Albanus Fide

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Jul 23, 2009
Name: Albanus Fide
Race: Enlil
Age: 22
Vigor: 1,000
Latens: 0
Vistra: None
School of Aquila :: Novice
School of Castus :: Novice
Art of Alchemia :: Novice
Way of Perspicax :: Novie

Feats: None
Exa: None
Terra Regia: None

Physical Description: Albanus is lithe and spry like many of his kind, unrestricted by heavy sets of muscle he keeps reedy body for someone standing 6’6”. Though unlike many of his kind, Albanus has red eyes and pale skin that matches his white feathers. His hair is medium length and decidedly not styled, left to be unruly. Helping his red eyes stand out more are the stripes of dark brown - almost black - that run horizontally across his eyes and towards his ears. Giving the impression of being sleep deprived.

In keeping with most traditional Enlil clothing he wears only a blue shawl over his shoulders, leaving him free to toss it off whenever needed, and baggy cotton breeches held tight by a hempen belt. His feet are often wrapped when seen walking, and so are his hands.

When not busy with brews or patients, Albanus can be seen smoking a pipe and the contents have stained his feathers and clothing with its earthy aroma.

Persona: A compassionate soul yearning to ease the pains of others, Albanus is markedly not a fighter. Preferring diplomacy over violence, he seeks to remedy situations without letting it escalate. His pacifistic nature, ironically, has led to conflict with others.

It is a belief of his that the strong protect and those that are not strong help. This ideology has led him to be welcoming to all sorts, and passive-aggressive to those he develops a disliking for. Still, if you’re dying, he’ll patch you up and send you on your way.

Bio: At the young age of seven, Albanus’s parents sent him away to Terminus to be an apprentice. Hoping to give him a better future, they cashed in all their favors and used what exa they had to get him across the ocean. In Terminus he lived under the supervision an old Velen, Scipio, who enrolled him into a well-to-do school that taught him alchemy, healing, and protective magic. And, reluctantly, at the behest of Scipio, he learned how to fire a bow from a private tutor.

As he grew up, learning from the school and from Scipio, Albanus was put to work and not allowed to write or visit his family. This left him alienated, and if not for the intervention of his now-closest friends it might have turned him into a loner. Instead, he made a group of friends who saw him through his toughest years in the academy. Finally graduated, Albanus finished his apprenticeship with Scipio but remained with the Velen who became like a father to him - despite some of the more heated arguments they’d had.

Now, with the incessant prodding of Scipio, Albanus intends to start up his own clinic in Terminus. But before he can do that, he feels a tug towards his distant and nearly forgotten homeland.

Wooden Bow
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