Annals of the Central Forty-Six

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Jul 29, 2008
Central Forty-Six Members

Number Thirteen, Wise Man

Name: Member 13, Xepher Souryu, Wise Man

Gender: Male

Voice Type: Young adult male with confidence.

Appearance: Appears to be a tall, young adult with short black hair. His eyes are brown.

Brief History: Souryu is one of the few members of the Central Forty-six with no noble blood or backing. Rising to prominence in the 61st district of Southern Rukongai, Souryu gained the support of the common people when he campaigned for their rights in the years following Masaru's Folly. He turned down several offers for a low Noble house of his own, and was eventually selected to replace the recently deceased Member 13 of the Central Forty-six. Souryu gladly accepted, believing he could then have a hand in bringing about the changes he sought.

Things were not so simple, and Souryu soon lost the support of the Rukongai citizens. When things did not change, they assumed he had merely used them to gain political power, considering him now the same as any other nobility.

Now jaded, Souryu is still a voice of reason within the chambers, despite the loss of his idealism. As a member separate from the noble power struggles, he is often able to look at situations objectively and give measured responses, sometimes saving the discussions from derailing completely.

Approved Users: swaswj, VanguardJ, Kishyotai, Senesati, IshinOnigami, Kago


Number Fifteen, Wise Man

Name: Izuka Kanshiro

Gender: Male

Voice Type: His voice is deep, rough and husky, as if he had just woken up.

Appearance: Kanshiro stands at about 5'11". His frame, while not exactly bulky, also is not slender. His arms are thickly and powerfully muscled, while his body is similarly toned but not quite as thick. With such proportions, he often appears as a hulking brute, making some wonder why exactly he is in the Central Forty Six. He is clean-shaven, and is missing one eye, while the other is a bright emerald green.

Brief History: Kanshiro hails from the 30th West District of Rukongai. He eagerly took part in the economic affairs of the district, and became part of its de facto council, helping to streamline budgets and bring a more comfortable standard of life to the already well-off people there. For this, he was appreciated, and when he expressed a desire to better help the district by becoming a member of the Central Forty-Six, most of the noble families in the region endorsed him. Notably, two families did not: the Kirojitsu and Tanero clans abstained. When pressed, they replied that there was "something off" about Kanshiro, but didn't explain what it might be.

Somewhat disheartened by the lack of support from these two families, Kanshiro was nevertheless selected to join the Central Forty-Six, and there he revealed what exactly it was that was "off" about him. He pursued reforms for the districts ruthlessly, showing himself to be somewhat liberal in his views, but would not accept any alternate suggestions from those he had once assisted with their lives. He dismissed their ideas as pointless and without any merit, and as such alienated his formerly enthusiastic supporters. Among his peers he has become known for a keen mind and stubborn intractability, as well as a notably callous disregard for the lives of those living in the Seventy and higher districts, calling them trash and wastes of space.

Approved Users: Bloodhawk 248, Kago


Number Twenty-Eight, Wise Man

Name: Narichika Mongaku

Gender: Male

Voice: Like that of a snake, Mongaku’s voice is high pitched and cunning, not unlike the voice of a schoolyard bully holding a child’s toy just out of its reach. Despite the authority given to him as a member of the Central Forty-Six, the man addresses others with a playful casualness, though it is easy to discern the false plasticity of this ruse.

Appearance: A monk in his mortal life, Mongaku still wears the trappings of a man of Buddhist learning. His head is entirely free of hair save for his eyebrows, which are kept well-groomed and controlled. The man’s eyes are large and seem to bulge out of their sockets whenever he is seized by a fit of anger. As for the monk’s mouth, it sits flat and lifeless at the base of his face, a small lifeless slit than only seems to open in rare outbursts of emotion.

As a relic of his mortal years, the monk wears a set of Buddhist beads around his neck, brown and smooth, worn with time. He stands a short, stubby five and a half feet tall. He is vested in orange robes which sit loose and baggy over much of his body save for around his large, rotund belly, a product of hundreds of years of luxury and excess as a member of the Central Fourty-Six.

Brief History: An influential man in his mortal years, Mongaku found that the realm of the dead was not too different from the realm of the living. Just as in the world of twelfth-century Japan, there were nobles, a vast underclass, and soldiers who could be easily swayed to his opinion. Amassing a variety of favors from and good relations with many of those in power, the monk soon found himself playing the role of power broker in many of the goings-on of the aristocracy of the Outer Districts of Rukongai.

When the previous holder of his seat in the Central Forty-Six suffered an “untimely” death, Mongaku jumped at the opportunity to take his place. All of the noble families of his region endorsed the monk’s nomination save one, the surging Akutagawa clan of the 79th West District of Rukongai. Undeterred, Mongaku won the seat anyway, the dissenting family seemingly being wiped from prominence within the blink of an eye.

