Andrew Laurent (Erdeschalk)

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Apr 18, 2009
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Andrew Laurent


Andrew Xavier Laurent was a man born to a fate that was not his own. He spent most of his upbringing being forced to hone the skills of a Quincy archer under the patronage of the members of the Erdeschalk family that he, like his brothers, were inexorably bound to – much to his chagrin. The training was brutal and without purpose – at least in young Andrew's mind – spurring him to abandon the families at his earliest opportunity. Seeing his kin as a dying breed, and feeling that honing skills as a Quincy were a waste of his time, the young man fled Germany – traveling around the world before arriving in North America. Living under an assumed name, he would work his way up to become a powerful businessman. Still, he never forgot his roots. The detest he had felt all those years ago had turned to longing – longing for a family he had willingly abandoned. He was rich and powerful, but ultimately alone in the world. Still, it seemed fate was not without a sense of irony, as he was soon contacted by the enigmatic Quincy Resistance Front. Seeing this as an opportunity to try and locate his long-lost kin, the man accepted the offer to join their ranks. For the first time in his life, the businessman came face to face with the heritage he'd forsaken, and the world in which his kind lived. It was then that he hatched a plan. Within the young Quincy acolytes, Laurent saw a tantalizing investment opportunity. By expanding his influence over the bloodlines, the businessman hoped to revive his ancient order with himself at the helm -- a journey of self-discovery became yet another bid for power.

Still, even the most pragmatic mogul can't account for every variable.

In Andrew's case, these rogue 'variables' were the Ayers children; Nathaniel and Adena. The reckless young Quincy, despite their proficiency in gathering members for their ill-fated 'liberation' of the bloodlines, would eventually prove to be its downfall. After the front's bitter defeat at the hands of the Shinigami, Laurent cut all ties with the movement -- as much an effort to save face as it was to bury any evidence of his hidden agenda.

Laurent is a prudent man – years of working in the cut-throat banking sector have left him jaded and apathetic. He's business oriented to his core – always thinking, scheming and plotting – weighing variables and trying to stack the odds in his favour, no matter the situation. It is this mindset that saw him rise to his current status, but it's also his biggest flaw. Andrew is suspicious of everyone – never opening up or letting anyone get close to him; leaving him as somewhat of a willing outcast amongst his Quincy kin – despite their best efforts to befriend him. Still, he harbours a great deal of pride in himself and his abilities. In battle as in business, Laurent is ruthless – never showing fear, emotion, or mercy – efficient in any endeavours undertaken.

Still, it's all hidden behind a sharp suit and a charming smile – after all, that's just good business sense.

Andrew Laurent – Quincy
Reiatsu: 7,420
Shuuhaku: 1,113 (Restrained)
Kyuuzu: 3,420
Namazan: 2,000
Douryuu: 2,000​
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