Reviewed [Be/Be] Week 225: Deals and Trades - Feedback


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Dec 30, 2012
I enjoyed this chapter. Naevius is an off-putting character and I like it. Neither you nor Berri ever say he's off putting, but everyone except Keydis is uncomfortable with his demeanor and even she isn't immune to his oddness. That aside, the switch to orange for Naevis, Keydis and Nyct was a bit confusing. I was able to follow because of the details, but I was thrown for a loop for a few seconds.

Keydis seems to be less violent than I originally thought her to be, or more patient is a better way to state it. I must say, Perseus is definitely an odd guy. It seems strange that he and Keydis went along with Naevis' deal, but I can see why they would. I don't know why, but Perseus seemed pretty desperate. I think this is a sign of strong desperation when the characters and their motivations come to life so much that it's hard to deconstruct.

I'll stay tuned for the next chapter!

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