[Be] Week 106: Nothing More

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Apr 1, 2009
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Nothing More
1095 Words

Waking up in a bed that felt unfamiliar and not wholly her own was nothing new to the stormy-eyed half-blood. In fact, the unfamiliarity had more of a familiar feel to it than many a bed she’d prepared herself. Still, the hangover from last night hadn’t really settled in quite yet or the door to her room was opened rather unceremoniously.

A few splinters broke off from the door frame as it unhinged itself from the force with which it was opened, and a large towering brute of a woman stepped into her room.

“Melina,” Rosa said in a half-asleep, half-awake sort of state as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes - or at least made a half baked attempt at doing so. “Could you maybe not be so loud as to fuck up my sleeping schedule?”

“Right. You’re in quite the predicament, and you still joke.”

Deadpanned, and with no emotion whatsoever, Melina was the epitome of her mother’s work in just about every sense of the word.

Simply put, Melina was not quite alive. Not dead, for sure, but definitely not alive either. She was something of an ‘in-betweener’ or however the hell you would call the undead without calling them literally that. She had a mind of her own, thoughts that portrayed a story quite unlike her own, and feelings she could call part of her repertoire.

She just couldn’t access them unless ordered to do so. Rosa had to admit that such a thing was quite a strange concept the first few times she was confronted with it. She’d tried to chat up Melina, not realizing who she’d become, but where she’d expected a retort, all she got was a simple one, two response. Now, the young necromancer had never really been one for naivety, and so she was sort of aware of what had happened right off the bat.

It didn’t fully click with her until her blue-eyed, red-haired friend remained standing stoically afterwards, and it took the enlil-laicer some time to process it in full before she eventually came to terms with her friend’s fate. Of course, it wasn’t completely unheard of that people ended up ‘missing’, and this was no different - even if it was different in the fact that this was more of a mental missing, rather than a physical one.

Vahlmore was, and always would be the one city you did not want to have your childhood in. No matter how ‘well off’ you ended up being, there was still a big fucking chance that you’d end up either dead, deceased or six feet under. And not necessarily in that particular order.

So it happened with Melina, but she was never really well off to begin with. Her parents were poor and sold her off to Aranea rather early on, and so there was always that looming threat of something happening. A more ample example was Elara’s brother, the heir to the Vahlmoran throne. Well, ex-heir. Rosa had, rather unfortunately, made sure of that herself.

Not that she found his death to be unfortunate, more that the death itself happened rather unfortunately - he’d tried to make her ‘his’, and when Rosa retaliated… well, let’s just say it wasn’t the cleanest kill she’d ever made. However, it was the kill that cemented her status as Aranea’s ‘daughter’, and that meant she was somewhat free from the tyranny of the night - until now it seemed.

Blinking rather sheepishly, Rosa wondered if Melina had any thoughts about not having heard a response in five or more minutes now, but quickly dismissed its importance as inconsequential.

“I love,” the pale woman said as she tried to look her cutest.

“Your mother is expected you.”

Of course it didn’t work. After all these years, there really was nothing left. Not even the most awkward thing she could muster, the one emotion she herself couldn’t feel did nothing to the “young” - she was, after all, quite tall - woman she’d grown up with.

“You’re no fun at all, Melina.” Getting up from her bed, her underwear consisting solely of black panties and a black garter belt and nothing more. There was something oddly satisfying about wearing just that. “Tell her I’ll be down in twenty.”


“...excuse me?” she asked as she had one foot in her plaid dress and the other still standing awkwardly outside. She looked at her friend with a quizzing look, and then with wide eyes as if to say she was out of her fucking mind - which, in truth, she totally was of course. “Are you fucking kidding me, Melina? Are you seriously telling me I have to get dressed and everything in two fucking minutes? No time for myself, no nothing? Two fucking minutes?”

“It’s half past midday.”

This time it was Rosa’s turn to stare into the void with a deadpan as she asked, “Yes, and…?”

It wasn’t quite like she didn’t get the whole motivation behind the words ‘half past midday’ or something, but you’d think that sleeping in to your own demise was… well, a little more expected than this strange amalgamation of weirdness. Blowing a few strands of hair that had fallen in front of her hair - something that was quite a feat considering she didn’t have long hair at all - out of her face, she finished putting both of her legs into her dress.

“That means your mother is about to burn the city down if you’re not with her in the next two minutes.”

“Never really liked the way this city looked anyway,” the spurii retorted. Admittedly, she did care a little bit about the city she was poised to inherit - at least, if she didn’t get killed before doing so - but if it meant having to hurry up to her mother’s every whim… well, she didn’t care for it that much.

Still, now that she was up and more or less ready to go - who in their right mind would need makeup anyway, right? - she figured she might as well let Melina lead her there.

“One last walk, I guess,” she said in a surprisingly melancholic tone of voice, her brows slightly turned downwards. “It has been quite the right, huh?”

As she passed her friend, managed a faint smile.

“It sure has,” Melina replied with just a tiny hint of emotion behind it and the sudden realization that this might really be it caused a lump in her throat to form ever so slightly as she walked off with her ‘bodyguard’ in tow.
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