Ameus Cornelia Renaldi

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Homoerotic Subtext
May 27, 2011
Middle Earth
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Laicar • Velen • Enlil

s k i l l s
Ë Art of Aedificare - The Blacksmith
Ë Art of Ingeniarius - The Engineer
Ë Art of Terriculum - The Gunsmith
Ë School of Serpens - The Serpent
Ë Way of Perspicax - The Sniper
Ë Way of Polybolii - The Gunner
racial traits
Aquatic Affinity

Physical Stature
<p align="justify" style="line-height:1.25">
Ameus bears the blood of the three biological races, and each bears a mark on her being to showcase her diverse heritage.

With years of frequent swimming and manual labor, the 22-year old spurii had come to possess a beautiful physique, with firm curves in all the right places. Standing at a proud 5'6", even her slightly broad shoulders, long arms and strong muscles seemed rather proportional, lady-like, by standards of the aquatic people. Her cerulean skin is smooth and firm, highly reminiscent of the velen complexion.

Her diamond-shaped visage of pale cerulean strongly resembles the features of a female laicar's, with a straight nose, high cheekbones, distinctive ears, full navy lips and a prominent jawline to match. Her sunset-colored eyes are round and double lidded, and often marked with a spark of either interest or competition. Instead of hairy eyebrows, her eyes are accentuated by a pair of long strands that resemble a bird's crown. What separates it from a laicarian face, however, are the facial markings that her body bears. A pointed streak of dark turquoise stretches from her right temple to the bridge of her nose, while the top right portion of her face to her forehead features a different coloration—deep viridian around her right eye, fading to a turquoise on her forehead, to a deep navy on the crown that matches the scales that rest at the top of her head. In addition to that, the upper portion of Ameus's face is a shade lighter than that of the rest of her body.

A mass of large, iridescent scales rest atop her head— while they appear to be navy blue or dark cerulean under dark light, it shimmers with a beautiful hue of cerulean and viridian with bright light. The chitinous scales at the back of her hands, her forearm, upper abdomen and shins also bears the same color.

Her tresses consist of highly elongated, upper tail covert feathers of the enlils. Most often, her flamboyant tresses display a wide range of bluish and greenish hues, however, seeing it from certain angles reveal the rare golden flecks in her plumage.

An array of turquoise and azure plumage covers halfway her neck, her upper chest, her shoulders and her upper back, drawing the attention away from the gills at the sides of her neck. The long corsets that she usually wear when out of water resembles the style of these feathers, and if made with pure cloth, she goes to great lengths to ensure that the color matches the plumage. A pair of long, dark-colored stockings and ankle-high heeled boots complete her normal attire. When she so desires to hide the flamboyant nature of her body, however, she opts to wear a simple turtleneck dress and a navy scarf around her head.</p>

<p align="justify" style="line-height:1.25">At first glance, Ameus appears to be the typical Terminus 'newcomer'--curious, possibly with a strong desire to "fit in" with the crowd. She listens to the stories of other people, and bother with the little things that people with higher ambitions would tend to miss. She appears to be among those spurii who are "too proud to take heed" of others' prejudice towards her mixed heritage. More often than not, she "tries" to charm her way to people's (preferably men's) hearts, possibly searching for a highway to fame in the metropolis.

And while some of these assumptions hold true, some traits hold deeper into her being, carved into the very bases of her actions that guide her to her own aspirations.

Ameus is an outwardly dignified lady whose relationships are of a pretentious state. She is flamboyant and sassy, often an eye-catcher even when donned with the simplest of clothes. She uses her charm to weave the illusion of immersion in a place where she is clearly an outcast, to extract information, to obtain items, to connect with more personalities and on rarer times, to lead others to do her bidding.

While she appears to be relatively nonchalant about overt insults towards her mixed heritage, she distinctly remembers and hold grudges toward these purists. When employed in the service of another, or commissioned to create an item for a customer, she holds no prejudice towards who or what her customer is, as long as they do not drop any derogatory comments on her being and the implications on her skills, personality and life for being a spurii.

She can be fierce and competitive, especially when her pride is in line, or when something is between her and what she desires. When her greed becomes stronger towards what is at stake, Ameus can be highly destructive, often in a covert manner that will not stain the outward reputation that she worked so hard for. When people gets into her nerves too much, she "manages" them in her own vile, usually underhanded methods. Ameus is particularly efficient at work, especially when her heart is into it. While she is inclined to accept jobs for money, she is more inclined to engage in activities that satisfy her personal desires—innovation, beauty, or violence.

No one knows her full name, not even her partner. Whether it is something she merely protects with her life or something she never had is unknown to everyone she meets. To everyone, she is simply Ameus Cornelia.</p>

<p align="justify" style="line-height:1.25">Ameus is the only child of Cressida and Janus Renaldi, a spurii couple who built their family on the idle shores of Prendere, away from the bustling cities and the prying eyes of judgmental purists. Her mother worked as a dressmaker, while her father worked as an ingeniarius. Despite their remarkable skills, they yearned to live simply, and to be as invisible as possible. As a child, her world revolved around clothes, machines and swimming, being her parents' personal assistant around the house. Her knowledge of the world was limited at best, and she had absolutely no knowledge of Terminus until she was 8.

And in every waking moment, she often found herself wishing that she hadn't.

Her first visit to the grand metropolis was remarkably revolting, but what gained Ameus's ire wasn't that—it was the fact that her life had gone downhill from there. Her parents lost their business, until eventually, they were murdered at their own home. Their house was left in shambles, and everything her parents worked for were either destroyed or gone. Orphaned at 9, she had the unfortunate fate of being picked up by a child-trafficking syndicate, and sold off to a drug dealer in Pelagia. The first few years were traumatizing. Aside from the overwhelming discrimination at her heritage, it was filled with frequent trips to local police stations, and punishment whenever she returned to their lounge. In order to survive, she learned the skills needed to be a successful decoy and informant until eventually, she became actively involved with expanding her boss's network (and also her own).

It was when she was 15 that the drug dealer was murdered, and in a fortunate turn of events, she found herself in a better state of living. She became the personal assistant of a client whom she already knew for years, and she was given an opportunity to move to the northern regions of Excelsus. Little by little, Ameus began to establish her own reputation, and expanded her own network from the old business connections to more personal ones. On the side, she was allowed to pick up the skills she thought she'd lose forever. Her employer supported her growth as a person, not only morally but also financially.

In a pursuit to find her parents' murderers, Ameus moved away from her stable life and entered the bustling streets of southern Terminus, under the guise of a dressmaker and budding ingeniarius. She travels frequently between Terminus, Pelagia and Boreas in order to obtain materials for her crafts. Ameus also keeps an intimate relationship with her previous employer, who supports her whenever and wherever needed.</p>
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