An Interview with Video Game Composer, Performer and Music Educator John Robert Matz

Sep 22, 2009

Karl Magi: How did you first get involved with making music?
John Robert Matz: I initially got involved in music because of my parents. My father was a trumpet player and my mother was a classically-trained soprano. They were both involved with music at our church; one thing led to another, and I found myself involved as well, singing with the church choir. Educationally, I was homeschooled all the way through high school, but I was fortunate enough to be part of a large homeschool fine arts group with a fantastic band program, and a wonderful director. They let me join a year early and, following in my dad’s footsteps, I took up the cornet, eventually switching to trumpet in high school.
Along the way I developed a passion for music theory, and, when the opportunity arose my senior year of high school, I began to teach music theory to the youngest grades in our homeschool music...
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