Reviewed [Be] Week 226: First Bank of Terminus - Feedback


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Mar 18, 2007
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Hah. This was the chapter title that caught my attention. And it gave me a lot of what I wanted. Some nice world expansion with new information about Terminus and its old establishments. It was nice to see a different side of things in a wealthier part of the city.

The description of the bank was done well, and weaving in the history was great. I enjoyed how the background information was referenced later in story such as the nickname of the bank. It was cool getting to see Naevius work his way through the bank, opening an account and all. I got a good feel for what kind of bank it was based on how the employees reacted to Naevius's different tactics.

Man, Naevius totally seems like he's casing the joint and is trying to stir up all sorts of trouble with his actions.

It was a interesting chapter built on doing something mundane with a bit of trickery stuck in there. And learning more about the world is always nice.


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