflead can instead release the flames directly, hitting all enemies in a 10m line straight ahead.


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Jul 29, 2013
Flint, MI
On Juventas 8th/ 501/ PT, a solar eclipse blanketed Araevis and Daemons began streaming into Mortalis, descending upon the City-state Terminus like flies to meat.

After a chaotic first encounter with a massive draconic daemon known as Ferocitas, and some smaller skirmishes, a handful of brave warriors gathered with the conexus to decide on what to do. With the "help" of an enterprising daemon named Ego and his thrall, this group learned the cause and location of their problem.

A week's travel northwest a Januin kingdom had opened the Black Portal, a massive gateway to Infernalis, for reasons unknown.

After procuring a ship and a means of protecting, a regiment consisting of 78 acolytes of the Arcanum, 128 Fraternitas members, 300 strong from the Conexus' ranks, and 87 volunteers set out to the land of the forgotten, the Januin capital Krevati Evimerias.

When the dust settled, King Mavros was unseated when Archmagi Dikaiosyne passed judgement on him for crimes against his people, usurping him with a short coup and claiming immortality through the ritual of the Black Portal, and both sides had taken heavy casualties. But,unwilling to continue the bloodshed, the gathered forces of Terminus left for home.

Of the 593 women and men who set out to battle that day, only 204 returned home alive.
And of this number, a handful of heroes were named for extraordinary deeds during the battle; Aelflead Kirastes and Aeria Luxus, both spurii swords and spears for hire; Dante, a famous kinner; lovers Deniisis (Deni) Perfide and Ignis of Animi along with their companions Amicus and Cora; a mons infans and droid respectivley; and soft-spoken Ioannes Furvus, a gunman with his companion Palemedes, an old and ornery vorax.

Mostly of these heroes were fugitives, but were suspiciously pardoned upon arriving home and given heroes welcomes along with the other less, criminally inclined heroes of the conflict.

Today, the Kingdom of Evimerias is quiet, but hostile to any visitors, well prepared to smite any who would step upon its black shores with the infernal wrath that only a Januin nation could muster.
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