Now a relative veteran of the Central Forty-Six, Mongaku has tired of being a simple member of the “faceless” body of power. He has his mind firmly set upon a seat among the Six Judges and will seemingly stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

Approved Users: Tetsujin, Kago


Number Twenty-Nine, Wise Man

Name: Theophilus Metzer


Voice Type:
Gruff and unwavering and also somewhat hoarse from years of smoking.

Theophilus Metzer is a dominating figure, standing a massive six feet, ten inches. His hair a pure white and short. His hairline is slightly receding a testament to his age. He has a well kept beard, creating an imposing combination with his start blue-eyes. Even for his age his build is still full of life and rather imposing.

Brief History:
A direct descendent of the former House of Metzer-Frey, Theophilus was groomed from childhood to take the mantle of the family’s representative in the Central Forty-Six. He was taught the ways of politics by his father, who in turn had learned it from his father above. As such, he gained a reputation as a shrewd politician and a terrifying power.

He has been a member of the Central Forty-Six for centuries, personally viewing the tumultuous changes that have occurred. He viewed the rise and fall of the Mask War, Faust’s folly into Hueco Mundo, the deaths of former Captain Commanders and the instatement of the current.

With the fall of Metzer-Frey, he initially struggled to keep his family aloft, as most of their family industry left with the Frey’s. However, transforming his family’s business into one of wide-scale financial brokerage, he returned them to power. The paragon of the newly created House of Metzer, Theophilus has taken control as the patriarch of the family.

House Metzer

Approved Users: Nargles

Number Thirty-Three, Wise Woman

Name: Uehara Aiko

Gender: Female

Voice Type: A strong, precise, culture contralto with considerable confidence and evident youth.

Appearance: Average-height, with pale skin and sharp but beautiful features associated with high nobility, her hair is carefully and stylishly tended. Notably, she wears a shinigami uniform.

Brief History: Uehara Aiko was born in Seireitei to the then-highly influential Uehara family. Her family was removed from the inner court at the urging of the LaSalle faction and has never recovered, but the recent efforts of her and her brother have wrested her a recently-vacated seat. She is one of the newest and youngest members of the Central Forty-Six and has blatantly liberal points of view on most subjects.

Approved Users: swaswj


Number Thirty-Nine, Wise Woman

Name: Amaterasu Michiko

Gender: Female

Voice Type: Soft-spoken, but with an undeniably sharp edge accompanying it.

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Brief History: After a falling out with her father about five hundred or so years prior to current events, Amaterasu Michiko decided to leave the main house to live at one of the branch houses and dedicate her life to politics after having enjoyed a career as a gifted duelist. Never quite making it to the top of the rung as someone who could be eligible for the Shourenjutsuin and subsequently the Goteijuusantai, Michiko always knew that despite her great interest in blades and the forging thereof, she could make better use of her intelligence and status trying to do what she feels is right for the people of Soul Society.

Having documented and rewriting over a thousand governmental works, ranging from menial reports, to entire book works, the blue-eyed woman has an extensive knowledge of the feudal system of Soul Society including the majority of its history.

When her sister, Nana, became Matriarch of House Amaterasu of Western Seireitei, she slowly, but surely returned to living at the main house again and, together with her sister, she set off to unravel the many mysteries of Soul Society as well as document and chronicle anything the Central Forty-Six might want to know about. She is noted to have set up, and drastically improve the financial welfare of the districts that House Amaterasu had eyes and ears in, creating a vast network of trade routes between various districts as well as improving overall life within these few districts.

Though very much pro-Central Forty-Six, Michiko seems to have a personality akin to her sister in that she does not take kindly to half-truths and people who wrong her deeply.

Family: House Amaterasu

Approved Users: Rob

Number Forty-Four, Judge

Name: LaSalle, Septimus III

Gender: Male

Voice Type: A weak voice, it grows louder and higher in pitch as he becomes more insistent.

Appearance: Short, middle-aged. He is clean-shaven but has long, brown hair past his shoulders. His eyes are green.

Brief History: Lord Septimus III lives in the shadow of his elder siblings, the LaSalle twins Augustus and Maria. Nowhere near their peer in strength or political intrigue, in the wake of their treason against the King and Soul Society, Septimus was left in control of the falling House LaSalle. Despite the fall, as a LaSalle, Septimus has access to a vast fortune and he has made it his goal to restore House LaSalle to its former glory, using finances, connections, his position as a member of the Forty-six, or his vassal houses.

Among his peers in the Forty-six, however, his influence has noticeably waned. Septimus is prepared to spend centuries rebuilding the trust that Augustus and Maria shattered.

Family: House LaSalle

Approved Users: swaswj, IshinOnigami
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